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Fallout 76 has plenty of crazy pursuits that yield distinctive weaponry. This overview covers "Flavors of Mayhem," a wild romp with increased that ends with the salvation of the black Diamond Ski Sword. Follow this walkthrough, and you should be able to make it come the end.

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If you"ve made it this far you"ve currently been introduced to Rose and also her location referred to as Top that the World. To begin "Flavors that Mayhem," walk to the 2nd floor and use the workbench marked on her map to modify Rose"s Syringer v the items offered to you. Perform it as shortly as possible, since the make supplies deserve to perish.

Shoot a Yao Guai through a Karma Syringe

Once everything"s prepared, the following step is to find a Yao Guai and also shoot it through the Karma Barrel you just made. To do that, monitor the map to the significant location displayed here. If possible, friend can likewise Fast take trip to Seneca Rocks visitor Center and go north from there.


YouTubeOnce you discover the beast, the struggle is somewhat easy. After you shoot it with the syringe it will certainly go aggro. When this happens, simply circle approximately some surrounding trees because that cover. Eventually it will tire, and also that"s as soon as you walk in with the strongest gun you"ve got. Rinse and repeat it spins the adversary falls.


The Yao Guai may go aggro because that a sec, however shoot it once it slow down.Bethesda Softworks/Digi does Gaming

Craft Explosive Bait at any Tinker"s Workbench

The next step is to craft Explosive Bait. The map points you in the direction the the supplies and also the bench you should craft them. At the bench, navigate to the "Mines" category and select Explosive Bait. Usage it on any type of enemy in the marked area by place the meat and watching a carnivore grab it. A the majority of times the search will proceed even if the bait doesn"t in reality explode.



Approach a Deathclaw and also "Make Friends"

To make things also weirder, you should now "approach a Deathclaw and also "make friends."" the essentially method approaching one (ideally once it"s not looking) and also pressing a switch to connect with it. As soon as done, you"ll have the option to death or flee. The choice doesn"t matter here. If the sees you, your finest defense is making use of trees and ridges to create distance in between you and your assailant.

Steal indigenous a supervisor Mutant Camp

Next you should steal a Missile Launcher indigenous a marked Super Mutant camp. Simply follow the marker and get the item. The camp itself is pretty lightly defended, so you should be OK even if it is you"re hiding behind rocks and also sniping or adopting a melee approach. These Mutants are more or much less the very same ones you"ve been dealing with throughout her time v the game. Just remember to loot the Mutants and also the camp itself when you get inside the significant structure.



You can kill a Feral Ghoul right right here or at any type of other ar on the map.Bethesda Softworks/Digi walk Gaming
YouTubeMissile Launcher in hand, head to the Savage division via fast travel native the Whitespring will or ~ above foot. Death a couple Feral Ghouls in the marked circle, or elsewhere for that matter, and also the black Diamond Ski sword is yours. Walk see increased in the optimal of the people to gain it.

Finish the "Flavors that Mayhem" quest to gain the black Diamond Ski Sword.Bethesda Softworks/Digi go Gaming
YouTubeThat"s all you must know about the "Flavors the Mayhem" search in Fallout 76. Be certain to inspect out our basic survival and also character develop guides because that even much more helpful tips.

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Fallout 76 is available now ~ above Xbox One, PS4 and also PC.

Were girlfriend able to acquire the Ski Sword and steal native a super Mutant camp? Tell united state in the comment section!