A sitcom about the colourful characters a small, sleepy town in phibìc Carolina, the main emphasis being ~ above the widowed sheriff and his young son.

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Episode 1

Opie"s an initial Love

Mon, Sep 11, 1967 30 mins

Opie looks front to taking mar Alice Carter (Suzanne Cupito) to Arnold"s party. Climate she dumps him in ~ the critical minute to go with a more popular boy. This episode kicked turn off the show"s eighth and final season. Iris: joy Ellison. Arnold: Sheldon Collins. Opie: Ronny Howard.

Episode 2

Howard the Bowler

Mon, Sep 18, 1967 30 mins

Howard subs top top the Mayberry bowling team and also is one framework away indigenous throwing a perfect video game when the lights go out and the match"s conclusion is rescheduled because that the following day. This episode marks the very first appearance of Paul Hartman as Emmett. Hank: norm Alden. George: Bob Becker. Goober: George Lindsey. Opie: Ronny Howard.

Episode 3

A pilgrimage to Mexico

Mon, Sep 25, 1967 30 mins

Aunt bee wins a pilgrimage to Mexico and also takes Clara and also Myrtle through her, but the three have a falling-out during the vacation. Elmo: Vince Barnett. Shopkeeper: Jose Gonzales-Gonzales. Harvey: Anthony Jochim. Clara: expect Summers. Myrtle: Ruth Thom.

Episode 4

Andy"s pilgrimage to Raleigh

Mon, Oct 2, 1967 30 mins

Andy functions poolside through an attractive lady lawyer (Whitney Blake) in Raleigh, and then he lies to Helen about it. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Emmett: Paul Hartman. Goober: George Lindsey.

Episode 5

Opie measures Up in Class

Mon, Oct 9, 1967 30 mins

after ~ Opie befriends a rich boy at summer camp, Andy catches himself make the efforts to admire the boy"s family since of your wealth. Mrs. Hollander: Joyce van Patten. Mr. Hollander: Sandy Kenyon. Billy: Don Wyndham. Breckenridge: Ivan Bonar. Opie: Ronny Howard. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.

Episode 6

Howard"s key Event

Mon, Oct 16, 1967 30 mins

Howard drops for Millie (Arlene Golonka), the new woman in ~ the bakery, however her old friend (Allan Melvin) threatens to beat the up. Harry: Wayne Heffley. Howard: Jack Dodson. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Goober: George Lindsey.

Episode 7

Aunt bee the Juror

Mon, Oct 23, 1967 30 mins

Aunt punishment serves ~ above a jury and also is the only juror persuaded that an accused housebreaker (Jack Nicholson) is innocent. This episode significant Nicholson"s 2nd guest figure on the display that year. Two years later, the future Oscar winner starred in "Easy Rider." Keyes: Jim Begg. Referee Cranston: Rhys Williams. Gilbert: Henry Beckman. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.

Episode 8

The ice cream Recorder

Mon, Oct 30, 1967 30 mins

Opie and also Arnold hide a ice recorder in one of the cells and tape a financial institution robber confiding in his lawyer about where he hid the money. However when the guys tell Andy, he refuses come listen due to the fact that it"s against the law. Eddie: Herbie Faye. Myles: Jerome Guardino. Arnold: Sheldon Collins. Opie: Ronny Howard.

Episode 9

Opie"s Group

Mon, Nov 6, 1967 30 mins

Opie join a regional rock band as a guitarist, but prior to long his qualities are suffering. Clara: expect Summers. Clifford: Jim Kidwell. Arnold: Sheldon Collins. Wilson: Joe Leitch. Jesse: Gary Chase. Phoebe: Kay Ann Kemper. Opie: Ronny Howard.

Episode 10

Aunt Bee and the Lecturer

Mon, Nov 13, 1967 30 mins

A visiting lecturer (Edward Andrews) becomes smitten with Aunt Bee and asks she to get married him. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Opie: Ronny Howard. Clara: hope Summers.

Episode 11

Andy"s Investment

Mon, Nov 20, 1967 30 mins

It"s to wash "n" dry vs. Legislation "n" order as soon as Andy opens up a laundromat to knife extra money for Opie"s college eduation, but finds the business monopolizing his time. Rogers: Ken Lynch. Miller: Roy Jenson. Mrs. Larch: Maudie Prickett. Mrs. LeGrande: Jesslyn Fax. Mr. Giddings: Richard Collier. Porter: Ceil Cabot.

Episode 12

Howard and Millie

Mon, Nov 27, 1967 30 mins

Howard and also Millie (Arlene Golonka) get engaged and travel to her West Virginia residence town for the wedding, however they argue most of the method and have second thoughts about getting married. Mrs. Hutchins: Elizabeth Harrower. Mr. Hutchins: Steve Pendleton. Uncle Phil: Robert B. Williams. Aunt Hannah: Ida Mae McKenzie. Howard: Jack Dodson.

Episode 13

Aunt Bee"s Cousin

Mon, Dec 4, 1967 30 mins

Aunt Bee"s supposedly well-to-do cousin (Jack Albertson) arrives, however Andy learns that he"s in reality a hobo the end to take Bee"s money. Ella: Ann Morgan Guilbert. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Clara: hope Summers.

Episode 14

Suppose Andy it s okay Sick

Mon, Dec 11, 1967 30 mins

Goober is made a deputy once Andy comes down through the flu and also is bedridden for several days. But it"s Mayberry the really suffers, because of Goober"s ticket-happy ways. Elmo: Vince Barnett. Doc Roberts: Charles Thompson. Harvey: Anthony Jochim. Alvin: Hollis Morrison. Goober: George Lindsey.

Episode 15

Howard"s new Life

Mon, Dec 18, 1967 30 mins

Howard leaves Mayberry because that a Caribbean paradise, yet he quickly realizes that a life that beachcombing is not for him. Proprietor: take care of Dean Stanton. Grover: Don Keefer. Wes: Sam Greene. Sebastian: note Brown. Howard: Jack Dodson.

Episode 16

Goober the Executive

Mon, Dec 25, 1967 30 mins

Goober buys Wally"s gas station, however then starts worrying around all the the troubles that come with ownership. George: Bo Hopkins. Cyrus: George Cisar. Fred: David Ketchum. Harry: James McCallion. Goober: George Lindsey.

Episode 17

The Mayberry Chef

Mon, january 1, 1968 30 mins

Aunt bee becomes the hostess the a local TV cooking show and discovers that it problems with her family members life. The illustration was composed by James L. Brooks two-and-a-half years prior to he created Mary Tyler Moore"s hit sitcom. Brooks also went on to win 2 Oscars for writing and directing the movie "Terms of Endearment." This is the very first of 2 episodes he created for this series. Phillips: Don Keefer. Opie: Ronny Howard.

Episode 18

Emmett"s Brother-in-Law

Mon, january 8, 1968 30 mins

Emmett"s wife and overbearing brother-in-law (Dub Taylor) conspire to rotate Mayberry"s fix-it man into an insurance salesman. James L. Brooks ("Mary Tyler Moore"; "Taxi"; "Terms of Endearment"; "Broadcast News"; "As great As it Gets") created the episode. This is the second of two in a heat he created for the series. Martha: mar Lansing. Emmett: Paul Hartman. Howard: Jack Dodson. Goober: George Lindsey.

Episode 19

Opie"s drugstore Job

Mon, jan 15, 1968 30 mins

Opie it s okay a project at the drugstore to earn money because that a brand-new guitar, however then he breaks an expensive party of perfume while the owner is away. Crawford: Robert F. Simon. Mrs. Briggs: Diane Deininger. Arnold: Sheldon Collins. Opie: Ronny Howard.

Episode 20

The Church Benefactors

Mon, jan 22, 1968 30 mins

The church committee need to decide even if it is to invest a $500 bequest on brand-new choir robes or on structural repairs. Rev. Tucker: wilhelm Keene. Elmo: Vince Barnett. Martha: mary Lansing. Clara: expect Summers. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.

Episode 21

Barney master a Summit Meeting

Mon, january 29, 1968 30 mins

Barney (Don Knotts) return to Mayberry to arrange accommodations for a summit meeting in between U.S. And Russian diplomats, but he can"t find a an ideal house. This to be Knotts" critical appearance ~ above the series. Dewhurst: Richard X. Slattery. Vasilievich: Ben Astar. Ruskin: Alan Oppenheimer. Clifford: Michael Higgins. McCabe: Paul Fix.

Episode 22

Goober Goes come an Auto Show

Mon, Feb 5, 1968 30 mins

Goober feels favor a failure when he runs into a successful former classmate (Noam Pitlik) in ~ an auto present in Raleigh, for this reason Goober boasts the he"s actually rather wealthy, too. Salesman: Jack Good. Manicurist: Patty Regan. Goober: George Lindsey.

Episode 23

Aunt Bee"s large Moment

Mon, Feb 12, 1968 30 mins

Aunt bee believes she needs much more excitement in she life---so, come Andy"s dismay, she decides to take flying lessons. MacDonald: man McLiam. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Opie: Ronny Howard. Goober: George Lindsey.

Episode 24

Helen"s Past

Mon, Feb 19, 1968 30 mins

Andy learns that Helen was once arrested in Kansas City ~ above a felony charge, and also when the word gets out she is brought before the institution board come explain. Mrs. Pendleton: Ruth McDevitt. Lockridge: Peter Hobbs. Miss Blanchard: Connie Sawyer. Mrs. Crane: Monty Margetts. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier.

Episode 25

Emmett"s Anniversary

Mon, Feb 26, 1968 30 mins

Emmett wants to buy wife Martha a mink coat for their anniversary, but when the consults v a lady friend around buying one, Martha sees him and also thinks he"s having an affair. Flora: Alberta Nelson. Martha: mary Lansing. Mrs. Pendleton: Ruth McDevitt. Bernie: Ronnie Schell. Emmett: Paul Hartman.

Episode 26

The Wedding

Mon, Mar 4, 1968 30 mins

Howard transforms the old homestead right into a swinging bachelor pad after ~ his domineering mom gets married and moves away. Teri Garr appears briefly as a client at the filling station. Mrs. Sprague: Mabel Albertson. George: Iggie Wolfington. Howard: Jack Dodson. Helen: Aneta Corsaut. Emmett: Paul Hartman.

Episode 27

Sam for city Council

Mon, Mar 11, 1968 30 mins

Sam Jones (Ken Berry) and Emmett complete for a vacant seat on the city council, and Emmett it s okay upset once Andy, Howard and also Goober all assistance Sam instead of him. This to be Berry"s very first appearance together Sam. 3 episodes later, Griffith"s collection ended and also Berry took over together Mayberry"s main man in "Mayberry RFD." Lou: Gil Lamb. Harry: Don Sturdy. Emmett: Paul Hartman.

Episode 28

Opie and also Mike

Mon, Mar 18, 1968 30 mins

Opie rescues Mike (Buddy Foster) from a bully and also the two of them start spending a the majority of time together, till a new girl moves right into town, which puts a strain on your relationship. Foster is the brothers of Oscar winner Jodie Foster. Heather: Diane Quinn. Edgar: Russell Shulman. Claudia: Kellie Flanagan. Sam: Ken Berry. Opie: Ronny Howard.

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Episode 29

A Girl because that Goober

Mon, Mar 25, 1968 30 mins

Goober do the efforts a computer system dating service and his inept replies top top the kind lead come his being mismatched through a quite psychologist (Nancy Malone). Doris: Maggie Peterson. Franklin: Tod Andrews. Goober: George Lindsey. Sam: Ken Berry.

Episode 30

Mayberry RFD

Mon, Apr 1, 1968 30 mins

Sam invites an Italian girlfriend to occupational for the on the farm, but the male shows up v his whole family. Griffith ended his long-running series with this eighth-season finale, which aired ~ above April 1, 1968. It was the show"s 249th episode and served together the pilot because that "Mayberry R.F.D.," starring Ken Berry.