The Crittenden Compromise proposed to: outlaw slaincredibly in the United States after 1865.--guarantee continuance of slaextremely in the says where it then existed.guarantee that all new areas would be open to slaincredibly. offer slaves complete depiction quite than enable them to count for only three-fifths of a perkid. provide a federal servant code for the western territories.

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The new Fugitive Slave Act outraged abolitionists bereason it: --available a strong temptation to kidnap totally free blacks in north "free" states.required the licensing of servant catchers.guaranteed fugitive slaves a jury trial.allowed northern states to become slave says.represented the legal international slave trade.
On what legal basis did Dred Scott sue for his freedom? He had married a free woman.The physical abusage he suffered was illegal.He suggested that slaexceptionally was unconstitutional.--He asserted that living for extended periods in locations where slaincredibly was forbidden made him totally free.His father was a totally free guy.
The Confederate States of America seyielded after Lincoln"s election because: Lincoln promised to abolish slaextremely automatically after taking office.Lincoln was pushing for an invasion of the South.--the southern secessionists were persuaded that Lincoln would move against slaexceptionally despite his assurances otherwise.the southern secessionists planned to attack the North and also impose slaexceptionally on the whole Union.the southern secessionists thought that Jefferson Davis had actually won the 1860 election yet was denied the office via fraud.
the southerly secessionists were encouraged that Lincoln would move versus slaincredibly despite his assurances otherwise.
Many northerners, consisting of the so-dubbed Independent Democrats, opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act because: they opposed the admission of both regions as repealed the Fugitive Slave would certainly carry about prompt abolition.--it repealed the Missouri did not embrace "renowned sovereignty."
The concept of popular sovereignty: resolved the debate over slavery"s extension.--would certainly allow human being in the territories to decide whether or not to permit slavery.guaranteed that slaincredibly would spread westward.permitted Oregon to enter the Union as a servant state.was adopted by the Whigs in the 1848 election.
Uncle Tom"s Cabin outraged servant owners because it: was authored by Harriet Tubguy.--showed just how the brutal realities of slaextremely harmed everyone linked through it.persuaded many kind of poor southern whites to oppose slaincredibly.started the Civil War.was an objective description of life under slaextremely.

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The exploration of gold in California did every one of the adhering to, EXCEPT: spur a huge migration of gold seekers.hasten the demise of the Indians.encourage Amerideserve to desires of a Pacific empire.bring about an infusion of gold into the UNITED STATE economy that led to a lengthy duration of nationwide prosperity.--produce a populace via an equal balance of men and woguys.
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