Bride that The Water God/ Bride the Habaek has grown popular in the K-Drama neighborhood nowadays. Especially because it’s still ongoing. However, there are numerous things the they have readjusted from the initial manhwa that the very same name. The writers readjusted it so lot that the drama seems an ext like a side-story rather than a continuation or adaptation that the manhwa. That doesn’t median that it’s negative though.

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The original manwha was exit in 2006 and ended in 2014, while the English version is still ongoing. It’s mostly around a girl who gets sacrificed right into the lake together the brand-new bride the the Water God (Habaek) in order because that it to rain in her town after a long time the it gift in a drought. The plot chin is enough to make you go on an emotionally roller coaster and also the variety of plot twisted in this manhwa are too much to count. You autumn in love v each of the main characters while loathing few of the antagonists (there are various other antagonists the you also might love since of their backstory). When this may seem favor the environment is serious, over there are many comical aspects as you go additional into the story.


The drama, ~ above the various other hand, is about the narcissistic Habaek going to earth in bespeak to uncover a rock that is an effective enough because that him to case his throne if finding his servant and soon to be mam (both the exact same person). He constantly had a human serving that from generation come generation, however, the human being who is claimed to serve him at this time doesn’t believe in gods and also think the was just plain insane from the start. The time provided here is in present day Korea (while the manhwa is much more ancient). Another thing that happens in the drama is the fact that his servants were all related while, in the manhwa, the brides are simply girls sacrificed from their towns in stimulate to obtain rain- or due to the fact that some Oracle claims that they’re destined to be his following bride. Also, the drama has an ext comical elements than the manhwa because the story is a little different. The drama was released top top July 3, 2017, and also is currently ongoing.

Even despite both the them are really different in many aspects, they both make you laugh and also cry every second along the way. You autumn in love with each the the characters. I would certainly recommend both if you’re interested in a story with a an excellent plot and characters friend can, in a way, relate to.

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I give the manhwa 4 paws because that its remarkable plot and emotional aspects.