Head and the heart Preview new Album with Pulsing ‘Missed Connection’

Track will appear on group’s forthcoming LP, ‘Living Mirage’


Folk-rock outfit the Head and also the love unveiled a brand-new song, “Missed Connection,” that will show up on their forthcoming album, life Mirage, out might 17th via Warner Bros./Reprise Records.

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“Missed Connection” significantly finds the Head and the love embracing elements of pop, with light piano and synth stabs floating over swift drums and also a chugging bass line. “Don’t tell me I lost a step,” sings frontman Jon Russell, “Criss-crossed in the not correct direction/Found myself in a conversation/From a missed connection.”

In a statement, the Head and also the Heart defined that “Missed Connection” began as a song around how Russell met his girlfriend, yet soon concerned mirror the band’s own beginning story, which began when castle met in ~ an open-mic night in Seattle 10 year ago.

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Living Mirage point out the Head and the Heart’s 4th LP and also follows 2016’s indications of Light. It’s additionally the band’s first without co-founder Josiah Johnson, who amicably split with the team in 2016, despite it does boast the return that keyboardist Kenny Hensley.

The Head and the heart wrote and recorded life Mirage in assorted places roughly the U.S. Including Joshua Tree, Appleton, Wisconsin, Seattle, Nashville and also Los Angeles. The band functioned on the record with producer Tyler Johnson and Alex Salibian, as well as engineer Ryan Nasci.

The Head and also the Heart will preview several much more songs from living Mirage throughout a distinct lifestream of your March 21st show at the Belsaco in Los Angeles. The performance will begin at 8:30 PT and will be easily accessible on the band’s Facebook.

Living Mirage monitor List

1 “See You with My Eyes”2 “Missed Connection”3 “People need a Melody”4 “Honeybee”5 “Brenda”6 “Running through Hell”7 “Up against The Wall”8 “Saving Grace”9 “I found Out”10 “Living Mirage”11 “Glory that Music”

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