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The southern African Consulate general in Los Angeles is responsible because that representing and also promoting southern Africa in ~ the thirteen Western says of the joined States including the US territory of Guam. This U.S. Western says are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, new Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

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Important Information

11 - 31 January 2021

Mission will open twice (2) every week v skeleton staff, consisting just of staff members that carry out essential services, reporting for duty Mondays and also Thursdays on rotational communication in order to comply with COVID19 protocols and procedures.

Time : 9:00 to be – 2:00 pm
Other employee members will continue to carry out their duties in ~ home.

Transferred Officials will be easily accessible through the usual networks as per office after hour’s functional list as well as on your mobile numbers/email address provided on office website.

For all Consular Enquiries/Emergencies, angry Consul, management Ms. Rayhana Salie deserve to be got to at +1 (323) 244-0360 email SalieR

California is the new epicenter of the pandemic in the USA and also Governor Gavin Newson has actually ordered an extension of the continue to be at house order for Los Angeles County.

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The south African Consulate general in Los Angeles office will certainly not open for the general public until further notification due come the high infection rates of COVID19. We are open up on Mondays and also Thursdays ONLY for the employee members the the Consulate.

Immigration and Consular Services Passport applications, Emergency travel Certificates, Visa applications, etc

Please send an email to one of the following addresses with all your enquires: