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YOUR surname ____________________________________________________INTRODUCTION come MUSIC: TAKE house TEST ONE: "ELEMENTS of MUSIC" Pencil must be used to blacken the ideal letters ~ above the pink answer sheet. Your name, your student i would number, the date of the exam and the subject of the exam have to be gotten in upon this web page which will be handed the end in class. Friend must closely darken your answers. Exam is due in ~ the next course meeting. ______________________________________________________________________ 1. The first or stressed beat the a measure is well-known as the a. Upbeat b. Downbeat c. Head d. Intro 2. The ________ is a consistent recurrent pulsation that divides music into equal units of time. A. Beat b. Tempo c. Valuation d. Meter 3. The facet of music defined as the ordered circulation of music with time, or an ext specifically the specific arrangement of keep in mind lengths in a item of music is a. Win b. Tempo c. Rhythm, d. Meter 4. By adding a dot to the ideal of a keep in mind we: a. Rise its expression by fifty percent b. Diminish its expression by halfc. Include a dynamic interval d. Double the note’s value5 In a music time signature, the top number tells a. What sort of keep in mind gets a win c. How many notes there space in a measure b. How numerous beats loss in a measure up d. How countless measures in a ingredient 6. The 4 main nature of music sounds room pitch, dynamics, tone color and: a. Expression b. Rhythm c. Melody d. Tool 7. The loved one highness or lowness the a sound is dubbed a. Timbre b. Pitch c. Dynamics d. Octave 8.9.The ____________ that a sound is determined by the frequency that its vibrations. A. Dynamics b. Key c. Timbre d. Amplitude Music deserve to be identified as a. Sounds developed by musical instruments b. Sound that are pleasing, together opposed to noise c. One art based on the organization of sounds gradually d. A system of symbols that performers learn to read10. The frequency of vibrations is measure up in a. Cycles per minute c. Dynamic level b. Cycles per 2nd d. Italian words111. West Music supplies ___________ letter of the alphabet to show pitch. A. The very first five b. The an initial seven c. Wide selection d. The last 3 12.___________ is characterized as putting an accent right into music where it would not typically be expected. A. Meter b. Syncopation c. Expiation d. Pizzicato 13. A design template is: a. The emotional focal point of a melody b. The resting place at the end of a phrase c . The melody the serves as the beginning point for a more extended item of music d. The repetition of a melodic sample at a greater or lower pitch 14. Harmony refers to a. The method chords are constructed and how they monitor each various other b. Living in peace with other world c. A sample of to win per measure up d. A chord built upon the an initial step the the scale 15. A chord is a. A pattern of accents offered in music b. A mix of 3 or more tones sound at once c. A collection of individual tones heard one after one more d. A resting point at the finish of a phrase 16. In a music time signature, the reduced number tells: a. B. C. D.What sort of keep in mind gets the win how many beats loss in a measure how plenty of notes there are in a measure up how plenty of measures there are in a composition17. A mix of tones that is taken into consideration stable and restful is called: a. Consonance b. Development c. Dissonance d. Modulation 18. The central tone around which a music composition is organized is called the a. Range b. Dominant c. Tonic d. Modulation 19. Tonality is one more term for a. An essential b. Range c. Chromaticismd. Modulation20. The company of musical ideas in time is referred to as a. Form b. Repeat c. Ternary d. Variation 21. The Italian dynamic marking traditionally offered to indicate an extremely soft, loud and an extremely loud space respectively: a. Piano, mezzo forte, forte b. Mezzo piano, forte, fortissimo c. Pianissimo, piano forte d. Pianissimo, forte, fortissimo222. A steady increase in loudness is recognized as a a. Decrescendo b. Crescendo c. Fortissimo 23. Timbre is anonymous v a. Sound b. Vibrations c. Ton colord. Diminuendod. Dynamic accent24.While skilled singers have the right to command a pitch variety of 2 octaves or more, an untrained voice is usually limited to about: a. Fifty percent an octave b. One octave c. An octave and also a fifty percent d. 2 octaves 25.Which that the following is not a normal classification of masculine voice ranges? a. Contralto b. Baritone c. Tenor d. Base 26. If a string player supplies vibrato –the rocking of left hand to produce little pitch fluctuations—it is due to the fact that a. The show is unsure that the key b. The demonstrate is worried c. Making use of vibrato is easier than not using it d. Making use of vibrato provides the tone warmer and an ext expressive 27.The selection of a singer’s voice depends on a. Cultivate b. Physical makeup c. Both a and b enhancementd. Electronic28. The modern-day piano has actually _____ secrets spanning an ext than 7 octaves a. 47 b. 56 c. 66 d. 88 29. The _____ has actually strings that room plucked through a set of plastic, animal leather or quill wedges a.piano b. Organ c. Harpsichord d. Accordion 30. The vibrations of brass instruments come indigenous a. A column of air in a metal tube c. A double reed b. A solitary reed d. The musicians lips 31. The English horn is neither English nor a horn yet a(n) a. Form of bugle b. Piece of cane offered by woodwind players c. Percussion instrument d. Alto oboe 32. A cadence is a. An emotional focal point of a melody b. Resting place at the finish of a expression c .a melody that serves as the beginning point because that a more extended item of music d. The repetition of a melodic sample at a higher or lower pitch. 33. The repetition of a melodic pattern at a greater or reduced pitch is called a a. Orgasm b. Sequence c. Cadence d. Phrase334. Modulation refers to a .the central tone that a music composition b. The use of all keys in one octave c. The spicy or level signs automatically at the beginning of the employee of a ingredient d. A change from one crucial to one more within the very same composition 35. Improvisation is a. A technique used only in jazz and also non west music b. Music created at the exact same time it is carry out c. The enhancement of ornaments not suggested in the published music d. All of the over 36. A tune in i beg your pardon several human being sing the exact same melody yet each signer starts at a different time is an example of: a. Homophonic structure b. Monophonic texture c. Strictly imitation d. Sloppy to sing 37. A musical statement adhered to by a difference statement and also then a return of the initial statement is called a. Ternary form b. Binary kind c. Free form d. Dual form 38. In music ______ refers to a characteristic way of using melody, rhythm, tone color, dynamics, harmony, texture and form. A. Fashion b. Method c. Layout d. Convention 39. An example of homophonic texture might be a a. Chant b. Barbershop quartet c. Folksinger add by guitar d. Any kind of of the above. 40. Repeat is a method widely supplied in music due to the fact that it a. Create a sense of unified c. Gives a feeling of balance and symmetry b. Helps engrave a melody in the storage d. All of the over 41. Melody may be identified as: a. An emotionally focal allude in a tune b. A resting location at the finish of a expression c. A collection of solitary notes which include up come a recognizable totality d. The company of to win into consistent groupings 42. A measure might be identified as a. A team of beats, the an initial of which bears an accent usually in teams of 2,3,4, and also divided by barlines b. A set of five horizontal lines c. An apparatus the produces ticking sound d. The rate of speed of the win of the music. 43. A change from one crucial to another within the same composition is dubbed a. Vital b. Resolution c. Scale d. Modulation444. The structure of a single melodic line without accompaniment is a. Contrapuntal b. Homophonic c. Monophonicd. Polyphonic45. Performance of a single melodic heat by much more than one instrument or voice is described as play in a. Unison b. Counterpoint c. Harmony d. Imitation 46. In music notation, silence is indicated by a. Notes b. Clefs c. Restsd. Beams47. In musical notation , pitches are written top top a set of five horizontal lines referred to as a a. Clef b. Bar c. Employee d. Stem 48. A_____is put at the start of a staff to present the exact pitch of each line and space a. Note b. Clef c. Ledger line d. Sharp sign 49. The term ______ describes the rate of rate of the beat of the music. A. Meter b. Syncopation c. Tempo d. Dynamics 50. Which of the complying with is the slowest tempo indication? a. Adagio b. Andante c. Allegro 51. I m sorry of the adhering to is no a dual reed instrument? a. Oboe b. Clarinet c. Bassoond. Vivaced. English horn52. The greatest woodwind instrument in the orchestra is a. Piccolo b. Flute c. Oboed. Clarinet53. The ________ space the only orchestra drums of definite key a. Snare north b. Bass drums c. Timpani d. Tambourines 54. Assorted sets of tube on a pipe organ are carried into beat by pulling knobs called a. Keys b. Pedals c. Stops d. Plectra 55. The _____ is a key-board instrument that offers vibrating air columns to create sound a. Piano b. Pipe body organ c. Harpsichord d. Accordion 56. Plucking the string v the finger instead of the bow is called a. Tremolo b. Pizzicato c. Vibratod. Col legno57. The bow the string players generally use to produce sound on their instruments is a slightly curved stick strung tightly through a. Catgut b. Horsehair c. Hemp d. Flax 58. A steady decrease in loudness is recognized as a a. Ritardando b. Crescendo c. Fortissimo5d. Diminuendo59. The emotional focal allude of the melody is referred to as a. Sequence b. Design template c. Cadence d. Climax 60. Staccato refers to playing or to sing a melody a. In a quick detached way b. In a smooth linked manner c. In ~ a higher or lower pitch d. In small steps 61. The simplest, most straightforward chord offered in western music is the a. Consonance b. Dissonance c. Dyad 62. Traditionally a composition would nearly always finish on a a. Progression b. Dissonant chord c. Dominant chordd . Triadd. Tonic chord63. The concertmaster in a contemporary orchestra a. Is the principal very first violinist b. Performs most solo violin passages c. Sit at the conductor’s prompt left d. All of the above 64. The type consisting that a music statement followed by a counterstatement would be called a. Binary b. Ternary c. Song d. Totally free 65. Once a melodic idea is gift by one voice or instrument and also then restated instantly by an additional voice or instrument, the method is called a. Counterpoint b. Imitation c. Copy d. Every one of the over 66. Contrapuntal texture is sometimes used in location of the hatchet a. Monophonic structure c. Polyphonic structure b. Homophonic structure d. Unisonal performance 67. Once a dissonance move to a consonance, it is called a a. Triad b. Chord c. Resolution d. Broken chord 68. Crucial refers to a. The significant scale b. The main tone, scale and also chord c. Any 12 random pitches d. Music symbol placed at the start of the staff 69. The triad constructed on the fifth step of the range is dubbed the a. Tonic chord b. Leading chord c. Progressiond. Resolution70. The Italian term________is a tempo marking to show a moderately slow-moving or walking pace a. Andante b. Allegro c. Adagio d. Vivace 71. The tonic chord is the triad built on the ___ step of the scale a. Fifth b. Second c. 4th d. First672. The Italian ax _____ is a tempo noting to indicate a lively speed a. Andante b. Allegro c. Adagio d. Vivace 73. A _____ is an apparatus the produces ticking sounds or flicker of irradiate at any type of desired musical speed. A. Clock b. Win c. Metronome d. Stopwatch 74. 3 part form can be represented as a. ABA b. ABA’ c. Statement, contrast, returnd. Any type of of the above75. Before the nineteenth century the time beat to be a. Given by the an initial violinist, keyboard player or both b. Unnecessary because the orchestra was smaller sized c. Provided by the soloist that the job-related d. Offered only for the chorus because the orchestra was expert 76. Alters in musical layout from one historical period to the following are commonly a. Constant b. Recognizable only by scholars and professional musician c. Really abrupt d. Predictable 77. Countless conductors use a thin stick called a ____ to beat time and indicate pulse and tempo a. Staff b. Baton c. Concertmaster d. All of the above 78. Most of the conductor’s occupational a. Is done throughout the power b. Is unnecessary since the conductor is just a figurehead c. Is done in rehearsal d. Calls for little devoted training 79. Retaining some attributes of a music idea while an altering others is dubbed a. Kind b. Comparison c. Repeat d. Sports 80. Words chromatic comes from the Greek native “Chroma”—color and also is provided in music to refer to the a. 12 tones of the octave c. Shade of the instrumentation b. Eight tones that the octave d. Usage of colorful descriptions in the music 81. In timeless western music, the ____ is the the smallest interval between successive tones the a scale a. Quarter step b. Entirety step c. Fifty percent step d. Octave 82. The triad constructed on the very first step the the scale is referred to as a. Tonic chord b. Dominant chord c. Progressiond. Resolution83. A combination of 3 or more tones sound at the exact same time is called a. Harmony b. Consonance c. Chord d. Dissonance784. A collection of chords is called a(n) a. Triad b. Development c. Arpeggiod. Consonance85. A consonance is a combination of tones that a. Is thought about unstable and also tense b. Is considered stable and restfulc. Room sounded one ~ the various other d. Type a melody86. The keynote, or tonic, that a melody is the ___ of the melody a. Main tone b. Opening keep in mind of the B ar c. Climaxd. Vital signature87. Once two or more melodic lines of equal interest are performed simultaneously the structure is : a. Monophonic b. Homophonic d. Polyphonic d. Heterophonic 88. A music statement, complied with by a repeat of that statement, climate a counterstatement, would be referred to as ____form. A. Binary b. Staccato c. Glissando d. Vibrato 89. A employee is a a. Collection of 5 horizontal present b. Black or white oval used in notation c. A item of wood used by a conductor d. Price indicating silence quite than sound 90. A smooth connected way of play a melody is well-known as a. Legato b. Marcato c. Glissando d. Vibrato 91. A part of a melody is dubbed a a. Cadence b. Sequencec. Phrased. Step92. A quick detached path of play is known as a. Legato b. Staccato c. Glissando d. Vibrato 93. A virtuoso is a show who has actually a. A solid moral code b. Occurred an extraordinary technological mastery c. Learned to song or play an instrument d. An skilled at improvisation 94. Embellishments room a. Accessories which 17-18c musicians were intended to include in power b. A technique of combining numerous melodic lines into a systematic whole c. Two or an ext melodies of reasonably equal attention performed simultaneously d. The emotional focal point in a track 95. Dynamic stress and anxiety that propels forward activity in the music is normally the an outcome of a. The performer’s technical capability b. The impulse of dissonance to be addressed c. The audience’s solution d. A high volume level896. A change from one key to an additional within the exact same composition is dubbed a. Crucial b. Resolution c. Range d. Modulation 97. Monophonic texture consists of a. A single melodic line without accompaniment b. One key melody attach by chords c. Two or an ext melodies of fairly equal attention performed all at once d. Every one of the over 98. Resolution describes a(n) a. Dissonant chord relocating to a consonant chord b. Consonant chord relocating to a dissonant chord c. An innovative fervor the determines as soon as a composition is composed d. Arpeggio 99. Homophonic texture consists of a. A single melodic line without accompaniment b. One key melody attach by chords c. 2 or an ext melodies of relatively equal interest performed at the same time d. All of the over 100. The street in key between any kind of two tones is referred to as a. Term b. Dynamic interval c.

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Timbre d. An interval9