1.The ____ phase of the SDLC consists of four main activities: demands modeling, data and process modeling, thing modeling, and also consideration of development strategies.

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a.systems planningc.systems design

b.systems analysisd.systems implementation

2.One of the main activities in the systems evaluation phase is ____ modeling, which involves fact-finding to explain the present system and identification demands for the brand-new system.



3.____ permit a solution analyst to determine a problem, advice the crucial elements, and develop a useful solution.

a.Analytical skillsc.Interpersonal skills

b.Artistic skillsd.Confrontational skills

4.Greater user involvement in the device development process usually results in ____.

a.poorer communicationc.slower advancement times

b.more solve usersd.lower quality deliverable

5.____ are specifically important to a equipment analyst who have to work with human being at all business levels, balance conflicting requirements of users, and communicate effectively.

a.Analytical skillsc.Interpersonal skills

b.Artistic skillsd.Confrontational skills

6.RAD relies heavily on ____.

a.prototypingc.agile methods

b.management directiond.Scrum

7.The primary advantage of RAD is the ____.

a.systems have the right to be developed an ext quickly with significant cost savings

b.the companys strategic business needs room emphasized and also the mechanics that the system are not stressed

c.the decelerated time bicycle allows an ext time to construct quality, consistency, and also design standards

d.systems space developed much more slowly with fewer bugs

8.In a(n) ____, team members prepare come lunge in ~ each various other to accomplish their objectives.



9.Using a(n) ____, one analyst can show organization functions and break lock down right into lower-level functions and processes.



10.A(n) ____ is a top-down depiction of a role or a process.



11.The ____ is a commonly used an approach of visualizing and documenting software program systems design.



12.A ____ is a UML an approach that visually to represent the interaction in between users and an details system.

a.TCOc.use case diagram

b.data schematicd.user-based flowchart

13.In a use case diagram, the user becomes a(n) ____, with a specific role that defines how the or she interacts v a system.



14.A(n) ____ diagram mirrors the time of interactions in between objects as they occur.



15.Which the the complying with is a general category of mechanism requirements?

a.daily reportsc.response time

b.inputsd.login security

16.____ is a typical example that a system requirement because that the output category.

a.Manufacturing employees should swipe their ID cards right into data arsenal terminals that document labor costs

b.The contact management device must generate a day-to-day reminder list for all sales reps

c.The student records mechanism must permit record access by one of two people the student name or the student number

d.The device must support 25 individuals simultaneously

17.____ is a common example of a system requirement for the intake category.

a.As a last step in year-end processing, the payroll system must update employee salaries, bonuses, and benefits

b.Response time must not exceed four seconds

c.The system must administer log-on security at the operating device level and also at the application level

d.Student grades must be gotten in on machine-scannable creates prepared by the instructor

18.____ is a common example that a mechanism requirement because that the procedure category.

a.The net site need to report virtual volume statistics every 4 hours and also hourly during peak periods

b.The device must it is in operated 7 days a week, 365 work a year

c.The devices rental mechanism must no execute new rental transactions for customers who have overdue tapes

d.All transactions must have actually audit trails

19.____ is a common example that a device requirement because that the performance category.

a.The purchasing mechanism must carry out suppliers v up-to-date specifications

b.Each input kind must incorporate date, time, product code, client number, and quantity

c.The manager the the sales department must grant orders that exceed a customers credit limit

d.The student records system must produce class lists within five hours after ~ the finish of registration

20.____ is a typical example that a mechanism requirement because that the regulate category.

a.The customer analysis system must produce a quarterly report the identifies transforms in notified patterns

b.The system must maintain separate levels of defense for users and the system administrator

c.The data entry display screens must be uniform, except for background color, which deserve to be readjusted by the user

d.The warehouse distribution system need to analyze everyday orders and also create a routing pattern for distribution trucks

21.To advice ____, a solution analyst needs information around projected future volume for all outputs, inputs, and also processes.



22.The hatchet ____ refers to a systems capacity to handle increased organization volume and transactions in the future.



23.In enhancement to straight costs, solution developers must recognize and paper indirect prices that add to the ____.



24.Microsoft has emerged a method for measure a systems full costs and also benefits, dubbed ____, which is a structure to assist IT experts analyze and optimize that investments.



25.In a(n) ____ structure, which generally is based upon interpersonal relationships, some civilization have more influence or knowledge than shows up on an company chart.



26.In an interview, ____ encourage spontaneous and unstructured responses.

a.open-ended questionsc.leading questions

b.closed-ended questionsd.range-of-response questions

27.In an interview, ____ limit or limit the response.

a.open-ended questionsc.leading questions

b.closed-ended questionsd.range-of-response questions

28.In one interview, ____ are concerns that ask a human to evaluate something by providing minimal answers to certain responses or on a numeric scale.

a.open-ended questionsc.leading questions

b.closed-ended questionsd.range-of-response questions

29.Supporters that neutral places for interviews think that that ____.

a.makes the interviewee feeling comfortable throughout the meeting

b.gives the interviewee easy access to supporting material that could be needed

c.keeps disruptions to a minimum so human being can concentrate fully

d.gives the interviewee chance to take calls during the interview

30.If one interviewee offers only brief or incomplete responses to open-ended questions, a systems analyst need to do i beg your pardon of the adhering to ____.

a.switch to closed-ended questions

b.give the interviewee easy accessibility to supporting material that could be needed

c.continue utilizing open-ended questions

d.rudely conclude the meeting

31.When studying an info system, instances of actual records should be collected using a procedure called ____.



32.When prepare a representative sample indigenous a list of 200 customers that complained about errors in your statements, a ____ might choose every tenth customer for review.

a.systematic samplec.random sample

b.stratified sampled.comprehensive sample

33.When preparing a representative sample from a perform of 200 customers that complained about errors in their statements, a ____ could ensure the sample is well balanced geographically by choosing five client from each of 4 zip codes.

a.systematic samplec.random sample

b.stratified sampled.comprehensive sample

34.When preparing a representative sample from a perform of 200 customers who complained about errors in your statements, a ____ could select any kind of 20 customers.

a.systematic samplec.random sample

b.stratified sampled.comprehensive sample

35.A usual tool for mirroring the circulation of a questionnaire or sampling results is a upright bar chart called a(n) ____.

a.flowchartc.agile method

b.histogramd.Venn diagram

36.Some ____, such as Microsoft Outlook, incorporate a an individual calendar, a to-do list, and powerful contact management features.



37.A group of information management software program or programs designed because that the big amount of information created by one IT task is called _____.


b.Project data managementd.Personal data management

38.Software such together Microsoft OneNote is a form of ____ software.

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a.PIMc.Project data management

b.Personal data managementd.PDA

39.In jobs where the is preferable to acquire input indigenous a huge number the people, a(n) ____, such together that presented in the accompanying figure, deserve to be a valuable tool.