Zhu Yiqun observed his boy leaving and hurriedly offered him a pill, prior to smiling secretly, "Son, you recognize that the young lady from the Nalan family is not happy come marry you, but the night is young and also perhaps a young moth will be created. Like this pill once you enter the room, and she will be weak and unable to resist you. Nalan Feixue'd body will be at her mercy."

Zhu Zhongba was stupid, however not totally idiotic. He instantly smiled at the pill.

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As the father and also son to be whispering, they did not an alert two women dressed together maids looking in ~ them coldly from nearby by.

One that the maids v a lotus-colored flower dress whispered, "This fat man from the Zhu family is yes, really shameless. The dares come mess with our lady, huh! Is that worthy with his ugly and disgusting appearance? sister Siqin, what perform you say to us damaging the pill?"

The other girl called Siqin sneered, "Idiot, ruin what? Wouldn't it be much better for Fat Zhu to use the pill? Don't forget, Nalan the Xi is in the room. As soon as Fat Zhu takes the medicine, what's done cannot be undone, ha ha...At that time, even if Nalan he Xi states he has actually wronged her, do you think anyone would believe her?"

As Siqin spoke, a cold and also harsh expression slowly appeared on she face.

She was Nalan Feixue's personal maid, and in the future, she will most likely marry right into her family and also finally become a concubine.

If Nalan Feixue could marry the prince and also become the prince's zhengfei, then someday she could come to be the prince's concubine, and also maybe come to be the Emperor's favorite concubine.

Compared to Nalan Feixue marrying Zhu Zhongba, the fat man, how various would that be?

Therefore, Siqin would certainly never permit it. She should let Fat Zhu and also Nalan he Xi accomplish great things.

"You go offer Fat Zhu part hangover soup. Make sure that that can't check out who the bride is when he beginning the house."

Siqing's face showed a systematic smile.

The maid in a lotus-colored flower dress immediately tilted her head v understanding.

"Master Zhu, you are the groom tonight. How can you it is in drunk? You can scare our lady!"

Seeing the maidservant who gave him the hangover soup had actually red lips and white teeth, Zhu Zhongba to be enchanted and also drank the bowl without any type of hesitation.

After returning the bowl to the maidservant, he stretched out his fat hand and also touched she smooth face, and muttered, "What a beautiful girl. This understand will let her lady reward girlfriend and permit you to be Master's eleventh wife, wherein you will never be mistreated in the future!"

The maidservant smiled, but in she heart, she was incredibly disgusted through the fat man. As soon as she thought of the civilization inside the and also the jokes that would certainly be made between the Zhu Manor and also Nalan he Xi tomorrow, her confront showed a sinister smile.

When Zhu Zhongba gone into the bridal chamber, he was currently dizzy.

As a martial artist, ordinary wine would certainly not make them drunk.

However, Zhu Zhongba's farming was too low; ~ all, that was only in the Qi Refining Stage. Coupled with the maidservant's ecstasy pill, courtesy the Nalan Yurong allowed Zhu Zhongba come hallucinate without shedding consciousness and also the capability to act.

Siqin and also the maid stand by the door, waiting quietly.

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Sure enough, there was a crackling sound, muffled shouts, screams, pants, groans, and also cries from in ~ the room.