In our evaluation of The Division I composed that I was happy enough at level 26 and also that getting to the level cap of 30 did not issue a lot to me. Well, I have actually been conscripted ago in to pass on my wisdom. I had actually to clamber up the XP tree after all and also check out the endgame for myself. It appears a tiny bare as soon as compared to the mostly-fun climb up however tright here is some excellent stuff to emphasis on. Here are some of the points you can be doing while waiting for the next project expansion to come alengthy.

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Money, money, money


The hook that Ubisoft wishes to embed deep in your cheek when you hit level 30 is the chase for Phoenix credits. These are a unique currency that let you buy high-end and also specialised equipment from the brand-new merchant who has materialised in your Tech Wing. He sells a number of high-finish pieces of armour and the blueprints for many kind of high-end tools prefer the Liberator, an attack rifle through serious critical hit bonprovides, and also the high-finish Vector, a submachine gun via perhaps monstrous talents. There is likewise a distinct merchant in the Dark Zone, located in the block furthest to the Northeastern, in the highest challenge area, that trades in high-end products for Phoenix credits rather of the usual Dark Zone funds. Let"s look at a couple of methods to gain these one-of-a-kind credits.

Enemies with names


Killing named adversaries will certainly net you 1-3 credits, which you have the right to scavenge from their corpse. These have the right to be uncovered both inside and also outside the Dark Zone, however, the named baddies in the "normal" component of the city carry out not respawn for days at a time. In the DZ, called enemies will certainly constantly reshow up at the purple "landmarks" to get themselves murdered and remurdered. The profession off is that they are much even more difficult than those external the walls and also will likely need a team to carry them and their goons dvery own, particularly the better north you go.

With this in mind, it isn"t always wise to push as far as you might prefer searching for even more enemies. You will not acquire any kind of more XP for harder mobs and also it will take even much longer to fell the substantial guys. However before, the latest patch (v. 1.02) has slightly boosted the amount of Phoenix credits you gain from enemies of level 31 and also 32 uncovered in the Northern quadrants (3-5 credits), and also improving the price at which named adversaries drop high-finish items choose the Midas - a gold uzi that was so good it had to be freshly nerfed.

Usually, you deserve to saunter around in the 2 or 3 the majority of southernmany DZ districts (DZ01 to DZ03) visiting and also revisiting the same named opponents without too much trouble. If they execute drop high-end loot, scarper to an extractivity allude and attempt not to die.

Daily missions


Like Destiny, tright here are additionally daily jobs for you to obtain stuck into, which award Phoenix credits for completion. There are typically 3 everyday objectives, revisiting the exact same story goals as prior to however demanding a greater difficulty. Playing via on "hard" these will certainly offer 15 Phoenix credits, some cash and a blueprint or other reward. Playing through a everyday "challenging" mission (see below) will certainly get you 20 Phoenix credits as the day-to-day reward plus one more 30 just for having the stones to do it. All in all you can usually acquire 80 credits each day simply by complying with this collection menu.

Challenging difficulty


After hitting level 30 you will certainly unlock the "Challenging" challenge. This brand-new difficulty uses 30 Phoenix credits per mission. And as soon as coupled through the daily mission reward you can gain as much as 50 Phoenix credits. This is the highest payout you have the right to presently get for a single mission. However, only 4 of the story missions deserve to be played on this challenge at the moment: Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Warren Gate Power Plant, Russian Consulate and Lexington Event Center (these all have an orange beam of light coming out of them on the map). Of these, I"ve discovered Lincoln Tunnel Checksuggest the easiest and also quickest to finish, with the Russian Consulate being the a lot of heinously difficult.

These goals will certainly need a solid investment of time, initiative and also collaboration. You will certainly have to confront down the swarms of ultra spongey opponents so a 4 person team is even more or less a requirement. A few of the battles end up being cripplingly tough in complex, choose the Russian Consulate or Warren Gate Power Plant objectives, both of which constantly watch you fighting waves of nigh-invincible heavies and dangerous shotgun troops in incredibly tight corridors and stairwells. But it"s likewise some of the a lot of tactical fun via friends the game is providing. If anything, it"s worth taking them on simply for that. Unprefer playing the everyday goals on Hard, they have the right to additionally be repetitive for the exact same amount of Phoenix credits eexceptionally time.

Dark Zone up


The existing cap of the open up people is level 30, but in the DZ it is level 50. In a bizarre, strong-arming move, Ubisoft have made practically all the tools offered by Dark Zone merchants need you to be at leastern level 30 on both ranks, through many type of additionally requiring a level 50 DZ rank. The unique vendor in the north of "the Zone" basically just sells to the ideal of the best, for example.

Personally, after getting to DZ rank 30 I have found that a lot of the equipment on market at DZ vendors is already outdated by the time you attain the rank and also it is much better to earn Phoenix credits and spend them on the plans from your HQ"s high-finish seller, allowing you to craft them yourself. But for those via their hearts set on hitting DZ rank 50 you will have to spfinish the majority of time farming the mobs of the Dark Zone and staying clear of fatality. We cover how best to execute this in our overview to the Dark Zone.

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Become a collector


Hey, it"s not all about the money. Now that obtaining your level up is not such a priority, you deserve to afford to take in the sights (sounds) of New York. Use the Canine Unit upgrade on the security wing to expose all the collectibles in an area by clearing all the side objectives and also encounters. Then stock up on the world"s ago story. It"s arguably a much more exciting use of your time than murdering the exact same male over and also over aobtain.