Wrong and also Right: Britain had a many labor unions. Britain had actually a solid workforce.

You are watching: The first organized opposition to slavery as an institution emerged in the late _____ century.

During the at an early stage years of the industrial Revolution, who might afford come live in pretty homes and also dress well?

the brand-new middle class

The 1847 Ten-Hour Act declared that _____ might only job-related up to ten hrs a day.

women and also children

In a job union, job _____.

work together in negotiating for much better wages and also conditions

Cuba and _____ were the last to abolish slavery in the Americas.

Wrong : Venezuela

Who wrote an account the his life detailing his suffer as a child of gift kidnapped in Africa and sold right into slavery?

Olaudah Equiano

Who imposed anti-slave trade legislations by sending warships come intercept servant ships?

Wrong: the Portuguese

The first organized the opposite to slavery as an institution emerged in the late _____ century.


Adam Smith believed that federal government should never ever intervene in a state’s economy, yet instead enable _____.

Wrong: owner of factory to control their workers

Karl Marx thought that history was the story that _____.

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class conflict

Who belonged to the proletariat?

factory workers

Mary Wollstonecraft was _____.

a writer and also teacher

What style of arts emphasizes emotion, feeling, and also imagination?

Wrong: impressionism

When wilhelm Wilberforce and also the abolitionists started their fight against the servant trade in Britain, how much the Britain’s economic climate was dependent top top the slave trade?

Wrong: one-fourth

Who was an impressionist painter?

Claude Monet

What topics were studied in nineteenth-century major schools?

Wrong and Right : reading classical languages

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