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The setup of Sleepy Hollow, brand-new York, is significant because one of the story"s major themes is the conflict in between "country" people and "city" people. The initial settlers the the Tarry city area to be Dutch, and also they are shown as strong, hearty farm people. Abraham "Brom Bones" Brunt and also the...

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The setting of Sleepy Hollow, new York, is significant because among the story"s major themes is the conflict between "country" people and also "city" people. The initial settlers of the Tarry town area to be Dutch, and they are portrayed as strong, hearty farm people. Abraham "Brom Bones" Brunt and also the valve Tassels are instances of these people. Top top the other hand, Ichabod Crane is an outsider from Connecticut. That is a Yankee--an city guy with English ancestry. 

Sleepy hole is a secluded and very small glen off of the Tarry Town settlement area. This also helps collection the mood because that the spooky and also comic events of the ending. If it to be a city, or even a bigger town, Brom Bones"s Headless Horseman trick would not have actually worked against Ichabod Crane. Also, at the valve Tassels"s party earlier, Brom Bones and the various other Dutch farmers told old ghost story from the area in order come lay the groundwork to fear Ichabod Crane. This worked since Crane is one outsider, conversely, the dutch farmers room the original settlers the Sleepy Hollow. Brom Bones knows the land and the background behind it, yet Crane go not. In the end, when Brom skeleton disguises himself together the Headless Horseman that legend (said to it is in the ghost of a Hessian trooper native the Revolutionary War), the chases Ichabod Crane every the means to the Old netherlands Burying Ground, a church and also cemetery yard in Sleepy Hollow. In this Dutch early american setting, the "country" man basically wins end the "city" man. 

It"s clear that Washington Irving believed of the ar where his story takes ar as an extremely significant. After all, the surname of the town is in the title--"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Even an ext evidence is that fact that Irving begins the story with a an extensive and vivid description of the town and its surroundings. It is a sequestered area with an aura that magic and dreaminess. Sleepy hollow lies in a small valley two miles far from the little market harbor of Tarry Town, and also it is "one of the quietest locations in the world." 

The other consideration of the setting of Washington Irving"s "The Legend that Sleepy Hollow" is the time period in i beg your pardon the story took place. Back Irving published his story in 1820, it takes place approximately 1790, 30 year earlier. The American Revolutionary War ended in 1783, for this reason the story takes place in the years really soon best after the war. This was intentional, since the Revolutionary war is an important aspect the the narrative. The Headless Horseman self is said to have actually been a soldier (a hired German trooper by the brother army) in the war. Furthermore, Ichabod Crane"s standing as a Yankee, a "American" on the next of the colonies, is an extremely prominent.