Saint Lucian Diplomatic mission in the unified States.

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~ above this web page you will find info on specific details such as consulate contact information, net presence, consular office hours and directions come the consulate. The consulate in brand-new York is not the just diplomatic depiction of Saint Lucia in the unified States. ~ above this web page you can likewise find all other Saint Lucian consulates located in the joined States.


Saint Lucian Consulate basic in new York, United claims - 800 2nd Avenue, nine Fl. - brand-new York, NY 10017 - united States


(+1) (212) 697-9360

(+1) (212) 697-4993





Mr Julian du Bois - Consul General

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 09.30-16.00

Consulate Appointment

For an appointment at the Saint Lucian consulate in the united States, please check in first instance the consulate website saintluciaconsulateny.org.

In the instance that you space not able to arrange an appointment with the website friend can call the consulate in brand-new York by telephone (+1) (212) 697-9360 or email sluconsulateny

Visa and Passports

The consulate the Saint Lucia in new York can inform you around the scope of services they offer.

Always contact the Saint Lucian consulate before a visit because not every consulate in the unified States uses visa and/or passport services.

Travel Insurance because that the unified States

A valid travel insurance is very important as soon as you visit the united States. Check for details ~ above our take trip page

Opening Hours

Please note: Consulate opened hours deserve to vary. Always contact the Consulate before a visit.

Saint Lucian Consulates in the united States

The Saint Lucian Consulate in new York is not the just Saint Lucian consular office in the region. For her convenience us also listed below all various other consulates the Saint Lucia situated in the united States. A Saint Lucian consulate deserve to be uncovered in the city of: Miami and new York

Keep in mind the a consulate have the right to have much more or less or various consular services.

Search her Hotel close to the Saint Lucian Consulate in new York

When you need to find a place to remain close come the Saint Lucian consulate we carry out a comfortable hotel find box for accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse in brand-new York, the unified States.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Consulate of Saint Lucia in new York could have changed its services due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Contact the consulate prior to visiting.

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