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S. S. Suresh,1,3 Hosam Zaki,1 and also Atif Ali2

S. S. Suresh

1Department that Orthopaedics, Ibri regional Referral Hospital, PO Box 46, Ibri, 516 Sultanate of Oman

3PO Box 396, Ibri, 516 Sultanate of Oman

Hosam Zaki

1Department the Orthopaedics, Ibri regional Referral Hospital, PO Box 46, Ibri, 516 Sultanate of Oman

Atif Ali

2Department of Radiology, Ibri regional Referral Hospital, PO Box 46, Ibri, 516 Sultanate the Oman

1Department the Orthopaedics, Ibri regional Referral Hospital, PO Box 46, Ibri, 516 Sultanate the Oman
2Department that Radiology, Ibri local Referral Hospital, PO Box 46, Ibri, 516 Sultanate of Oman
Corresponding author.

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Radiological alters have been described in de Quervain’s an illness of the wrist. The author analyzed the clinical data of 114 patients that reported come the orthopedic clinic of a regional Referral Hospital because that a period of 4 years <2003 to 2007>. Radiographs the the wrist were available for 39 cases, of i beg your pardon 14 <35.89%> were discovered abnormal. Two patients with abnormal radiographs <14.28%> required surgery whereby as 7 the end of 25 <28%> v normal radiographs were managed surgically. Radial styloid abnormality to be not found statistically far-reaching <p < 0.05>, and also the outcome of monitoring was regardless of whether of the transforms in the radial styloid.


de Quervain’s an illness is tenosynovitis the the abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brewis in the very first dorsal compartment the the wrist <1, 4>. Boosted frictional forces and microtrauma due to household activities in the dominant hand have actually been described as causative components <4>. The disease is characterized by pain centered over the radial styloid i m sorry is of progressive onset and also tenderness end the an initial dorsal compartment. Finkelstein test is believed to it is in diagnostic. Radiological changes in the ulnar styloid have been described by various authors, despite there are reports that regimen radiographs space not compelled <1, 3, 4, 7>. Skeletal alters in the distal radius can variety from osteopenia come skeletal outgrowth bring about bony spikes from the styloid process.

Materials and also Methods

Details that patients treated in a regional Referral Hospital with complaints the pain over the radial styloid to be retrieved native the Hospital details Management mechanism for a duration of 5 years indigenous 2003 it spins 2007. All documents of patients managed with International group of diseases codes M65.4—radial styloid tenosynovitis and also M 65.9 < synovitis and also tenosynovitis, unspecified> were retrospectively analyzed. Patients with history of pain and tenderness and also positive Finkelstein test to be diagnosed to have de Quervain’s disease.

There to be a full of 114 cases, of i m sorry 5 to be males . Period of patient ranged indigenous 24 come 66 . All instances not responding come analgesics and splinting the the wrist were investigated through Postero Anterior and lateral see X-rays.

Radiographs that the wrist were excellent in 39 cases. Radiographs that the wrist to be rated as abnormal in 14 cases <35.89%> (Figs. ​(Figs.1,1, ​,2,2, ​,3,3, ​,4,4, and ​and5;5; Table 1).

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Bony scalloping at the radial styloid process with subtle periosteal bony apposition <white arrow>. Flake that calcification in the tendon sheath <white arrowhead head> and also localized osteopenia also seen in the very same area.