The Maya have a jungle begin bias. This will make it much easier to usage their UI, and might give them a bit much more science in the midgame.

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Unique Ability:The lengthy Count

After researching mathematics, get a totally free


A ranged unit

TechnologyObsoletionUpgrades FromUpgrades ToResource Needed

MetallurgyRenaissance Era


StrengthRanged StrengthMovesRangeSightNegative AttributesPositive Attributes

TechnologyEnhancing TechnologiesTerrain RequirementBase YieldsMisc. BonusesEnhancement EffectsFinal Yields

MathematicsClassical Era

ArchaeologyIndustrial Era



Strategies and also Victory Routes

Strategy Ranking

These scores are just my personal opinions from play and analyzing this Civ, friend may uncover other offers for the Mayan uniques the make girlfriend disagree v a certain ranking


The Mayan UU is a very strong unit the can permit the Maya to go for dominance if they so chooseThe Maya’s capability to get totally free GWAMs beforehand does give them some extra society and tourism, however there are much better great people to select for the an initial several cyclesScience is what the Maya excel at, mostly as result of their UI. If they have the right to (and should) gain an early cost-free great engineer, castle lack any type of other production/growth bonusesThey also lack any kind of bonus to yellow or diplomacyReligion is as strong if not more powerful then scientific research for the Maya. While lock aren’t the more quickly civ to found, they can usually tho reliably do so, and also can then rapidly boost with a complimentary great prophet and will generate an ext faith then almost anyone else in the mid and late game

Unique Ability: The lengthy Count

The Mayan UA is just one of the strangest ability in the game due to the fact that it depends on a mechanic the for every various other civ is fully irrelevant. The revolve date. Each revolve actually to represent an quantity of years passing by. On typical speed, each revolve represents 40 year until revolve 75, i beg your pardon is 1000 BC. Then it is 25 years per rotate until rotate 135, where it is two decades per revolve each turn, etc. The actual number aren’t super necessary (although if you want to understand the complete breakdown, there is a chart https://www.reddit.com/r/civ5/comments/94yydb/civilization_5_turn_to_year_chart/) but what is vital is that together the game goes top top each rotate takes much less years. The Mayan UA gives you a complimentary great person every 394 years, yet only as soon as you have researched mathematics. So for the very first 75 turns, that’s a great person around every 10 turns, however after turn 75 it is only a an excellent person about every 16 turns, etc. So rate is the name of the game to make the Mayan UA shine. Girlfriend will want to beeline math from revolve 0


My very first great human on revolve 62, not bad

Considering the the longer the video game goes ~ above the less an excellent people friend get, the stimulate you pick your good people space decently important. You’ll desire to pick good prophet as quickly as you uncovered your religion, yet besides that, I’d introduce going a good engineer first, climate a an excellent general if you arrangement on walking on an attack Atlatlist war, climate a scientist. The order of the remainder isn’t too important, I’d personally seize a diplomat following so friend can obtain an extra poll in the world congress, but as whole it’s not too crucial who you obtain when at the point.


Most most likely the returns you space going to see on your very first Kuna

The Kuna is the large reason that the Maya excel at both science and religion. No other unique tile improvement gives faith. Only one various other UI offers science, and it’s a tiny amount the doesn’t come in it spins the so late game. This gives the Maya a unique capability to acquire faith and also science native a resource no other civ can, and for the faith particularly gives lock greater faith generation then just around anyone in the late game. The Kuna does have actually pretty strict placement needs though, request a woodland or jungle that isn’t adjacent to another Kuna. Friend do have actually a jungle start bias, yet you have to still aim to settle as numerous other jungles and forests the you can. The Kuna is her main source of science, for this reason the more you can obtain the much better chance you have actually at actually winning a science victory. But what if someone gets to your Kuna clues first? Well…

Unique Unit: Atlatlist


I think without the promotion they’d just be dealing around 29 damage

Almost no unit native the old and classical era, distinct or no, have the right to stand up to that kind of damage. Also swordsman, if still having actually the top hand, aren’t practically as leading as castle are against normal comp. Bowman. In fact, I would certainly say the Atlatlists quiet win versus swordsman. One top top one they will most most likely lose yes, but swordsman are lot harder to develop on mass, vice versa, Atlatlists have the right to be quickly spammed, and make up practically your entire military. Even for the whole game because…


Promotions kept on Upgrade

+50% ranged combat strength once attacking hurt units(Atlatl Strike)

Atlatl strike carries over on upgrade, an interpretation you can have incredibly strong ranged systems for pretty lot the whole game

Social Policies

The Maya should start v Progress together it both permits them to construct Kunas faster, and will acquire them to mathematics the quickest. They have to then walk Fealty to build on their spiritual strengths. After the it counts on what course you want to go. Imperialism is finest if you want to proceed with Atlatlist wars, however Rationalism will serve a regular science video game better


Opener: If at all possible, shot to avoid cultivation your capital much prior to you acquire this, you’ll get more science that way. The society you instantly get native this will likely practically be sufficient for the next policy

Liberty: renders sure friend can get your Kunas up ASAP

Organization: much faster workers, settlers, and also even good people all help infrastructure get built just a tiny bit faster

Expertise: Faster building construction is great, specifically in the beforehand game wherein production could be sparse.

Equality: This will be quite to mitigate unhappiness both as your urban grow and also as you dominate with Atlatlists

Fraternity: Food and also science, can’t complain

Finisher: This have to be a good bit of gold, which is essential to upgrade her Atlatlists together the Maya absence a gold bonus


Opener: monasteries are a hard building, and also the cheaper structure purchases room nice

Nobility: Castles are currently a an excellent building, now they (and armories ~ above top) room cheaper and also better

Divine Right: much more happiness, more culture for having happiness

Serfdom: A tiny bit of culture and production, both welcome

Burghers: much more production and a bit much less unhappiness.

Organized Religion: cause you need more faith yeah?

Finisher: save on top of convert your very own cities and also you will reap some decent yield boosts


Opener: If you need to gain somewhere overseas now you have the right to do it simply a small bit faster

Colonialism: You’ll have actually lots the monopolies through now, gain some much more use the end of them.

Regimental Tradition: Faster great General and Admiral generation, as well as making castle stronger, good to have actually on the floor or ~ above the sea

Martial Law: You’ll definitely have lot of of puppet cities, and also conquered ones too. Both the them will certainly be much less of a load now.

Exploitation: renders stuff various other then Kunas a an excellent bit better

Civilizing Mission: yellow from conquering cities, and also production in said dominated cities, whatever you must push the prior line.

Finisher: Solidify your naval power, and have a new way to use air units to help manage unhappiness.


Opener: tiny bit that science and a little bit of production too. Joy should end up being an concern of the past for you as well. Grow to her heart’s content

Scientific Revolution: Observatories space either walk to it is in a small benefit or a large one, all relies on terrain, however nonetheless they room worth building

Empiricism: Helps make sure various other civs won’t leech off your science lead.

Rights of Man: A little bit of extra yields across the empire, this must actually be a an excellent bit the food as you are most likely working a many tiles rather of specialists

Enlightenment: Postponing this as lengthy as possible way you’re acquiring a an ext expensive tech for free.

Free Thought: Extra science from an excellent Scientists is always good

Finisher: More great Scientists, much more Growth, every is an excellent for the Maya


The Maya space a little of a vast science civ, therefore Order will certainly serve lock well for science. Of course for dominance Autocracy can never let girlfriend down

Level 1 Policies(Order)

Worker’s Faculties: complimentary Factories is a quite boost, plus they’ll now offer some extra science

Communism: friend lack strong production bonuses, and there room some an essential late video game science wonders, this will aid you leg the gap.

Peace, Land, Bread: If you’ve been doing lots of conquering, both poverty and building maintain are probably a large drain, therefore this helps both problems and gives part growth

Level 2 Policies(Order)

Academy of Sciences: complimentary Research Labs possibly prior to you have actually them researched will help push your science up favor crazy

Five Year Plan: Kunas are the driving pressure of her science, yet it have the right to be a bit tough for a city to work-related a lot of them and also be productive. This solves this issue

Level 3 Policies(Order)

Spaceflight Pioneers: save every technician you gain for as soon as you can construct spaceships and also win the game practically instantly.

Level 1 Policies(Autocracy)

Military-Industrial Complex: The bulk of the Mayan military is most likely to be upgraded Atlatlists the you desire to store upgrading, therefore cheaper ones space nice. Oh and don’t forget her Kunas are offering even more science now, which is nice

Elite Forces: new units start better, old units get far better quicker, all you can want for a world-conquering force

New people Order: many cities means lots the unhappiness, this should aid with that

Level 2 Policies(Autocracy)

Third Alternative: The Maya absence a gold bonus, for this reason this will certainly make sure you deserve to actually keep your army.

Martial Spirit: An amazing bonus come clean up her last occupation or two, yet it is a temporary boost. If friend still have an ext then two civs to conquer, it could be better to postpone this, yet it is always worth obtaining when the moment is right.

Level 3 Policies(Autocracy)

Air Supremacy: complimentary Airports in every city way that you practically don’t require a navy as lengthy as you have actually a city on every continent. Also makes wait units faster to build if you require to.


Ancient Era

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus: It’s ~ above the means to mathematics, and it will give everything city you develop it in a an excellent boost to obtain itself built up

Temple the Artemis: The growth is pretty but an ext importantly this lets you construct ranged systems faster, definition your Atlatlist pressure will be prepared all the earlier

Classical Era

Hanging Gardens: placed this in a city with many Kuna spots so it has actually the food to work-related them.

Oracle: A an excellent wonder because that just about any civ, constantly worth building

Terracotta Army: quicker Kunas AND culture from her Atlatlist kills? Why wouldn’t you want this

Medieval Era

Borobudur: better Missionaries to obtain your religious beliefs going across the world

Cathedral of St. Basil: get your Reformation id sooner, and also deny someone rather the very same opportunity

Forbidden Palace(Progress Only): Cheaper purchase so her money can go farther

Machu Picchu: It have the right to be difficult to construct due come terrain requirements, but it’s quite valuable as girlfriend will most likely be rather wide, therefore this will net a many yields

Renaissance Era

Chichen Itza: A hard wonder, if you don’t construct this in the city of Chichen Itza why are you even playing this game?

Porcelain Tower litter this in a city with lots of Kunas and see your science go crazy

Red Fort(Fealty Only): develop this in a city near an foe border and laugh if lock ever shot to dominate it

Industrial Era

Bradenburg Gate(Domination): You desire it for the raised supply as much as you desire it for the xp, yet you perform want it

Neuschwanstein: can be tough to construct due to terrain requirements, but it is precious making her already strong castles stronger

Modern Era

Prora(Autocracy Only): several happiness, and a free policy, both an extremely useful

The Motherland Calls(Order Only): You’re mostly here for the cost-free policy, yet that alone is worth it

Atomic Era

Bletchley Park(Rationalism Only): more spies, much better spies, worse enemy spies, all you require for a science game

Pentagon(Imperialism Only): an ext planes, much better planes, and cheaper planes. The skies room yours come conquer

Information Era

CERN: Two complimentary techs are good no matter who friend are

Great Firewall(Science): Pretty lot makes it impossible to leech turn off of your technology lead

Hubble room Telescope(Science): acquire this and also blaze with making spaceship parts

Pitfalls to Avoid

The Mayan ability aren’t specifically synergistic, however they are all precious using, and also each capability has it’s own troubles that can arise

Not Rushing mathematics Immediately

While the Mayan UA is not the main point of your strategy, the is still quite useful, and also the longer it take away to get into effect, the less helpful it will be

Keeping Forests/Jungles girlfriend Can’t develop Kunas On

Forests and Jungles are just uniquely helpful to the Maya due to the fact that of their capability to organize Kunas. If you can’t build a Kuna ~ above it, don’t treat it any differently then a normal civ would

Randomly placing Kunas

Kunas can’t be developed next come eachother, so part planning needs to enter how to ar them to fit the most amount possible in a stretch the forest/jungle.

Only Relying on Kunas to found Your Religion

Kunas are a an excellent source of faith and also will collectively give you tons of confidence in the mid and late game though. Beforehand game though, they may not be sufficient to uncovered your religion if they are your only source of faith. Develop some shrines

Only structure Atlatlists

This is an ext of a relevant point on violation then defense, but nonetheless, Atlatlists room a wonderful unit, and also they should be all you need to fight units. However, castle can’t take it cities. Make sure you have actually a few melee units who you can use to swoop in and take urban if you room taking Atlatlists on the offensive.

2012 has actually Arrived: counter Strategies

The Maya space a somewhat unorthodox civ, with solid science and faith, v a an effective unique unit to ago them up. However Maya’s dependency on terrain and also building vast is an quickly exploitable weakness.

Stop the (Long) Count!

Their isn’t much you have the right to do to avoid the Maya native beelining mathematics, and also there is even less you can do to avoid them acquiring their complimentary great world once lock do. But it has actually an impact on their early on game that you might have the ability to exploit. The Maya will certainly have practically no great defensive alternatives until they gain mathematics, no spearmen or horsemen. When they obtain Mathematics of course they will have actually the terrifying Atlatlist however until climate they are rather vulnerable. If friend spot the Maya early and also are inclined to go to war this early, they need to prove an easy target

Kombating Kunas

Kunas room a strong unique innovation but they are pretty easy to fight together they have actually strict placement requirements. Clear up as much forest and also Jungle together you can and the Maya will struggle to usage their Kunas together much. Of food this is paint a target ~ above yourself, and the Maya will nearly certainly try to assault you.

Annihilating Atlatlists

The Atlatlist is a an effective unit that will certainly decimate practically anything on the classical battlefield. Worse still, that is simply as an effective when upgraded. Not all hope is lost though, over there is counterplay. Swordsman room your finest bet versus Atlatlists, yet if those aren’t an option horsemen can do ok. Later on, Knights will certainly be her option, even once lock upgrade right into crossbows. More in the video game mounted/armor devices will proceed to it is in your ideal option

Strategy by Style

Early-Game Warmongers: If friend can gain to the Maya prior to Atlatlists room out you are set, however if not, swordsmen, horsemen, and fast focused attacks will be your friend

Mid-Game Warmongers: Knights and also other placed units will be your finest friend.

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Late-Game Warmongers: find upgraded Atlatlists, kill upgraded Atlatlists, and also then the Maya will be an easy target, while they might have a science lead they lack the manufacturing or gold to use it very effectively for your military.

Science Players: The Maya might have strong science however they have weak production. Perform your ideal to steal important wonders native them and also you should keep front of them

Cultural Players: The Maya room going to have strong faith, however aren’t really that interested in spreading it, so if you’re lean to religion yourself lock shouldn’t prove much direct competition. In fact, if girlfriend can convert the Maya yourself before they really acquire going, you have the right to stump a great bit of your potential

Diplomatic Players: global Peace Accords will certainly hurt a warmongering Maya hard, as they depend on a huge amount the cheap to develop units and also yet have actually no economic situation bonuses. For a much more peaceful Maya traditional anti-science plays like Arts capital work well