L>Static ChargeStatic ChargeElizabeth HaleFebruary 22, 2000Brief summary of the Lesson: students will gain an knowledge that staticelectricity consists of an electric charge ~ above the surface ar of an item by predicting andtesting the effects of rubbing two balloons through a wool cloth and plastic and bringing theballoons together.Grade Level and also Course of study Content Standards: 4th GradeStudents will:�Associate friction through objects charged v static electricity (AL 4.34)�Utilize techniques crucial to clinical investigation-Recognize inconsistencies-Demonstrating an essential thinking-Recording observations-Predicting possible results(AL 4.1)�Exhibit habits necessary because that responsible clinical investigation.-Curiosity-Attention to detail-Objectivity(AL 4.2)�Communicate clinical content successfully (AL 4.3)�Construct mental, verbal, or physical depictions of ideas, objects, and also events (AL 4.4). �Recognize the effects of manipulated and controlled factors on the outcomes that events(AL 4.5).Background info for the Teacher: All issue is comprised of tiny particles. Few of these particles lug bits of electricity dubbed electric charges. Electrical chargesare responsible because that all electrical phenomena. Every substance is comprised of tiny particlescalled atoms. Atom are made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons. The attractionbetween protons and also electrons holds corpuscle together. An electrical charge can be eitherpositive or negative. A positive electric charge is dubbed a proton. A an adverse electricalcharge is an electron. A neutron has no charge. An unfavorable charges deserve to move freely fromone thing to another. Protons and also neutrons never move from object to object. Energy that originates from these fee particles is referred to as electrical energy. As soon as the negative charges move to a neutral object, an electric charge builds upon both objects. The an initial object has an overall positive charge, and also the 2nd has anoverall negative charge. When an item gains electrons, it has a excess of electrons andis said to have a an unfavorable charge. When an object loses electrons, it has a shortage ofelectrons, it has a shortage of electrons and is stated to have actually a positive charge. The buildupof electric charges is referred to as static electricity. If an object is charged through static power it has a buildup of electrical charges ~ above itssurface. If objects have a construct up of prefer charges, they will repel. If objects have a buildup of uneven charges, they will certainly attract, or pull toward each other. Fees that construct upthis way don"t stay on the fee object. Sooner or later on the fees will move away. Once static charges move from an item electric discharge is claimed to have actually occurred. Concepts Covered in the Lesson:�Static electricity is the construct up of electric charges on an object.�Like charges repel.�Unlike fees attract.�Objects have positive and an unfavorable particles.�An electron is negatively charged. �A proton is positive charged. �A neutron has actually no charge. �A positively charged thing has much more protons than electrons.�A negative charged object has much more electrons 보다 protons.�A neutral object has actually the same number of protons together electrons.�Electrons or negative charges can flow freely from thing to object.Materials and also Equipment: Balloons (enough for each team of youngsters to have 2),string, structure cloth, plastic wrap, data chart, chalkboard, chalkProcedures: Introduction: ask the students "have you ever before rubbed a balloon in your hair? Whathappened?" hopefully they will certainly respond the it was standing up. Ask, "Do you recognize whatmakes it was standing up? Well, now we space going come learn around static electricity." 1.Have students job-related with a partner. And also give each group all of the products (2balloons, 2 strings, a structure cloth, piece of plastic wrap, and also give each child a datachart). You might want to have actually these currently passed out to conserve time. 2.Give instructions. Phone call the children they space going to follow the data chart (this willtell castle what to rub the balloons with). Tell castle to organize the balloons about 10inches apart come see just how they react to each various other after they have been rubbed witheither the structure or plastic wrap. 3.Let the students start their investigation. Try not to give them to much guidance, letthe data graph be their guide. Let them discover as lot as they have the right to for themselves. Be sure to instruct them to write down their monitorings on your data chart. Allowthem about 20-25 minutes to explore.4.Now carry the students away from your tables come a circle on the floor for acolloquium. This will store them from being distracted by materials. Permit the studentstell friend what lock discovered. Take note on their discoveries on the board. Afterthey have finished informing you what lock discovered, ask lock if lock can pertained to anyconclusions around static electricity.5.Introduce terms as appropriate. Do a creative drama to describe how the balloons withlike and also unlike charges reaction to one another. Have actually the youngsters be the balloons. Havethem one of two people repel or attract. Also you can show how negative electrons canflow freely from thing to object and create either a confident or negative charge in anobject. Permit the guys be electrons and girls it is in protons. Have actually 4 boys and also 4 girl comeup and put 2 of each on a item of poster (each piece of poster stood for anobject). Climate ask what the electrons can do to make among the objects positive. Climate negative.6.Now finish the colloquium by asking questions to evaluate the studentsunderstanding that the concepts. Also do an additional demonstration to watch if they can tellyou why and also event happened. (See Assessment).Assessment: To evaluate the students, i will concern them in the colloquium to watch if theyunderstand the main concepts of static electricity. Ns will be able to assess theirunderstanding by their responses. Also, ns am walk to do a demonstration utilizing a balloonrubbed v wool and also tiny bits the paper. If they understand the ideas they have to beable to tell me how the balloon and also the pieces of paper will reaction to one another. Theyshould likewise be able to tell why balloon attracted the bits that paper. The monitoring sheetsthat the students to fill out during the examination will additionally be offered as a method ofassessment. I will additionally assess through observation.Useful web Resources:Process Skills:�Predict�Interpret data�Inferring�Observation�CommunicatingCritique:I teach my static power lesson today. Ns felt prefer it go pretty smoothly. Ns amin an extension class and also my teacher does not teach science or math, so had no idea whatlevel they were on and also what I might expect indigenous them. Come be honest I to be scared todeath. I felt choose I didn"t understand them and they didn"t really understand me either. The reallyscared me to it is in in regulate of the class and not even know the kids" names. This was first lesson I had taught to 2 of the classes. I taught the class to three classes. By thethird time i taught the lesson, i felt pretty i was sure and resolved all the kinks therefore thatthe great went much more smoothly. My main goal for the lesson to be for the students come havefun while getting an understanding of static electricity. Ns think the for the many partthese purposes were accomplished. The students definitely had fun and also I think that many ofthe students understood the ide of revolution electricity. Some were a little confused.I did not tell the student much about static electricity prior to they started theirinvestigation. I wanted them to discover as lot for themselves as they could. I wasunsure about how lot I have to tell the chidren about static electricity before I began thelesson. The only development I ended up offering was questioning the children a couple of questionsabout revolution electricity. (Ex. Have you ever brushed through your hair v a comb andhad it was standing on end? What resulted in this?) i would introduce the lesson in the same manneragain. I did not offer them a totality lot of instruction, because I want them to find forthemselves. I intended because that the monitoring sheet to serve as your guide. They really hadno idea what to do. Part did not perform their investigation correctly, and thereforewere not obtaining the correct observations. Ns would execute this in different ways next time. Givingthem an ext detailed instructions would not have actually prevented lock from learning forthemselves the concept. If ns were to perform this class again, I would slightly overview themthrough the investigation, yet let them do observations and also record lock on your own. The extension classes are grouped through ability. The first class ns taught the great to to be thelowest capacity level. They essential a totality lot the guidance. The upper level group didvery well through the little directions they were given.The experiment itself went fairly well. Ns had every one of my materials together alreadyand laid the end on the tables. The very first time ns taught the lesson, I had the youngsters blow uptheir own balloons and also tie the string come them. Many of the kids needed aid andit took a while because that me to aid them all. While i was helping part children, rather weregoing ahead and also doing their investigation. This caused everyone to finish at differenttimes. As soon as they were finished lock played through their balloons and also got rather loud. Things gained kind of the end of hand. Following time ns would have the balloons currently blown upand tied, and have lock stored in a rubbish bag so that they can quickly be passed out. Then everyone could start their investigate together. The students extensively enjoyedtesting the materials. They taped their monitorings on a data sheet, which wasdetailed and also complete. The noise level in throughout the investigation was relatively loud. Thisgot come me at first, since you don"t think the a classroom as being a loud place. But thenI realized the they were just discussing their observations. Once they had actually finished theirinvestigation, i asked lock to put their balloons under on the table and also wait patiently. This did not work at all. I ended up just having actually to take up their balloons and also place themin the earlier of the room. Together the youngsters finished, I had them come sit under on the floorin a circle because that the colloquium. The colloquium walk a lot much better than I assumed it would. I asked the team toshare their discoveries. I did no prompt castle in any kind of way. They had tons of points toshare, therefore we had a really an excellent discussion. In one class, one really smart boy uncovered alot or the knew a lot about electricity. He took over most of the colloquium. I shouldhave allow the other kids have an ext of a opportunity to share their discoveries. Ns was just soshocked through what he was saying i think I simply wanted to view what every he knew. Theydiscovered points that i did not intend because that them come discover. One boy said, "It (balloon)sticks to mine shirt." In the colloquium I wanted them to be able to speak out together theywanted come share, however they every were do the efforts to speak at once. So I finished up having actually them raisetheir hands. Next time I would certainly be sure and also begin the colloquium by informing the childrenhow the colloquium would work and give castle examples. It necessary to it is in a tiny morestructured to avoid the chaos. During the very first class, ns did not execute a an imaginative drama. The kids were a tiny confusedabout how negative charges can circulation freely from object to object and cause an item tobecome positively or negative charged. A an innovative drama would more than likely haveclarified your confusion. Throughout the following class, I had actually them perform a an imaginative drama. At an initial Ilet the students try to number out what to do for themselves. They were still a littleconfused for this reason I assisted them. After ~ the drama, they taken the ideas so well. Iwas really pleased through the results and effectiveness the the an innovative drama.Overall the biggest difficulty I think I challenged doing this lesson was classroommanagement. I required to have a means that the kids recognized to acquire their attention. Due to the fact that the room was quite noisy, I had actually to yell to acquire their attention. My voice is soft and Ihad trouble gaining their attention. And also as i said earlier I would have actually all mine materialsready so the the youngsters could start their investigate together and also hopefully finish uparound the same time. This would have actually prevented a most the chaos.By the finish of the lesson, ns felt prefer the students had actually a reasonably completeunderstanding of static electricity. I did an task with them as a team to clarification anymisunderstandings and also to evaluate them. They explained to me what they thought washappening and also why. I was able to correct lock if needed. I believed this to be a veryeffective closure to the lesson. Ns would certainly conduct this lesson in the exact same manneragain through a couple of changes.

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The students had so much fun act this lesson. ~ wewere finished they inquiry me if we could do much more experiments.