The attraction has actually a various name and also an to update design, yet Cambelback Resort guarantees the thrill's quiet going to it is in the same as it was when kids of the '80s and '90s rode it.

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The Poconos resort in Tannersville has actually brought ago the Alpine Slide. Because that those who remember, the slide put riders top top a rolled sled and also sent castle soaring down a curvy concrete track intended to mimic the suffer of bobsledding. It opened in 1977 as among Camelback's early efforts to transform chin from a winter ski resort into a year-round destination. The Alpine slide closed in 2003.

On Saturday, Camelback is debuting The Pocono Pipeline, which the resort is billing as a modern-day take ~ above the Alpine on slide with renovations aimed at providing today's riders through a an ext exciting and safer suffer than the riders that yesteryear.

At least a dozen ski resorts and amusement parks operated similar rides years ago, however many closeup of the door in component because of security issues. Camelback successfully protected a 2002 lawsuit alleging the resort was responsible because that an accident top top its Alpine Slide that seriously hurt a rider, The Pocono Record formerly reported.

Camelback in a news release claims the Pocono Pipeline style emphasizes safety and security first. Gone is the concrete track. The brand-new "non-abrasive fiberglass track provides a smooth surface ar that heightens the emotion of speed and improves control over the older, poured concrete models," the release says.

There will certainly be 2 tracks, each to run 2,800 feet through hill dips, high G turns and also tunnels. Choose the Alpine Slide, riders will still go down the track in a wheeled automobile that lock can control by a hand brake, however "a patented rate restrictor boosts guest safety and security without negatively impacting driver enjoyment," follow to the news release.


This photo noted by Camelback Resort mirrors a young driver enjoying the Pocono Pipeline, a brand-new ride that is opening to the public on June 24, 2017. It's influenced by the resort's Alpine on slide of 1980s and 1990s fame. (Courtesy photo)

"Recent advances and both track and sled style have significantly improved in its entirety safety and rider suffer over the original version," Camelback co-owner Ken Ellis states in a statement.

"The Alpine Slide has real sentiment amongst those guests who grew up coming to the Pocono Mountains and Camelback Resort," the says.

The brand-new Pocono Pipeline is priced at $10 per rider, but can additionally be go together with various other attractions in ~ the resort. Those incorporate the 4,000-foot Soaring Camel Zip-Flyer, the 4,500-foot steel track Appalachian Express mountain Coaster and also obstacle adventure courses.

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