The 20th century grasp of the fresco technique who produced the work-related Mixtec society is ______.

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Diego Rivera

What is colors in paint?

a powered color

______ is an example of a nonaquenous medium?

A oil paint

The painting an approach used in the an initial century in Egypt , Greece, and Rome that involves the usage of wax is _____.


In buon fresco, or true fresco, pigment is combined with water and applied to wet ____.


After building a canvas and before paint it, a artist generally applies a coat of _____.


In fresco painting, a drawing called a _____ is transferred to the all set surface former to using the pigment.


Watercolor’s primary features is that _____.


Two old painting media that space still in usage today space _____ and also ____.

encaustic, fresco

In oil painting, linseed oil acts together a _____.


The an initial acclaimed artist come understand and also exploit oil paint was _____.

Jan valve Eyck

One the the advantages of oil paint is that it dries an extremely slowly. This permits for:

a subtle blending the colors, the painting to be reworked indefinitely, the applications of great of repaint on height of one another, and also an virtually infinite selection of consistencies

______ is watercolor that has actually been made opaque by adding inert white pigment come it.


Pope Julius II employed which two Italian Renaissance artists to repaint frenscoes for him?

Michealangelo, Raphael

A nonaqueous repaint is one that ____ in something other than water.

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Technically, tempera is repaint in i beg your pardon the automobile is in an _____.


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