The Curse the Oak Island- Season 7, illustration 3: The Eye that the Swamp

The following is a plot summary and analysis of Season 7, illustration 3 of the background Channel’s TV collection The Curse of Oak Island.

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Plot Summary

The Oak Island crew meets in the battle Room through geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner, who collected some the the main point samples taken native the swamp anomaly in the ahead episode and brought them come his laboratory for additional analysis. Dr. Spooner, that has due to the fact that performed the analysis, educates the team the sedimentation existing in the main point samples shows up to show that the swamp is relatively young- specifically three to four hundred years old. When prompted by stack Lagina, that concedes the possibility that the swamp can be artificial. The goes on come speculate that, before the swamp’s formation, the triangular area i beg your pardon comprises the swamp this day may have actually supported terrestrial vegetation. This notion accords with the implicitly of the various stumps discovered in the swamp over the years, and appears to difficulty the concept that the triangle area comprised sea floor at the moment of the swamp’s creation. Once questioned by Dave Blankenship, Spooner states that Oak Island may certainly have consisted of two different islands in ~ some allude in the far-off past, together some philosophers believe, yet implies that these islands would have actually amalgamated into the bigger Oak Island long before the swamp’s formation.

The ship anomaly in the Oak Island swamp.

We then find out that Dr. Spooner and also his team, in a previous operation which was not featured top top the show, gathered additional core samples native the swamp and probed that floor with an steel rod. Utilizing a map, Dr. Spooner points out a small oval-shaped human body of water devoid of vegetation at the northernmost reminder of the swamp and also states that he and also his team found a circle of stones over there which appeared to skirt the feature’s perimeter. The geoscientist states that the rock pattern, coupled v the area’s absence of vegetation, seems unusual come him, and advises the team to inspection the anomaly.

The “pond” at the northernmost pointer of the Oak Island swamp.

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The next day, Marty Lagina, Alex Lagina, Gary Drayton, and also Steve Guptill satisfy at the swamp, wherein they intended to investigate the anomaly figured out by Dr. Spooner. After ~ Drayton dons a wetsuit and a snorkel, the four men pile into a dingy and row the end to the feature. Once they with the area in question, Drayton gets the end of the dingy and, utilizing a probe, conveniently discovers a stone on the feature’s perimeter. The then applies his pin-pointer metal detector come the rock and it s okay a struggle indicating the existence of iron. Drayton walk on to find several an ext stones nearby, all but the biggest of which similarly appear to nuzzle iron. Together Drayton probes and scans, Steve Guptill plots the coordinates of the rocks with a gps receiver.