The too ~ Hunter is quickly becoming one of the more prolific acts in music, having released 2 albums in as numerous years and also now returning v a brand brand-new EP top top their own label Cave and Canary Goods. Mastermind behind it every is Casey Crescenzo, who seems to have an endless supply of interesting musical ideas and also that is ever current in this collection. In spite of only containing 6 songs, the is as an effective a statement as the band has actually made and also if not for the fact that that is only a 6 song EP, might be this reviewers album the the year.

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For anyone who is currently a fan, you know what come expect, and also that is the unexpected. The band have a straightforward framework for their sound, which is subtly rooted in alternate rock, but each song and also album is climate layered through explorations into multiple genres, how amazing changes, lyrical gymnastics and also glorious melodies, the kind bands choose Radiohead have yet to discover. Naught is the end of bounds yet a song always remains at the core and never gets off course, and also that is what provides this arsenal so engaging. Because that those the don’t recognize the band, this is a fairly reasonable method to get acquainted through the group. Over the 6 songs, a most ground is covered, and also if it catches your imagination, hours of more an excellent music awaits what on Spotify or to apologize Music indigenous the group’s diverse catalog.

The opened stomper “The appropriate Wrong” is as standard as the band involves a rock song, through a guitar riff that recalls tracks choose “A Night on the Town.” The chorus is anthemic and showcases Crescenzo’s significant range. Midway the band go into a powerful break down where the rare solo is greeted with bombastic organs. The second track throws whatever from the opening number out the window and enters right into a an ext frantic method with sounds and vocals bouncing off the walls. The production below is outstanding.

“Beyond the Pale” marries Crescenzo’s knack because that a straightforward understated melody with Shakespearean-style lyrics. The feel crescendos before seamlessly segueing right into the album’s celebratory minute with “Shake Me (Awake),” a beach Boy’s format acoustic number with more hooks 보다 a coat rack. And also somehow in every the joy, Crescenzo inexplicably finds a method to rhyme with words mortuary. Couple of bands might pull turn off a song like this in a collection with no various other songs that sound favor this. Blast that loud and before you understand it you’ll it is in singing, “before I’m in the mortuary.”

“Witness Me” is a haunting number the employs numerous of the facets found in the Act collection from the bands’s vault albums, but the album culminates through the powerhouse location track, one of their best. The chorus is explosive and powerful as Crescenzo proclaims in his most powerful outburst “All is as all should be!” The track access time you appropriate in the core.

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The 6 song in this arsenal take the listener top top a trip through assorted sounds, styles, and also emotions and after that you feel prefer you heard all you need to hear and also that certainly all is together all have to be. The too ~ Hunter is a treasure the keeps on giving. Even with this EP, they have actually exceeded expectations.

Released on December 1st, 2017 on Cave and Canary Goods

1.The appropriate Wrong 04:39 2.Blame sky 03:40 3.Beyond The Pale 03:16 4.Shake Me (Awake) 03:54 5.Witness Me 04:25 6.All Is as All need to Be 05:01

Casey Crescenzo – lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards Nick Crescenzo – drums, percussion, backing vocals Maxwell Tousseau – guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals Robert Parr – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals Nick Sollecito – bass Gavin Castleton – keyboards, backing vocals