Season 10, illustration 1 The Blurry Man and also a flow of Blood

Steve and also Amy investigate cases of shadow figures and also full-bodied apparitions in Iowa. They then take trip to Wisconsin to investigate violent paranormal task ruining a woman"s wishes of opened her dream business.

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Season 10, episode 2 The Watcher and also The Shapeshifter

Steve and also Amy inspection violent paranormal task terrorizing a delicate mother and also her young son in Pennsylvania. They climate head come Ohio to inspection the malicious reality tormenting a woman and her two daughters.

Season 10, illustration 3 The Demon Inside and The Gut Wrencher

Steve and Amy investigate insurance claims of possession and also shadow figures destroying a family in brand-new Jersey. Lock then travel to Louisiana, whereby a vicious entity is wreaking havoc on a family"s health and also mental well-being.

Season 10, episode 4 house of Darkness and also The Killing areas

Steve and Amy aid an family being torn apart by menacing entities in your Alabama home. They climate head to Nebraska, whereby a woman believes the dark spirits lurking in she home have taken possession of she husband.

Season 10, illustration 5 Dream house Nightmare and also Raging soul

Steve and also Amy take trip to California to assist a terrified woman who believes her house is trying to death her. They climate head come Kentucky investigate a woman"s insurance claims that miscellaneous in her home is attacking her kids and transforming her husband"s personality.

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Season 10, episode 6 Haunted through a Violent Curse

Steve and also Amy travel to Ohio to help a male who trust something top top his residential property is attack his mother. They then investigate a Florida woman"s insurance claim of significantly violent paranormal activity after her adult son moved home.




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