On Monday, together I to be boarding a flight from Baltimore come Atlanta, ns asked the trip attendant was standing by the cockpit door for part water. She handed me a deserve to (yes, a deserve to of water….I guess castle were the end of bottles…), and then the co-pilot, that was additionally greeting passengers as they boarded, looked at me and commanded, “Wait!” I quit while she dug right into one of the small cabinets, pulled the end a straw and handed it come me. “You’ll want to use this,” she said. “You absolutely don’t desire to put your mouth directly on the can.”

That to be the authorize I essential that it was time to compose this Aha! Moment about one that my brand-new favorite books, Stopping the Noise in your Head, through my girlfriend Reid Wilson, Ph.D. This publication is all about recognizing the “noise in her head” and the paradoxical strength of act the the opposite of what it speak you come do. This hold true, through the way, also if the noise (i.e. “that deserve to of water is dirty!”) is validated through a co-pilot of a plane flying me come Atlanta. She may understand a lot about flying, but she doesn’t understand that as someone with a long history of contamination OCD, utilizing is a straw to stop “germs” is exactly what i DON’T need to be doing on this flight

Believe it or not, this “dirty” water can incident was no my initial idea for this blog. My initial idea came straight from the grape max River.

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Noisy content

The day before flying ago to Atlanta, I’d been hanging out with my friend Linda and her household in Washington, DC. They’d suggested that after us visited the Smithsonian national Museum of organic History, us go paddle boarding top top the Potomac. Never having done something like this, ns heartily agreed, together it sounded prefer fun.

Until I saw what we would be doing.

Paddle boarding requires standing top top a long board somewhat broader than a surf board and also navigating with a lengthy paddle v the water. As I watched Linda’s husband strap the tape connecting his ankle come the board, and also then obtain on top of the board on his knees, I stated urgently to Linda, “I don’t think I have the right to do this. I’m a complete klutz. I’m going to fall off.”

Linda an extremely calmly replied, “No, you can. You start off on her knees and then pull yourself up, and then it’s easy. You have the right to do it.”

Unconvinced, yet not sure I could control the various other options, a kayak or a hydro-bike, and also not wanting to it is in left behind ~ above the dock, I determined to gain on.

About five minutes later, through Linda’s guidance, I controlled to was standing shakily on my board. And also then i was paddling follow me while was standing up choose a pro, enjoy it the at an early stage evening top top the water. Score #1 for Reid’s book, wherein he discusses just how your anxiety and also worry, i.e. The noise in your head, will tell you that you can’t perform things. But, together was proven by mine experience, noise is quite much always wrong.

The doom and also gloom the anxiety and also worry guess will occur to girlfriend if you don’t hear to that is what Reid call “content.” content is typically all about uncertainty. Because that instance, us aren’t certain if something awful can happen to us, therefore anxiety and worry speak that us should just avoid the situation. Yet all avoidance does is shrink ours lives, little by bit, until we aren’t obtaining to execute the things we really desire to do.

How many people fall into the drink each day?

After having fun paddling along the river for awhile, I found myself close to the dock again. Linda, about twenty yards away, yelled over to me that she and also I could keep going. So i used my paddle come start turning my board around, thinking to myself that ns was actually doing really well through this totality paddle-boarding thing, when the back of mine board, a lot closer come the dock than I had realized, hit it, and also I went careening right into the water.

When I’d initially obtained on my board previously that afternoon, I’d asked the employee who was help me, “How many people fall right into the drink every day?”

He’d said, “No one so much today.”

I’d replied, “Well, I’m more than likely going come be your first. I’m a finish klutz.”

Forth-five minutes later, i was yelling, “I knew it!!” as I flailed around in the water, trying to keep much more of me from being submerged than was absolutely necessary. Due to the fact that I wasn’t wearing a swimsuit. Linda, she family, and also I were every wearing exercise clothes, and we’d decided prior to leaving her home that us didn’t need to lug a change of clothing with us.

As ns splashed around, among the employees by the dock came over and also gracefully traction me the end of the water, sopping wet up to my waist. At this point, the noise in my head was saying, “SEE! SEE! ns told girlfriend this would certainly happen, yet you simply wouldn’t listen. Currently we look favor idiots and we’re all wet and the work is ruined!!!”

Recognizing the noise in mine head because that what it to be (and the fact that I’d been listening to it when I yelled “I knew it!!” together I fell…), i laughed at just how wet ns was, climbed earlier on the board, and also said come Linda, “Let’s keep going. That means my workout pants will begin to dry!”

So Linda and I paddled down in the direction of the Kennedy Center, happy watching a north line and also some dancers that were performing on the river’s edge and enjoying the remainder of ours time on the water.

Score #2 for Reid’s book: You deserve to handle much more than girlfriend think friend can. Content is no only about the hesitation of whether or not something negative will happen, but it’s also about the apprehension of whether or not we can handle the if the poor thing does happen. In this case, the noise had actually said, “What if you loss in?” because it knew about my klutziness, and it can get my attention through this question. Yet I walk ahead v paddle boarding anyway, recognizing that I might or might not loss in, yet I might handle the uncertainty. In fact, I want to embrace the uncertainty because it allowed me to execute something fun through my friends.

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And it turns out ns was managing being sopping wet just fine, too, and in fact, ns was yes, really enjoying myself. Had actually I avoided this task because the the noise, ns would have actually missed all the fun with Linda, among my dearest friends.