For the many part, it seems like once we are younger it is a lot less complicated to make friends. I mean, friend could come to be friends because that the most basic of reason. A typical kindergartener's dialogue can go somewhat choose this "Oh! You prefer tater tots. I choose them, too," and also from this one similarity a friendship is born. We end up being friends, however we carry out not understand the ideas behind words nor the breakthrough of the friendship. We just slap the term girlfriend on any person that renders us feel good and has some similarity to us.

Unfortunately, this is how numerous of us progression throughout life once trying to do friends. This habit outcomes in united state jumping indigenous one stage of friendship come the next, when skipping other stages. Because that example, freshmen girls move in come their new dorms to begin off the year and they are simply meeting their roommates. Instantly, castle hit that off and they immediately consider us friends. So, they start to hangout and also confide in one another. Then, somewhere in the middle of the semester they acquire into an argument—probably over some guy—and immediately their friendship ends. Not shortly after, they begin to talk about each other and tell every other's organization to various other people. This is the perfect instance of what happens when we skip previous the step of development.

In jumping the step of development, we deserve to unintentionally treat world in a manner that is not suitable for the real location that they accounting on the friendship pyramid. Consequently, this action often results in the disintegration of many friendships due to the fact that they execute not have a clear understanding of the friendship advancement process. I recognize that this has been an issue in my life since I was raised to treat everyone virtually as if they were a close friend, yet my years in college have actually taught me otherwise. I have learned that as soon as you can establish where a person drops in the friendship pyramid, you can start to treat castle accordingly—thus, developing expectations appropriately and lowering disappointment.

Below is an image of the Friendship Pyramid that I produced from doing research on the topic of friendship. Some of the ideas were adjusted from Waiting and also Dating by Dr. Myles Munroe. In the image, there are five stages the friendship development, i beg your pardon are: Stranger, Acquaintance, Casual Friend, near Friend, and Intimate Friend. I will carry out an explanation of the various stages of development of a friendship.


Strangers (I Don't recognize You):


The Stranger stage of the friendship-development procedure is characterized by the lack of awareness that another's existence. It is the lowest stage and likewise the many important. The birth and also progression of a friendship is dependent upon the very first impression a person makes on another. If the is a negative impression, then opportunities are it will certainly not develop. If that is a great impression, then the opportunities are it will develop. A an excellent impression will certainly lead to ongoing interaction, which opens up the doors come the following stage in the process.

Acquaintance (I know of You):


The Acquaintance stage continues from the Stranger stage, and it is defined by occasional interactions the you endure with a person. That is necessary to note that this is the stage where an "Associate" drops as well. An associate is defined as a companion or colleague in business or in ~ work. So, an associate is basically favor your coworker or a fraternity member. Through an acquaintance, you know of every other due to the fact that of the occasional high-and-bye cases that you both encounter through each other. Both of you have an extremely general knowledge around each other such as knowing each other's name, major, that you hang out with, or where you work. However, this is around as far as that goes in with this stage. Overall, you both know each other in the social and also business aspect of every other's life, however do not recognize each other personally. It is only as soon as both human being have made a decision to identify the other as worthy of acquiring to understand the following personally that the friendship can advancement to the following stage.

Casual girlfriend (I know You):


The Casual girlfriend is the phase where most human being make it to. The is the phase where a person have the right to actually say that they recognize a person. During this stage, civilization meet an ext frequently 보다 acquaintances, more than likely, due to the fact that the interactions space planned. The bonding variable in this phase revolves about the friends' typical interests and activities. Additionally, in this stage, world are personally invested in each other; lock are conscious of every other's achievements and they offer praise and support. However, they space not emotionally invest in each other. This is usually the phase where people start to watch each various other with their mask off—no pun intended; the is an development into that the human really is. Sadly, most world never do it past this stage for a variety of reasons, yet sometimes it's since one human being cannot handle the other's undesirable qualities. Also, due to the fact that the structure from i beg your pardon the friendship was built was not a healthy one. However, if a person proves us worthy, climate they deserve to level up.

Close girlfriend (I recognize You):


This zone is the area that very few make the to. As soon as a person has actually reached the Close girlfriend stage, no only have both people invested in each other personally, but additionally emotionally. Due to the fact that of the level that investment, near friends have actually shared much more information. They space aware and also familiar v each other's family members and intimate life. Also, they both know and assist each various other to achieve their life goals; hence, the focus on emotionally investment. I take into consideration this phase to it is in the connection of the mind, body, and spirit of two individuals due to the fact that they have actually shared numerous experiences together. Both civilization have viewed each various other at their best and at your worst, and they have stayed about regardless. This is the phase where friend can begin to understand the each various other truly.

Intimate friend (Connected soul to Soul):


Intimate is defined as a really close connection, for this reason an intimate friend is one individual who you are acquainted with. This phase is attained end time, through mutual experiences, and, many important, with vulnerability. It is through vulnerability the a friendship get this stage. In ~ this level, one has actually shared your deepest secrets such as their greatest insecurities and also their best fears. It is indigenous this level that intimacy the friends become connected soul come soul, and they commit come the advance of each other's character and also as people. This is the phase where one is considered a true friend. The saying the embodies the heart of this level that friendship is by Aristotle in which the states, "a friendship is one soul occupying 2 bodies." These individuals truly recognize each other.

There you have it: the 5 stages the friendship development. It's native this explanation that the different levels that i hope everyone deserve to identify what level that friendship they at this time occupy.

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This way people have the right to avoid the all too acquainted phenomenon the unrealistic expectation of the next person, or that one another.