The Curse that Oak Island- Season 7, illustration 6: close up door In

The following is a plot an overview of Season 7, illustration 6 that the background Channel’s TV collection The Curse the Oak Island.

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Plot Summary

Rick Lagina, Dan Henskee, and also other members that the Oak Island team head to the south Shore Cove, where the terminus of an old searcher tunnel (called the column 9 sluiceway) was discovered at the end of the previous episode. Doug Crowell, Billy Gerhardt, and contractor Scott Barlow, utilizing shovels and a backhoe, uncover enough of the framework to identify the sluiceway’s orientation. The crew climate decides to dig a feet 25 feet along the claimed line the the sluiceway in order come verify that they have actually correctly estimated the structure’s subterranean route.

Oak Island’s shaft 9, with its tunnel and sluiceway.

Later, Rick and also Marty Lagina, Craig Tester, and Steve Guptill head come the Cave-In Pit, wherein they accomplish with Alex Gauthier and other members of Eagle Canada. We learn that the seismic exploration agency has to adjust crisscrossing currently of geophones and dynamite charges across Smith’s Cove and the Cave-In Pit area, and also will it is in detonating approximately 1,000 (out that a full of 18,000) fees in the Cave-In Pit area that evening. The seismic crew proceeds with the operation as the sun sets.

Oak Island’s so-called “Highlands”, located in between the swamp and the Money Pit area.

The following morning, the Eagle Canada crew begins laying the end geophones in the ar of island in between the swamp and also the Money Pit area, i m sorry the narrator describes as the “Highlands”. While the jughounds go about their work, Gary Drayton and Peter Fornetti perform some metal detecting top top Oak Island’s lot 32, not much from the swamp. First, the pair uncovers what Drayton identifies as an 18th Century decking spike in ~ the sheet of the beach. After ~ that, the treasure hunters unearth a curved, hand-forged, wrought-iron rod i beg your pardon Drayton likens come the crib spikes found on Oak Island’s lot of 26 earlier in Season 6, episode 3. The sweetheart hunters agree the they chandelier to have the artifact analyzed through blacksmithing skilled Carmen Legge.

Oak Island’s many 32.

Meanwhile, Billy Gerhardt, Scott Barlow, and also other members that the Oak Island team dig a hole around 25 feet uphill from the terminus the the column 9 sluiceway in the hopes of intersecting the searcher tunnel. Gerhardt digs the hole together deep together his backhoe will enable and finally uncovers the really top the the sluiceway.

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Later, miscellaneous members of the Oak Island team satisfy in the battle Room through Canadian journalist and writer D’Arcy O’Connor, writer of the wonderful book The an enig Treasure of Oak Island: The exceptional Story that a Centuries-Old treasure Hunt, and also his daughter, Miranda. O’Connor gift his concept that the Oak Island treasure constitutes the components of a Spanish sweetheart galleon bound because that Spain, i m sorry foundered turn off the island’s coast during a storm. As soon as prompted through Marty Lagina, the writer states that, throughout the food of his research, he read around approximately 200 Spanish sweetheart galleons i beg your pardon disappeared on the route from Havana, Cuba, to Europe. “They carried huge crews,” O’Connor continues, “as well as designers who’d been opened up the brand-new silver mines in Bolivia and also other places. So they had actually intelligent civilization aboard, and also so I came up v a theory that maybe among these pearls got captured in a storm as they were adhering to the Gulf Stream and was propelled all the way north come a tiny island in Nova Scotia- probably Oak Island.” quite than effort to sail their priceless cargo v waters patrolled through the French and English- their early american rivals- the Spaniards chose to bury the contents of your ship ~ above Oak Island and protect it through flood tunnels. The narrator then recites number of pieces of evidence which bolsters O’Connor’s theory.