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Bust - pave the tape around your chest in ~ the armpits, over the fullest part of her chest and shoulder blades.

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Waist - wrap the tape roughly the natural waist, the smallest part, i beg your pardon is around an inch over the ship button. Store one finger in between the tape and your body.

Hips - wrap the tape roughly the widest part of her hips throughout the hip bone.
Thigh - Measurement roughly the widest component of your thigh.

5Shoulder width
Shoulder width - measurement from her left shoulder come your best shoulder ~ above the back.
Bicep - Measurement approximately the widest part of your upper arm.
7Arm length
Arm length - measure up from her shoulder to her wrist.
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Princess weilding magic, that’s many girls dream!This full set Princess Star Butterfly costumes will certainly realise your dream without also saying the spell.
All accessories go v the dress.Includes: hairband, dress, strip leggings and star bag.
Does not include wig.


Girls Princess Star Butterfly Cosplay Costume green Dress consisting of Hair Accessory,Star Bag and Shoe Covers


Color Anime lengthy Straight 80CM Cosplay Wig


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Girls Princess Star Butterfly Cosplay Costume green Dress including Hair Accessory,Star Bag and Shoe Covers


Princess Star Butterfly Cosplay Wig


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Product Number svsf-c-1
Included Items hairband, dress, strip leggings, and star bag
Return Eligible yes
Available Internationally yes

Product Review


By Camu Valoy

Dec 04 2017

Tiene detalles que car dejan mucho que desear, los cuernitos boy enormes (yo los achique) lamentablemente los detalles de las botas y el bolso estan pegados con un pegamento de mala calidad, lo que me llevo a perder 3 ojos de ras botas y uno del bolso (la cadena se rompio al ser demasiado finita)Las medias por la parte de arriba boy super flojas y se caen todo el ratoFuera de eso el traje es precioso y la tela de muy buena calidad

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