In 2011, Squier included to their retro-styled Vintage Modified collection with the Vintage modified Jaguar Bass special SS. The version riffs on the Fender Jaguar yet pares things down top top the controls and also the scale. Squier explains the 30-inch range bass together “short and sweet v a large sound”.

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Its overall style is based upon the Fender Jaguar etc from the ’60s. The Vintage modification Jaguar base SS has actually passive electronics and also therefore no set of switches or bass and also treble controls because that which Jags room known. Instead, that P/J configuration is managed with separate volume knobs for single-coil and split-coil pickups and a grasp tone knob.

Other features incorporate a four-saddle bridge, black color pickguard, and a selection of finish color: Black, candy Apple Red, or Silver.

For more information, examine out Fender’s website.

Squier Vintage modified Jaguar Bass special SS Specs:

Neck Profile:“C”-Shape
Frets:20 tool Jumbo
Pickups:Squier P/J
Nut:Synthetic Bone

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