Episode 13 the Tyler Perry’s The Haves and also the have Nots to be action-packed! Deaths, Oscar-winning performances, families broken apart….two feasible deaths? will certainly we shed two HAHN personalities this season? will certainly anything at all happen to our most well known members?


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This week’s illustration of The Haves and also the have actually Nots start off through Jeffrey Harrington talking to the cop around helping him eliminate Veronica Harrington: “I have actually a devil on my back, and you are simply the person to assist me get rid of her.” The cop was like, “Nah, my wife’s a judge, i don’t want any parts of it.”So what does Jeffrey do? that starts teasing – Jeffrey takes turn off his clothes, makes the cop drink some alcohol, and tells him that he knows he’s rotate on by him. He basically seduced ‘ole dude and slept v him – that’s part Candice Young mess best there! ~ it was over, the cop to be like, “I’m no gay, ns don’t wanna do this.” Jeffrey was like, “Umm….you currently have, and also you chosen it. No take-backs.” then he challenged him around being angry around denying his sexuality. Jeffrey was like, “You’re too angry ideal now, so I’m walk to keep you handcuffed,” sitting the tricks down top top the table near the door. After ~ one last glance and also asking the cop to help him manage his mama by do a couple of phone calls, that leaves! The negative cop is left in there to figure out how to obtain out the those handcuffs all by himself!

Next up is David Harrington, that is beating the division off that Jim Cryer! The jail guard has to come in and get David off of him. David is like, “He had my wife killed!” The security is like, “Your wife is in various other room with the detectives.” David thought he intended the morgue – naw, this heifa is in the interrogation room! and also that’s just how he finds the end Maggie Day is dead. Together David was getting ready to walk in to watch Veronica as soon as he obtained a call from Oscar/Brandon. Oscar notifies him that Jim didn’t kinds the fight – that actually referred to as it off, since his civilization are mad that Jim didn’t salary the money. David (and I) looked like, “Huh??” Oscar was like, “Well look on the glowing side, your wife is still alive.” David to be like, “Yeah….bright side.”

Then we see Veronica providing the performance of her life as soon as talking come detectives, saying she and Maggie were friends the would accomplish for tea every week and whatnot. As soon as David enters, she jumps as much as him exhilaration all distraught, climate whispers in his ear, “The b***h is dead.” What?! Veronica is legit nutty! David was looking like, “Oh Lord….not again,” but he preserved a poker face. David just told the woman that his mam was distraught right now and also they needed to end up up questioning one more time.

That night, Benny Young comes house from Candice’s house, to fulfill Hanna Young, waiting to uncover out what she said. Benny just has to be straight..she’s not providing the infant up. That upsets her, yet then she starts asking about Lil Quincy – “Was the up?” “She most likely doesn’t have that baby on a schedule.” “Did she provide him his medicine?” Benny tries to play the off and answer the questions, but we all know now the Benny is damaging at hiding the truth from his mama. She goes to get her phone and also call Candice, but then turns around and says, “He’s not there, is he?” Benny admits the he isn’t (remember, Candice was an alleged to choose him increase from the hospital critical season) and Hanna decides to speak to the society work, whose surname is Aaliyah – why am I simply now figuring this out?? Anyway, She calls and also the social worker is like, “You need to talk to your daughter.” after pleading for information, she tells her, “He’s in temporary foster care.” that just broke Hanna and also Benny’s hearts. When Hanna obtained off the phone, she looked at Benny and also said, “Take me to Candice. Take me come her!” Benny said, “Ma, patience down prior to you have actually a love attack.” Hanna said, “As long as I’m having it when whooping she a**, I’ll dice happy!” I eliminated myself laughing as soon as she claimed that! however it’s quiet sad that Candice in reality went through with it.

After that we see Landon, that is sit at the hotel bar, once Jeffrey to walk in and joins him. As quickly as Jeffrey sits down, Landon start looking approximately all paranoid and also asking if Candice was around. Jeffrey didn’t recognize what he was talking around – Landon to be like, “Why didn’t friend tell me Candice was poor news? She and also her thugs do me urine on myself critical season!” but the conversation at some point moved to Landon usually asking Jeffrey to sleep through him “just one more time.” Jeffrey to be like, “Nah. You’re no that good. I’ve had better.” Landon’s confront dropped! He to be like, “I assumed I was her first?” Jeffrey said, “You were, but I’ve had much better since you,” looking end at the cop, who apparently successfully identified how to acquire out the the room. After ~ that, Jeffrey asks about Maggie and also David and said the if an affair is going on it’s fine, due to the fact that Maggie makes David happy. That’s when Landon looks in ~ his phone and also gets the text saying that Maggie is dead.

As that’s walk on, hotel defense is freaking out around Wyatt Cryer, who they have asserted dead.

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That same night, Katheryn Cryer goes come sit in Amanda Cryer’s room and also calls Hanna. Hanna ignores the contact at first, however answers the second time around. They have a it is too dirty conversation, yet Katheryn is trying to it is in sweet and basically ask she for her friendship back. Katheryn called her the “Wyatt is screaming the end for her.” She knows the something is wrong, however she can’t put her finger on it. Katheryn simply asked her, “Will girlfriend pray for me? If girlfriend can’t pray because that me, deserve to you pray because that my son?” climate she said, “I’ve currently lost one child, ns can’t lose another. However if I obtain that phone call call, will you be right here for me?” Hanna, who was crying yet still being stubborn, claimed “Yes, but who’s going come be here for me?” Katheryn said, “I will.” Hanna to be fine with that yet said, “Okay, yet in the meantime, we have nothing to speak about,” and hung up. Hanna….that wasn’t cool. Learn exactly how to be a friend! Gah!

Then we check out David and Veronica riding residence in the car. Veronica was just taunting him about “his whore being dead” and how the probably collection it increase to have actually her killed. David to be like, “You recognize that’s no my style and also Jim called his struggle off….so did you collection it up?” She just kind of laughs about it. Therefore David bring away a stack of papers and also hands them to her – divorce papers! Veronica’s like, “If I discover out you’ve filed, I’ll make her life a life hell.” David said, “That’s fine. Hell will certainly be a lot of nicer 보다 what I’m going with with you appropriate now!” well dang! David ain’t playing today! that looks in the rear see mirror and also sees that Veronica has actually security complying with them. Once he watch that, David pulls over and tells she to get out the his automobile or he will drag she out. She was like, “Please do! I would love to check out this!” therefore David snatches her and also yanks her out that car and into the hand of her security. Veronica to be yelling, “Your tiny blondie is dead and also now you desire to walk crazy, yanking world out that cars!” She is evil, yet hilarious in ~ the same time!

The HAHN illustration ends through Wyatt, still face down, when DA Jennifer Sallison reflects up. When they tell her he’s dead, Jenny freaks OUT! She’s in trouble now!

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