Getting from Jerusalem come Amman, or the reverse, is reasonably simple, however travel in between the capitals of Israel and also Jordan does call for a little bit of front planning i beg your pardon can conveniently be achieved.The necessary thing to take into consideration when traveling from Jerusalem to Amman is the you space crossing international borders. Therefore, girlfriend should very closely read this information to be sure that the option which you have actually selected is appropriate. Usually speaking there space fourways to travel from Jerusalem come Amman. You can use publicly transport,a shuttle, exclusive transfer, or a flight.

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Traveling indigenous Jerusalem come Amman


For those looking come visit Amman, the is expense effective to think about a tourism of the city. Whilst there are no consistent tours indigenous Jerusalem to Amman, a private tour have the right to be equally cost effective and provide flexibility and also simplicity. We imply contacting Petra native Israel and also requesting a exclusive tour. This will take you from Jerusalem come Amman, and also any various other sites you wish to check out in Jordan.

Another well-known option is to take a tourism from Jerusalem to Petra, and also request a deliver after the tourism in order to end in Amman. This is a expense effective method to visit the superior sites the Jordan and enables you to have actually a hassle-free ending in Amman. Any of our tours to Jordan have the right to be customized to end in this way. One day, 2 day, or 3 day tours v guaranteed departures are accessible throughout the year indigenous Jerusalem.

Taking a tourism to overcome from Israel to Jordan additionally ensures that all visa arrangements are taken treatment of and also makes the process hassle-free. Another included bonus is that if you are in a tourism group, the expense of the Jordanian visa is waived. Only border crossing fees of around $45 space payable, through no $65 visa fee.

From Amman come Jerusalem a consistent tour operation throughout the week because that a at some point visit. See the Jerusalem tourism from Amman for much more details.

Public deliver from Jerusalem come Amman

If you have actually a pre-arranged visa and also can cross via the Allenby Bridge, over there are mutual taxis indigenous Jerusalem’s main Bus terminal to the border. Indigenous the border take it a taxi to Amman.

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If you perform not have a pre-arranged visa, you need to go come the Sheikh Hussain Border close to Beit Shean. Over there is no straight transportation come the border. Girlfriend will should take Egged bus 961 or 966 to the city that Beit Shean. From there to the border, you’ll take a taxi. Indigenous the Jordanian next of the border, a taxi would certainly be the means to Amman.