the quiet area job the quiet area is a place you go to obtain ameans from every one of your annoying modern-day life


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after the androids, it’s time for the apples.

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the comfort spot app is currently availablefor all of you iPod/iphone/ipadowners and also you deserve to downpack it for totally free right currently. this is the connect.

i recognize that the app is not the a lot of polimelted out tright here, however I’m doing what I have the right to considering tbelow is just one of me :) emerging for all platcreates is a difficult and also lengthy job-related so I wouldappreciate it if you provide it 5 stars!

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Mar 13th, 2014
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weekly update


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hey hey!

on the past week I’ve included brand-new attributes and tweaked some visual stuff around the comfort spot:

you most likely experienced it currently, newcomers will certainly view a brief explacountry around each area of the comfort spot. So stuff should be more clear when joining the comfort spot. I’m certain many type of of you experienced the “welinvolved my spot” intro and also finallyinterpreted what this area is :)on the teams, team managers are currently colored in white so you’ll have the ability to recognize which soul is the manager and also which are the remainder of the additional thing for the team supervisors is that you have the right to now delete comforts and also comments on your teams.When you check out a comment or comfort that you don’t feel comfortablethrough, simply hit the ‘delete’ button and it will certainly be gone.on the messages threads page, I’ve included the name of the soul that you are talking to so it will certainly be much easier to spot a threview.

that’s it for this week! I hope you discover the comfort spot helpful!

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after I managed to make the comfort spot to look awesomeregardless your display screen size, it’s time for the app to follow.

I’ve uploaded the android application to the play save. you can downfill it for free right here - please please price it via 5 stars! it helps!)I’m still trial and error it out and making certain it will fill all your comforting needs and also I hope that the iphone/ipad app will come soon. I’m taking it one step at the moment in order to give you the ideal area on earth!

keep on smiling,amtay:)

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you already understand that the goal of the comfort spot is to give you comfort when you need it, you have to not wait so lengthy to get it. so via that in mind, here is the brand-new update I cooked for you.

after some hard working and coding, I builtthe comfort spot from the ground up and also managed to make it around 10 times quicker than it provided to be!various other than that, as promised (I think I promised that…), the even more flowers you’ll gain, the even more vibrant the symbol will certainly be. you must aim for the white one it’s so rare and cool :)you may view that the whole commenting experiencehas been revamped in order to let you continue to be focused on your current comforting.With the brand-new architecture, I rerelocated the abilityto edit comments. don’t concern, it will be back. I was so excited to give faster spot so I delayed it a bit. | update: january 8, 2014 - it’s back!

that simply about it for now. view you on the next post!

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a new year, a brand-new update!

we all love to be on the comfort spot. It’s such an excellent method to find excellent civilization and have a wonderful conversationthrough each, in order to help you conveniently get new friends and easily watch that is on the various other side, I’m happy to existing to you - the soul pages.

some of you have to have checked out the brand-new soul (profile) pages that were added in the last few days.

so if you did and also if you didn’t - this is the moment to examine them out.wherever before you view a nickname, click it, and you will go to a soul’s individual web page wbelow you deserve to seediffered details around this spirit.

female? male? age? groups? social networks or various other ways to comunicate. all in the one page for yourconvenience!

via this update comes an updated to settings web page that can let you manage what details you desire to share (if any). the default is nothing to share out (except for group).favor I created on the settings page - carry out not feel anyduty to fill it up! being anonymous on the comfort spot is totally acceptable!however - If you execute want to share and offer others a opportunity to recognize you a little better - this is your means to do so.

I hope this upday will certainly do even more excellent and also aid you acquire linked through various other good souls out tright here in the comfort spot!

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(don’t forobtain to like and reblogthis post, it helps us reach other souls who need the comfort spot)hey folks :)

right here is a quick evaluation about the updays that happened in the previous few days:

messages-comfort link -from now on, if someone is sfinishing you a message from your comment, the message will contain a connect to the comfort post that initiated the conversation. this must assist you store track on the comforts you give and also better understand exactly how to deal with the incoming message.nicknames in chat - due to abusage of many type of anonymous customers tright here is no even more method to use the chat without a nickname. nicknames will certainly prevent potential trolling and also will certainly provide you the power to report poor customers that try to hurt the comfort spot.I fixed a few bugs that I found consisting of empty messperiods that were sent, duplicated comments and so on.The big wave of users from the last week is over, and also we have actually many brand-new souls about. please treat them nicely as you constantly perform and also if you are new to the comfort spot - welcome aboard! you just discovered the finest location in the world

check out you next time!

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(don’t foracquire to like and reblogthis short article, it helps us reach various other souls who need the comfort spot)Hey hey you all :)

I took the last days to polish the comfort spot, solve some bugs and also upgrade your suffer through it.

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I’ve made 2 crucial transforms to the my spot area. You will certainly start seeing articles of your trusted/trusty friends as they come.This implies that my spot now includes all the1. latest ask-for-comforts from your team friends2. trusted friends3. asks that you commented on4. and of course, your own asks for comforts. In various other words, everything that is relevant for your eyes :)If you’re a trusted frifinish of someone, you will additionally alert that the alert for a new pfinishing comment has actually been readjusted and that it is even more clear. It’s not a “new comment” anyeven more, it’s a “pending comment” via a cute oarray question mark icon.and last - it’s a tiny change yet I’m proudof it (and you). The title of the page will no longer tell you about new asks-for-comfort. You will certainly still be ableto watch the variety of new articles in the navigating bar, however not in the why am I so proud of this change? because this title-number was produced at the beginningof the comfort spot, as soon as I meant tright here will certainly be 3 or 4 asks for comfort a day and it’ll be nice to tell the tourists around it.however as you recognize, the comfort spot is obtaining huge each week and also this number has grvery own so a lot that it’s not really relevant anymore with the various other notifications.

So yeah, give thanks to you for taking component of amazingrevolution! I’m really enjoying serving you all!

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one of your comments caught my eye:zanagbcomposed a comment around this post. she (?) said:

“Good and also negative news. The website is renowned. But tright here will be even more world to be aided than human being actually helping. interactions will soon be impossible, damaged souls won’t acquire assist, and those that assist will certainly obtain overwhelmed.”

well, it’s true. we all love the comfort spot for what it is, a tiny location for souls that require help. I periodically call it a boutique :)however as times move, I desire to aid more and even more souls that require it. I have the right to certainly not tell beautiful souls who need aid “go ameans, we want to keep it small!” right?well, you’ll be glad to recognize that I’m thinking around brand-new means to store it tiny *and*substantial at the exact same time. I desire to be able to attach those that require aid through those that desire to help without anybody to feel aside nor spot is just the beginning. if now it’s “just” the area wbelow you deserve to store track of your articles, in the near future, it will certainly display you more appropriate content that suits don’t you worry - I’m constantly here, making certain no one will obtain shed.we are solid, we are an army, and also toghther we will certainly make this world an amazing location to live in :)save on smiling,amitay :)