post OfficeWe are much more than simply a postal center, prevent in and also check out what we need to offer.

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Located insidethe mountain View Clubhouse.Visit the hrs of procedure pagePhone number: 760-200-2236

Methods of payment

Please note: we space unable toaccept debit or credit transaction cards because that payment. Wecan onlyaccept cash, or a checkwith your sunlight City ID.

FedEx, UPS & U.S. Postal Service

We offer UPS, Fed EX and also US Postal Service mailing and also shipping alternatives so you deserve to selectthe organization that finest fits your needs.

Mailing Services

Package autumn Off: We accept pre-paid parcel drop turn off for USPS, FedEx & UPSFedEx & UPS:Express and Ground services easily accessible fordomesticdestinations.

Please note: USPS Express company must be done at your local short article office.

INTERNATIONAL letter CHANGES:Due to U.S. Postal service customs type changes;to accept international packages, you have to go online and also pre-print a customs label and bring it through you in addition to your letter package. There is no this brand you will should go come an actual write-up office come ship your package.Youcanclick herefor a direct connect to create and print her on line custom-mades form.

Pick increase times

Visit the hrs of procedure page for choose up times

Personal Mailboxes

We have actually 3 size of exclusive mailboxes available.These have the right to be rented because that 3, 6 or 12 months.

PMB rental services include:

Incoming mailUSPS, UPS & FedEx parcel acceptanceMail holdMail forwarding (with a small fee for service and also postage)

Other Services


Our Fax number is: 760-200-2219


We market Black & White and also Color copy services, through a huge selection of shade paper, border paper, more heavier weight record options.

Scan come E-Mail, USB &E-Print


Visit the hrs of operation page for walk-in hoursSorry, we cannot do any kind of Notary Services regarding "Real Property".


Lottery tickets & Scratchers

SuperLotto, Mega Millions, power Ball, Fantasy 5,Daily 4, everyday 3, everyday Derby, hot SpotScratchers- 16 various ones to pick from priced from$1 - $30.

Greeting Cards, write-up Cards, & tiny Gifts

We have Greeting Cards, note Cards & short article Cards & a selection of small gifts.

Mailing Supplies

We have USPS FlatRate and also Priority mail boxes and envelopes.

Also us sell...

Various sizesof shippingboxes.Padded & level mailing envelopes, in many different sizes.Decorative mail poly mailers.Bubble wrap.Shipping tape.

For revenue Board

Posting your undesirable items because that sale is quick and also easy.

The cost for a 30 day adis$6.00. If you would prefer to encompass a picture with your advertisement that will certainly be an additional $6.00.

If you need the Postal facility to assist you with producing or printinga snapshot the ad will cost a full of$16.00. There space two methods to do this:

Bring her item right into the Postal center or into the parking area, closest come the Postal Center, andwe deserve to take the photo and print it for you.If you have actually a digital camera, take it the photograph yourself, then lug in your camera chip and also we deserve to copy the photograph off the it because that you, or simply email the photo from your smart phone to the postal supervisor. Speak to or protect against in because that details.

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Click right here to download theformThe price of thecolor picture service,a descriptive ad, andthe 30 day posting isonly$16.00!Come into the Postal facility for an ext information.

Light Bulbs

For your convenience we haveGarage, Mailbox & address light bulbs for sun City occupants whichcomplywith the combination guidelines.Garage, mailbox & attend to lights are available in regular and LED bulbs, and are forindoor and also outdoor use!