South Park: The fractured But entirety is absolutely full of collectibles that take all sorts of develops - and also one that the significant collectible items scattered transparent this virutal, rudely papercraft variation of Colorado is... Well, er, cats. Southern Park series staple big Gay Al has lost every one of his cats, and also if you uncover them there's a bit of acknowledgment in it because that you - and also it'll also tick the side quest Scavenger Hunt: large Gay Al's large Gay Cats off your search log.

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As a reward, this search will network you the Feline Costume collection and the Snowcat Costume collection gear - right for your recurring quest. You'll have to find the cat first, however.


South Park: The broken But entirety Cat places Guide

Below we list every the cat loactions - however keep in mind the you'll need the pause Timefart to also tackle this quest, and it won't in reality unlock until you have it. If friend can't discover a cat in the area we indicate or if you spook the away, use the Timefart Rewind skill to carry the cat ago to where it's claimed to be, then try to record it again.

Big gay Al's Cats: whereby to find big Gay Blossom

In order come find large Gay blossom you'll need to head to the ruins of SoDoSoPa, the ill-fated southern Park devleopment project. It's an absolute wreck now. There space a few steps to find this cat:

First, girlfriend must have completed the mission The Hundred hand of Chaos in the main story. This allows you clean the lava LEGO blocks to acquire to SoDoSoPa in the very first place. When you with the pinwheel through a flashlight hanging close to it, create your Fartkour buddy power in bespeak to rise yourself increase onto the 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor, stand alongside Kyle and also use Fartkour again to an increase to the hanging ladded. Clamber come the peak floor.On the top floor you'll find Blossom for Al, to add a Panther set of gear.

Big happy Al's Cats: wherein to find large Gay Bogie

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For large Gay Bogie you'll want to head come the north-eastern end of town. Once again you'll require to move the man out that the way, blocking him so you have the right to pass. You also have to execute this for some of the memberberries. Here's how to carry out all that...

Use Timefart pause to trap the guy so girlfriend can obtain past him, climate head into the woods in the direction of the Canadian border.On the left that the wooded area where there's a sign pointing to canada you'll find Bogie. Use a Snappop to break the branch he's relaxing on, then usage Timefart stop to get to the cat prior to it flees.

Big gay Al's Cats: whereby to find huge Gay Bono

This cat is an easy one to find - huge Gay Bono hasn't gone far from the key town, and can be discovered easily enough and also with only a rapid one-two ability combination.

Head to south Park's church and also then head right into the woods to the West the the church. Store an eye the end for a broken, half-dead tree.On the half-dead tree, you'll watch a cat ~ above the branch. This is Bono.Just like with Bogie above, you'll desire to first use Snappop to break the branch and then Timefart stop to gain to the please cat prior to it runs away ~ above you.

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Big happy Al's Cats: whereby to find huge Gay Kirby

Big happy Kirby is hanging out near Bebe's house, which likewise happens to be whereby you discover a memberberry. 

Head come Bebe's house - you'll find this one of the cats simply hanging the end up in the tree, prefer the ahead two.The case is the same below - in order to get Kirby you'll desire to usage Snappop to obtain it the end of the tree and then Timefart Pause to capture the cat prior to it runs. So, y'know - do that.

Big happy Al's Cats: where to find huge Gay Loki

Loki might well be scared of heights, together this cat isn't also up in a tree or the like. It's just hanging out on the outside of the closed-up southern Park Mall. If you get too nearby the cat will get spooked and run away, so use Timefart Pause when you're close enough that you have the right to run up and grab it prior to it runs. Simple!