Scoop Deck blogger Lance M. Bacon just completed a 24-hour embark aboard the transport Harry S Truman. This is the play-by-play.

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“Taps! Taps! lights out! all hands return to their racks and also maintain silence around the decks. Taps.”

Scoop Deck makes one an ext trip come Pri paris to see just how the evening’s quals are going. For this reason far, so good. Tonight, the pilots will certainly wrap up 2 days of carrier landings. Tomorrow, lock will transition into cyclic trip operations, which room mission oriented.

We’re around 50 miles eastern southeast of the external Banks. As such, the fighters will certainly take advantage of the target varieties at naval Corps Air station Cherry Point, N.C. They will conduct some battle runs and also close-air support. “That’s important because that’s a most what’s going on in Afghanistan,” stated Capt. Joe Clarkson, Truman’s skipper.


Scoop Deck has retired to the “St. Louis” stateroom to get a little work done. Simply a couple of feet over me is the jet blast deflector the Catapult 1. The rack rumbles as one Hornet ~ the following throttles to complete power. Suddenly, the catapult accelerates the aircraft from 0 come 185 mph in under 2 seconds. Every launch concludes through a jarring thud together the shuttle’s spear-tipped piston plunges right into a water brake at the end of is that is 300-foot shot, and the jet launches turn off the bow the the ship. Moments later, the next contestant bring away position.

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This is reserved to proceed well past 0100 – and also Scoop Deck couldn’t be happier.

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