Shortly after beginning South Park: The fractured But Whole, you will have to pick one of 3 character classes. If you will certainly have more character classes girlfriend can select from later on in the game, your very first encounter through classes will only offer 3 to choose from. This short article helps you figure out the finest class in southern Park: The fractured But totality so you can determine i m sorry of these 3 starter great works finest for her play style, as well as which 2nd and third classes to add once you have them available.

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Keep your eyes top top this article as we’ll it is in adding much more information ~ above the various other classes therefore you have the right to determine which personality classes room the best when you at some point gain accessibility to every one of them. We’ll it is in updating this article regularly with new classes for this reason check back often if you don’t see the course you’re trying to find right now. You can also find an ext strategy coverage in ours South Park: The broken But entirety game hub.

Best Classes

At the moment there isn’t a solitary best class in the game, but as lengthy as you don"t mental being right in the middle of the action, the Brutalist is difficult to beat, particularly once you include a Cyborg or Elementalist an additional class to yes, really buff increase their defense abilities. As the Brutalist you deserve to inflict massive quantities of damage, however you need to be close for most of your attacks. If you favor not to be so close to the enemy, you may want to check out the other classes below.

We’ll it is in covering every one of the classes therefore you deserve to determine which one is finest for you and how you want to beat the game. Save in mind, you can change classes through heading earlier to The Coon"s lair and sitting down at the table again. Just make sure Cartman is over there or rather you"ll have to wait for him come return. In addition, many of the friend you get to join your party will cover virtually every course in the game.

Craig, Kyle and Jimmy will certainly be some of the very first friends girlfriend recruit. Craig is a Brutalist, Kyle is a Blaster variant, and also Jimmy is a Speedster. These 3 allies won’t have the exact same abilities together you would certainly if you pick their class, yet they’ll offer the same simple purpose. Whichever beginning class friend select, you can find allies to cover the other two.

Starting Classes

When you very first begin the game you can select from three starter classes. Pick the course that finest suits her combat style. You desire to opt because that the Blaster if you’re right into ranged attacks, Brutalist for heavy damage and close quarters combat, and also Speedster for twin attacks in a solitary turn.


Ranged damages Dealer (DPS)Best 2nd Class: ElementalistBest third Class: GadgeteerBest fourth Class: Plantmancer


The Blaster course is essentially a ranged damage dealer. While girlfriend can strike from near range, it’s generally ideal to position yourself in the ago lines far from the action. Not only are you usually safer in the earlier lines, however you have the right to still food out substantial damage and also even inflict damage over time with some of your attacks. The main downfall the the Blaster is that you deserve to sometimes position yourself in the way of your various other party members, specifically if they must heal an additional member, or if they’re likewise trying to usage ranged attacks.

Triple Burn

Base Stat - BrainsAttack selection - 3 squares in a line directly ahead.Damage - ModerateTrait - Burn

Triple Burn is a good starting strike for the Blaster. The hits for moderate damage and also inflicts Burn, i beg your pardon adds damages over time for the next few turns. Begin off a fight v this attack and also your target will continue to take damages throughout the fight.

Heat Wave

Base Stat - SpunkAttack range - The 3 vertical squares directly in former of her character.Damage - HighTrait - hit Back

Not only can Heat wave hit three adversaries if they"re was standing in a vertical line directly in prior of her character, it additionally adds a knock back effect that deserve to inflict added damage if the opponents hit miscellaneous else. This is likewise one of the Blaster"s many damaging attacks, however it lacks selection to compensate because that the additional damage. Position well and use this strike to move your targets the end of position.

Plasma Beam

Base Stat - BrainsAttack variety - All six squares in a horitzonal line straight in front of her character.Damage - ModerateTrait - None

While the Plasma Beam is the Blaster"s lowest damage attack, it has actually the longest selection and deserve to hit as much as six opponents if they take place to be lined up directly in former of your character. When it"s rare to fight every adversary with this attack, as result of its vast selection you have the right to usually fight at least two or three opponents if you place well.

Backfire Blast (Ultimate)

Base Stat - BrainsAttack variety - up to three squares ahead of her character.Damage - HighTraits - Burn, gun Out

The Blaster"s ultimate capacity inflicts heavy damage in a large area in front of her character. In addition, that adds both a Burning and Gross Out damage over time effect. While usually an ultimate assault will finish off continuing to be enemies, if this doesn"t finish a fight, the extr damage over time should take down anyone that survives in one more turn or two.


Hard-Hitting Damager Dealer (DPS)Minimal RangeBest second Class: CyborgBest 3rd Class: Assassin or GadgeteerBest fourth Class: Martial Artist


The Brutalist is a damage dealer choose the Blaster, however they absence the range. They hit really hard, more difficult than any type of of the other starting classes, yet they have minimal range on most of your attacks. They have the right to inflict a damages over time impact like the Blaster, yet positioning is key when playing as the Brutalist. Every one of their strikes have a knock back effect, which have the right to you provided to reposition one enemy and also inflict damages on multiple adversaries at once. The Brutalist have the right to take under enemies conveniently with their powerful attacks, however they’re usually the first to get hit for your troubles. If you’re good at placing yourself far from adversary attacks, girlfriend shouldn’t have actually much worry playing together a Brutalist.

Brutal Bash

Base Stat - BrawnAttack variety - One square straight in prior of her character.Damage - HighTrait - knock Back

While the Brutal Bash does not have actually a most range, it provides up because that this with high damage and also the ability to knock ago a target. If you knock an foe into one more enemy or object, they have the right to take added damage, and the opponent they struggle will additionally take a little amount the damage.

Wrecking Ball

Base Stat - BrawnAttack variety - increase to four squares away straight in former of her character.Damage - ModerateTrait - hit Back

The Wrecking Ball strike is the longest range attack in the Brutalist"s arsenal. It will certainly hit a solitary enemy the is increase to 4 squares away from your character, and also it will knock the target ago into an additional enemy if they"re positioned behind your target. Because the Brutalist is normally a close range fighter, this attack also moves your character straight in former of your target when the attack is over. You can start the attack from the ago lines and also you"ll finish up in the prior lines.

Gastro Smash

Base Stat - SpunkAttack selection - One square directly in front, behind or come either next of her character.Damage - ModerateTraits - hit Back, gun Out

Not just does the Gastro quit knock back your targets into another enemy (if they"re inside wall up), it likewise adds a gross Out damage over time effect that will store damaging the target for the next few turns. Like most of the Brutalist"s attacks, it doesn"t have actually much range, however it can hit all opponents in near proximity about your character, for this reason if you place well and also stay close to your targets range shouldn"t it is in an issue. While the doesn"t inflict as much damage as several of the Brutalist"s other attacks, it have the right to hit multiple adversaries and add damage gradually for a bigger impact.

Full-Force Fisting (Ultimate)

Base Stat - BrawnAttack range - One square directly ahead of your character.Damage - HighTrait - None

While the Full-Force Fisting inflicts a ton the damage, it have the right to only fight one target and also that target has to be right alongside your character. If you have one particularly difficult enemy that"s leading to your problems, complete them conveniently with this ultimate attack, otherwise you may want to usage an can be fried that will certainly hit more enemies.


Fast AttacksMinimal RangeBest second Class: PyschicBest 3rd Class: AssassinBest fourth Class: Plantmancer


As a Speedster you won’t have actually a lot of variety on most of her attacks, and also you’ll only be able to hit a single target with the exemption of the Supersonic Dash attack, but you’re also faster than various other classes. The Speedster has the ability to usage two assaults in one turn while sacrificing their following turn through their Double-Edge buff. This works very well if you require to finish off one enemy prior to they launch a large attack. As long as you pay close fist to your positioning and avoid large damage assaults from opponents, Speedster can finish fights quickly early in the game.

Quantum Fist

Base Stat - BrawnAttack variety - two squares in all directions.Damage - ModerateTrait - None

A center damage assault that have the right to only struggle an adversary two squares away from her character in any kind of direction. If the target is one square far you cannot use this attack. This works very well in conjuction with a Brutalist or any kind of other course that strikes from nearby range. However, when partied v a Blaster or other ranged classes, placing can end up being an issue.


Base Stat - SpunkAttack selection - self BuffDamage - NoneTrait - None

Buff yourself so you deserve to take two much more actions that turn. The downfall the this technique is that you will lose your following turn. You basically want to usage this ability when friend think you can finish a struggle or at least complete off a solitary target, especially if that target is preparing because that a big attack.

Supersonic Dash

Base Stat - BrawnAttack selection - All 3 squares in a horitzonal line straight in prior of your character.Damage - ModerateTrait - None

If you"re up against multiple enemies, the Supersonic Dash is the only ability the Speedster has actually that have the right to hit them. Unfortunately, they need to be lined up straight in former of your character come hit them v it. If the selection allows the Speedster to attack from the back or straight in prior of an enemy, it have the right to still be complicated to align all of your targets for this reason they can be hit v the Supersonic Dash.

Hyperspace fury (Ultimate)

Base Stat - BrawnAttack selection - One Square directly in prior of your character.Damage - HighTrait - punch Back

The Speedster"s ultimate strike will just hit a single target. However, it will knock them earlier into one more target if they"re lined up effectively inflicting heavy damages to the early target and light damage to any enemy they"re knocked back into. The single target limitation isn"t great, yet the high damages can complete off most enemies in a single attack.

Secondary Classes

After you finish the mission to carry Cartman an item from Freeman’s Tacos, he will contact you earlier to the Coon Lair in order to provide you a an additional class. You can select from Psychic, Elementalist or Cyborg. Selecting a an additional class gives you three new abilities, add to a new ultimate attack, that you deserve to select. Unfortunately, you deserve to only have three common abilities and one can be fried attack active at any type of given time.

Once you include a an additional class, you have the right to select any kind of of your existing abilities to replace with your brand-new secondary course abilities. This gives you the option to mix and match abilities in between your initial class and also your new secondary class, creating a dual class.


Support - Reposition EnemiesBest very first Class: BrutalistBest 3rd Class: AssassinBest 4th Class: Martial Artist


The Cyborg doesn’t inflict a the majority of damage, but they do include a lot of various status effects and also repositioning opportunities. They job-related well once paired with a Brutalist due to the fact that they generally allow the Brutalist to end up being even much more of a tank for the team and make up because that the lacking damage of the Cyborg. Many of the Cyborg’s ability will include damage over time, hit back, traction in or enrage targets. Everything you require to manage exactly whereby you want your opponents positioned so you can collection them up for huge attacks.

Faraday Uncaged

Base Stat - BrawnAttack variety - One square straight in prior of your character.Damage - LowTraits - punch Back, Shock

You won’t acquire a lot of damage out the the Faraday Uncaged attack, but it knocks ago the target and inflicts them through Shock. When an opponent is Shocked they take low damage after every turn and also inflict any directly nearby enemies with low damage as well. This is a an excellent ability to use as soon as your adversaries are bunched together, or in ~ the begin of a struggle so girlfriend can get the many out of the damage over time effect of Shock.

Fatal Attraction

Base Stat - SpunkAttack selection - three squares straight up, down, left or ideal of her character.Damage - LowTrait - Pulls

Fatal Attraction is more about repositioning an enemy rather than inflicting a ton of damage. It assaults enemies directly in prior of your character, and enemies come the left, appropriate or straight behind. However, while all of these targets will certainly take damage, any kind of enemies directly in prior will additionally be pulled toward your character, repositioning them. You deserve to use this to setup other strikes that need opponents to be close with each other to get maximum effectiveness.

Ganz Technique

Base Stat - SpunkAttack selection - attacks the third square directly in front of her character.Damage - NoneTraits - Block, Enrage

The Ganz method serves 2 purposes, it provides the caster Block and also gives one opponent target Enrage. Block is usually a shield the lasts for one turn and also will deflect damages unless hit by a knock earlier attack. Enrage is favor Taunt or Provoke from other RPGs. It causes the target come only assault the human who cast Enrage on them until the effect wears off. Friend won’t get any damage the this ability, but it can allow one party member come tank a target, protecting the rest of the party.

The huge Guns (Ultimate)

Base Stat - BrawnAttack range - 3 squares straight in front of your character.Damage - HighTraits - hit Back, Slow

Like many other can be fried attacks, The big Guns inflicts a substantial amount of damage on any enemies within three squares straight in former of your character. In addition to the damage, it likewise adds a slow effect and also knocks your targets back, potentially causing much more damage. The sluggish effect boundaries how plenty of spaces a character can move on their turn, which have the right to be helpful in maintaining your earlier line safe from attack.


Support - Buffing and EnfeeblingBest an initial Class: BlasterBest 3rd Class: GadgeteerBest 4th Class: Plantmancer


The Elementalist is another support class, but instead of healing it concentrates mostly on hitting multiple enemies with strikes that inflict damages over time or do them lose their next turn. While the Elementalist can inflict a tiny amount of damage, that works finest with the Blaster class so you have a mix of support and offensive abilities the can almost all be provided from a distance.

Hydro Helper

Base Stat - SpunkAttack selection - 2 squares in any kind of direction.Damage - none (Self Buff)Traits - Cleanse, Heal, strike Up

The Hydro help is an ability that deserve to buff you yourself or an additional party member. It have the right to hit any allies within two squares of your character and also heal, cleanse and give lock increased strike damage. Cleanse will remove most negative status impacts such as Burning or gun Out. This is one of the best support ability in the game and should be provided when her party is in need.

Ice Prison

Base Stat - BrainsAttack selection - two squares in all directions.Damage - ModerateTrait - Chill

Like most enfeebling attacks, ice Prison doesn’t inflict a the majority of damage. Instead, it causes a Chill effect on the target. As soon as a target is Chilled, they lose their following turn. This is extremely useful when an adversary is setup up because that a large delayed attack and you need more time to finish off the adversary or simply move your party the end of the way.

Sand Trap

Base Stat - BrainsAttack selection - Cross-shaped pattern straight in any type of direction.Damage - ModerateTrait - None

Sand Trap is among the few attacks in the game that will certainly hit multiple enemies as long as they space positioned correctly. While the doesn’t inflict a lot of of solitary target damage, the capacity to hit up to four adversaries at as soon as can make up for the absence of damages if you can position the adversaries appropriately.

Elemental Onslaught (Ultimate)

Base Stat - BrainsAttack range - 3 squares in all directions.Damage - LowTraits - Shock, Chill

Like a true assistance class, the element Onslaught can be fried doesn’t inflict much damage. However, it has actually a large attack selection making it straightforward to struggle the whole enemy party. It inflicts a tiny amount of damages to all targets within selection and add to Shock and Chill effects. That method they will take damage over time for the next few turns, damage any type of enemies directly nearby to them, and lose their following turn. This deserve to be a huge turning point in any type of fight if you can obtain the appropriate enemies through the attack.


Support - Buffing and also EnfeeblingBest an initial Class: SpeedsterBest 2nd Class: Assassin or GadgeteerBest fourth Class: Plantmancer


The Psychic is no in her party come inflict massive quantities of damage. In fact, only your designated healer is likely to perform less damages (and also that is debatable). The objective of the Psychic is to buff your party members and also cast enfeebling ability on your enemies. They have the right to heal and give her party shields through their ultimate ability, reduced the defense of one enemy, or confuse an enemy, every while inflicting center to low damage. It"s ideal to pair the Pyschic with the Speedster for this reason you have the right to use the Double-Edge capability to get two capacity uses in a single turn, then buff you yourself or one ally and also use the second turn to strike with one of the Speedster"s various other abilities.

Cerebral Blast

Base Stat - BrainsAttack selection - 3 squares in a 4 direction cross pattern expanding from her character.Damage - LowTrait - Defense Down

The damages of Cerebral Blast isn’t great, however the ability much more than provides up for the lack of damages by inflicting Defense down on every targets fight by the attack. As soon as afflicted v Defense Down, your opponents will take more damage indigenous every assault during the next couple of turns. If you have some heavy damage dealers in her party, this could easily permit the struggle to be over an extremely quickly.

Dazzling Flash

Base Stat - BrainsAttack variety -Any enemy within 3 squares.Damage - LowTrait - Confuse

While this ability doesn’t inflict a ton the damage, it inflicts an enemy with Confuse. This reasons the target to attack, heal or buff the nearest ally or enemy. It’s not quite as advantageous as Charm, however it can prevent an adversary from focusing on a weak member of her party (just save them away from the perplexed target), or also make the target strike your opponents if you place them well utilizing knock backs or simply keep your allies far from the confused enemy.


Base Stat - SpunkAttack range - any ally within two squares.Damage - none (Self Buff)Trait - Protection

The Psi-Shield sponsor the target the protection buff. This is basically a shield that will last until enough damage is inflicted to remove the shield. You can use this in ~ the start of a fight to provide yourself or an allied extra health, or usage it after yourself or one ally has been damaged as a pseudo-heal till you can use a actual healing ability or a heal item.

Chakra clean (Ultimate)

Base Stat - SpunkAttack range - InfiniteDamage - no one (Self Buff)Trait - Protection

The Psychic’s ultimate strike is a buff come your entire party. The heals and casts security (a shield) on yourself and also all party members. Both the heal and shield offer the same magnitude the buff (moderate), which should assist to save your party in the fight because that at least an additional turn or two depending upon how unstable the fight has actually been approximately that point. While this doesn’t inflict any type of damage, it’s a huge benefit if you’re losing a fight.

Triple Classes

Completing The speak 2: The Gendering next mission and Cartman will call you back to the Coon Lair for origins 3: The Visitor. The security code changes come 1-3-6 (Get Scrambles Fast). Head down right into the basement and also sit in ~ the table to select between Gadgeteer and also Assassin. The very same rules apply, if you now have accessibility two three an ext normal abilities and also a new ultimate attack, friend will need to replace an existing ability to use any type of of your new techniques.


Hard-Hitting Damager Dealer (DPS)Minimal RangeBest an initial Class: Brutalist or SpeedsterBest 2nd Class: CyborgBest fourth Class: Martial Artist


The Assassin shares a the majority of similarities v the Brutalist and works well together a 3rd class for a Brutalist/Cyborg combo. However, if you’re making use of a Brutalist together a tank, remaining in the prior lines and taking as countless hits as possible, it’s no a an excellent pairing for the Assassin. If the Assassin has minimal range and hits an extremely hard (much prefer the Brutalist), they additionally have multiple abilities that turn them invisible after ~ an attack, leaving them relatively safe, but likewise unable come tank any kind of hits prefer a Brutalist can. They job-related well as soon as paired v an attack Brutalist or a Speedster, permitting the Assassin to hit double hard, then walk invisible to stay fairly safe.

Quick Cut

Base Stat - SpunkAttack range - One square directly ahead of your character.Damage - HighTrait - Bleed

Quick cut has minimal range, but more than makes up for that through solid damage and also the extr Bleed impact on the target. If the Bleed effect is no cleansed, the total damage Quick reduced is higher than virtually any other normal attack in the game. Of food the incredibly low selection of the attack helps come balance the huge damage you can obtain off the it. More often than no you’ll need to put you yourself in risk to usage the attack, yet the damages is definitely worth it.

Shadow Swap

Base Stat - SpunkAttack range - One square in all directions.Damage - ModerateTrait - Invisibility

Shadow Swap has actually decent damage, not super high, however not all the low, and it pipeline your character invisible and unable to be straight targeted till your following turn. However, it also has somewhat restricted range, and it can’t be offered two continuous turns many thanks to a one revolve down time after each use. While girlfriend can strike in any type of direction, the range is only a solitary square in any type of direction, an interpretation you have to be standing really close to your target to use this technique. If your character doesn’t have actually high movement (the ability to relocate a many squares throughout your turn), it deserve to be an overwhelming to hit adversaries with this attack. Otherwise, this is a very an excellent attack come use once you need to stay safe, yet still inflict damage.

Spin Slash

Base Stat - BrawnAttack variety - three squares to the left, right, in front and also behind your character.Damage - LowTrait - Bleed

The best facet of Spin cut is the long variety of the attack. You deserve to hit multiple enemy up to three squares away, which way it shouldn’t be difficult to attack an enemy, no matter where you’re right now positioned. It likewise causes a Bleeding effect, which will damages the target over time and the end of their next couple of turns. However, since of the Bleeding effect, capacity to struggle multiple enemies, and the long range, the initial assault offers lower damages than many other attacks in the game.

Deadly Dive (Ultimate)

Base Stat - BrawnAttack variety - entire BoardDamage - HighTraits - Bleed, Invisible

The Assassin’s ultimate attack can only hit one target, however it inflicts high damage and include a Bleed impact so the target proceeds to take damages at the finish of every turn. It likewise has infinite variety and pipeline your personality invisible after the strike so you can’t be directly targeted till your next turn. This is a great ultimate strike to usage if friend only should hit one character and you know you can’t death them v a solitary attack. The included Bleed will only be valuable if the initial strike doesn’t kill, which means it’s not the most reliable finishing move, however it functions well on an opponent with a many of health remaining.


Ranged damages Dealer (DPS)Heavily reliant on positioning.Best first Class: BlasterBest 2nd Class: ElementalistBest fourth Class: Plantmancer


The Gadgeteer feels favor an extension of the Blaster and Elementalist. The main distinction is that the Gadgeteer supplies robots and also guns to assist during fights. Every one of the Gadgeteer’s abilities are Brains-based, which additionally works well as soon as coupled with key of the Brains-based strikes of the Blaster and also Elementalist. Friend can emphasis on her Brains stat to rise potency come almost all of your attacks when you incorporate these 3 classes.

Boom-Boom Buddy

Base Stat - BrainsAttack range (placement) - 2 squares roughly your character.Damage - HighTraits - None

The Gadgeteer build a robot that doesn’t have a ton of health or inflict lot damage, but at the finish of its rotate it self-destructs and damages any nearby enemies for large damage. You cannot usage Boom-Boom buddy in 2 consecutive transforms as it has a one rotate down time before it can be provided again. In addition, positioning is key to certain the blast hits as plenty of enemies as possible. If the robot blows up v no one around, it’s basically a wasted turn.

Gigavolt Globe

Base Stat - BrainsAttack range - two squares straight in former of her character. 3 squares across on the 2nd square.Damage - LowTrait - Shock

While the damages on Gigavolt world isn’t amazing, it much more than provides up for this by not only hitting multiple enemies at once, but adding Shock together well. Shock inflicts a small amount of damage after every turn, and will damages any adjacent enemies as well. The selection isn’t amazing, however this is still among the much better attacks to usage in conjunction v Blaster and also Elementalist attacks. However, because of the short range, it can also work well v Brutalist.

Straight Shooter

Base Stat - BrainsAttack range (placement) - One square directly up, down, left or appropriate of your characterDamage - HighTraits - None

This attack enables your personality to create a turret that will certainly shoot in ~ enemies. The initial location of the turret has to be within one square of your character, however it has a much more comprehensive attack variety and will hit all opponents in a straight line. The turret has a two rotate down time, definition it will be inserted on one turn, then you can’t place an additional turret for the next two turns. While placing is likewise important for the turret, it inflicts high damage and also can fight multiple adversaries if they’re lined up.

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Airborne Annihilator (Ultimate)

Base Stat - BrainsAttack range - A 3x3 square block directly in former of the character.Damage - HighTraits - None

The Airborne Annihilator inflicts high damage to multiple enemies, if they’re moderately nearby together. That doesn’t have actually a ton of range, however it’s enough to generally capture at the very least two adversaries without much hassle. As much as ultimate attacks go, this is one of the better attacks if you just need to complete off a couple of pesky enemies. By the moment you obtain this class you will likely have Cartman in your party, who basically has actually the finest damage-based ultimate in the game, for this reason you might not find yourself using this one an extremely much.

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