The complete list of trophies/achievements for southern Park: The broken But totality has leaked online, permitting fans to take it a look in ~ what the game"s unlockables have in store.

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With only two weeks continuing to be until the release of South Park: The fractured But Whole, fans are currently preparing themselves for the next installment in the adventures the the "New Kid". The superhero-themed story has already gone gold, and also now a brand-new leak has revealed the full list that trophies/achievements the players wil be able to earn in game.

The unlockables save on computer a few far-reaching spoilers in the descriptions, therefore those who space aiming to be surprised by whatever that South Park: The fractured But whole has come offer must look no further.

Notable success include obtaining every the collectables that will be comes in the type of Yaoi or "Boy Love" arts pieces. Developing a dark-skinned character in-game will also allow players come unlock "The Token Experience" and also the title will make the gameplay more complicated in a satirical reflection on race.

football player will likewise be able to "master" toilets in-game and there are number of trophies devoted to the mastery of South Park"s abundance of porcelain. Picking a fight through Morgan Freeman will additionally lead to the unlocking that the "Farts over Freckles" success as a reference to the game"s combat being heavily influenced by flatulence.

The complete list that trophies have the right to be uncovered below:

More powerful Than girlfriend Think

finish all trophies in southern Park™: The broken But Whole™

Crappin" Forte

usage every easily accessible toilet in southern Park and attain the greatest mastery level because that each

Boy Love Aficionado

uncover all Yaoi art piece

An end to Racism

stop racism in southern Park

Orgy that Power

use all Allies" Ultimate strength once throughout the game, except the Coon"s

Stop, Drop and Roll

win a combat by making use of TimeFart stop to kill all remaining enemies at once prior to time resumes

The Token Experience

create a black color character and also complete the video game on Mastermind an obstacle

Fully Bloated

Unlock every combat TimeFarts


discover 10 costume pieces


craft 10 distinct recipes

Death Dodger

keep an Ally alive for an entire combat while they take double their max wellness in damage

Deep seated Power

Obtain and also equip artifacts to with 600 can

Class Warfare

Equip strength from 2 different classes

Farts end Freckles

pick a fight v Morgan Freeman and also defeat that

Toxic Environment

loot 100 Biohazard item

Pasta of Prophets

craft a macaroni picture for Moses

Corporate Wolf

reach the highest economic value on her Character paper


end up being mutual followers v 10 civilization in south Park

Divine Wind

properly Fartkour come the Lofts in ~ SoDoSoPa rooftop and earlier down again

Last kid Standing

win while 3 Allies are downed in ~ the end of combat


reach the highest possible rank top top 1 title in her Character sheet

Cosplay Curious

wear costume pieces from 3 various sets at when

Chaos Controlled

foil the plan of Professor Chaos

Call in a Favor

use a Summon

Invasive Tumor Removal

defeat Mutant Cousin Kyle

Master Classed

Equip powers from 4 various classes

Epic Artificer

handmade an Artifact with a could value the 75 or an ext

Glitch that Death

usage TimeFart Glitch to cause a status-effected adversary to lose their turn and also die at turn"s end

Through the Bowels the Time

endure the farts that future past

Diabetes Defender

defend a helpless son from a drunk insane

Big Knocker

kill an adversary by knocking an additional enemy right into them

Character paper Elite

reach the highest rank on 5 titles in your Character sheet

Master Manipulator

confuse or charm an enemy into defeating another enemy

Friend Finder

Acquire and unlock every Summons

Potty Trained

use a toilet and achieve the highest possible mastery level

Pick you yourself up by her Bootstraps

collection all prey in the Homeless Camp at SoDoSoPa

with so small time staying until the relax of The broken But Whole, players don"t have long to decision which side of the battle they wish to it is in on. Thankfully, the two factions each have a trailer specialized to reflecting South Park fans why castle should join either Coon & friend or The freedom Pals.

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South Park: The broken But whole releases October 17, 2017 for PC, game stations 4, and Xbox One.