I need to find a word for someone that you feeling uncomfortable v - favor awkward. Someone who you like, however can"t really have a normal and comfortable conversation with. Maybe even someone who makes you feeling self-conscious, despite that"s not what I"m really aiming for...


I'd go v "discomfiting" which method you are type of disturbed by a person, a small knocked off balance. For example, I understand someone that is supposed to be a friend, however fancies me. I do not an elaborate him back, mostly since he is weird, no physically attractive to me, and also has a peculiar voice and also mannerisms. I believed that I offered him enough hints that i was no interested yet he quiet persists, and has gone through the roof v his demands. He is one of those human being who unfortunately obtain under her skin, and also has began making extremely snide and patronizing remarks, come the extent that i am
I offered to job-related alongside together a person. He to be okay, and acted trusted enough however there to be something around him which make me within cringe whenever us exchanged words. Perhaps it to be his extreme enthusiasm the I uncovered most irritating, in any case I always had an excuse not to sign up with him for a coffee.

There room some people you carry out not want to it is in alone with, and not necessarily due to the fact that you are afraid for your an individual safety but because they room unnerving, and also you feeling uneasy in your company.

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Her unnerving habit that touching civilization she was speaking to

uneasy: aer or unsure in manner; uneasy through strangers.


unsettling : having the result of upsetting, disturbing, or discomposing

A Google publications example:

What I average is, what do you really know about him? I uncover him unsettling. He"s creepy. That woman Justine is scared of him.



Perhaps intimidating

inspiring nervousness or fear:

He was a huge, intimidating figure.

A courtroom is a frightening and also intimidating location for son witnesses.

The trial in an adult court to be severely intimidating because that the eleven-year-old child.


I would personally say that my girlfriend is a bummer.

A psychologist might say that your girlfriend is toxic.

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In France I frequently hear ami de cour.

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Is there a indigenous that defines a indigenous that provides you feeling the point you room describing as you to speak it?
Idiom or Synonym because that Someone that looks/feels like you might trust them, favor they are someone reliable?
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