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Daughterof the noble Nuada-Re bloodline, i beg your pardon boasts considerable behind-the-scenesinfluence in ~ the Association, and Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald’s fiancé.

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Generally,families of magi make it a dominion to only pass under their keys to a singlesuccessor, if keeping any kind of other children they may have actually ignorant of even the existenceof sorcery itself. However, at the time Sola-Ui was born, the Nuada-Re family members wasembroiled in a tumultuous power struggle, and there to be a an extremely real are afraid thattheir legit heir could be assassinated. As a result, lock enacted a planto train both the larger brother and the younger sisters in the rudiments that sorcery,so that either one can inherit the family crest.

In the end,though, the conflict died out before anything occurred to one of two people child, and Sola-Ui’solder brother was offered the crest and the title of successor.

Sola-Ui,on the other hand, was no longer of any kind of use to she family, and also her veryexistence was disavowed. She ended up being a mere device to be offered away in a politicalmarriage, whereby her fantastic physical capacity for sorcery and also childhoodtraining would allow her to serve as one assistant for part first-rate magus.

However,Sola-Ui did not harbor any type of resentment towards this treatment. To be perfectlyfrank, she didn’t also understand what “likes” and“dislikes” to be in the first place. If it’s absolutely true that shealways selfishly toyed with those approximately her, that was simply because it wasingrained in she from a really young period that acting in a method that would preserveher value as a noble was the an enig to success in life. Sola-Ui herself had actually nevertruly want or hoped because that something even once because being born.

Consequently,she didn’t care one little bit whether the attraction caused by mystic facewas genuine love or not. For her, the simple sensation of passion boiling increase fromthe depth of her heart to be her best treasure, and also she had nointention of giving it up after she had finally acquired it. Because, passionis the an extremely thing that provides life value.

…WhenNasu Kinoko heard every one of that, he began writhing approximately muttering somethingthat sound a lot prefer “It’s a perfect moe bull’s-eye…!”


Being anoble has actually its very own brand of difficulties huh.


Her backstory is pretty interesting, that does a lot of to explain her actions in Zero.


Fate/Zero’s other protagonist. When I saw the young Kirei beside Kiritsugu in the material publication that come with first print editions of Fate/stay night, v his short hair and also earrings, well, my heart turned somersaults in mine chest. It’s part of what influenced me to create Fate/Zero in the very first place.

To compose him, i just removed the larger Kirei’s state of enlightenment and also composure, and also replaced them v hesitation and also inner turmoil. In Zero, once he engages in self-introspection his memories of the past are distorted, specifically in regards come his wife. Accordingly, the more philosophic self-analysis from Fate/stay night is more than likely a better reflection that his true within self.

In the first draft, ns was a bit too cognizant of his height from the original story, and also kept indiscriminately making use of words favor “gigantic”, “hulking”, and also “towering” to define him. Together a result, i was referred to as in by form Moon and chastised for misrepresenting Kirei’s image, and his height finished up casually being changed.

Originally he was taught baji quan by his father, Risei, as a form of spiritual improvement, yet through his blood-drenched experiences together an executor the was progressively sublimed right into a warped version devoted at destroying the human being body. Needless to say, the truth that he to be so much off indigenous his father’s ideal form of kung fu was probably simply one much more thing he can not forgive self for throughout his youth.

YoungKirei appears pretty serious.

Fate Zero was made through both Kinoko Nasu, author of Fate remain Night, and also Gen Urobuchi the Nitroplus fame.

Guess Mr. Urobuchi really favored writing young Kirei!
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Tohsaka Tokiomi’s eldest daughter. The younger kind of one of the heroines indigenous the initial story.

During Fate/Zero, Rin’s level of expertise of the “Holy Grail War” is about the exact same as Shirou’s was throughout Fate/stay night. The is, if it can seem favor she knows what’s walk on, she yes, really doesn’t.

In the young Rin’s eyes, she father Tokiomi to be a good magus deserving the love and respect. She did not yet know the ruthlessness and cruelty the stemmed from that ideal. If her father had actually survived long sufficient for she to recognize that element of him, that surely would have had a grave result on her very own personality. But whether she determined to rebel against that inhumanity and also turn her back on sorcery itself, or decided to take on it fully, ending up being a perfect, cold-hearted magus like her dad – the just certainty is that for her, delight would be nothing an ext than the fleeting dream the a much off parallel world.

An entry about Rin ago during the events of Fate/Zero!

Being raised as a magus is pretty tough…
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The protagonist of Fate/Zero’s prologue and also epilogue, much more or less.

He is the epitome of pragmatism, willing to execute anything to achieve his goals. He is one idealist that dreams of human being peace, but his technique of attaining that is that of a cold and also ruthless realist. The loves humanity, yet he would not hesitate for a 2nd to death any solitary person. Yet though that lacks both hesitation and also doubt, that cannot litter away his sadness.

Essentially, he’s a wonder 007, that treats sorcery together a mere tool and also has no qualms using modern-day technology once it’s more effective to execute so. I really want to have him go on a rampage in a fully-loaded spy car, yet I guess if girlfriend think around it Saber’s V-Max kind of filled the role.

Though a young boy when looked as much as him together a “superhero”, he himself shed that admiration at an early stage, ultimately coming come curse the an extremely concept of justice itself. The only thing that retained him going to be a desire that the sacrifices that had already made not be in vain. Possibly if he had a little an ext of the angry charisma that a last boss he would have been successful, yet at the end of the day what he really wanted was just to happen away the days with his household in peaceful serenity.

Just favor an eroge protagonist, the emitted a mysterious radiation that attracted females to him, but sadly anyone ensnared by the inevitably met a damaging end.

The just woman capable of wrecking through this curse was the legend Tiger the Fuyuki. Wow, Fuji-nee, you’re so amazing!

If you counting backwards from as soon as he died, it transforms out the his most active time on the battlefield was actually in his late teens. However hey, that’s not so strange, girlfriend know.

Just look at Yagashira Dai or Sagara Sousuke. Over there are several heroes like that in this world.

Shirou’s adoptive father had it pretty rough.

Good luck through that right Shirou, you’ll need it…

Fate/Zero Dictionary


Kayneth’s dictionary entry is surprisingly long, so the other half will be covered later.


Tohsaka Tokiomi’s wife, and Rin’s mother.

Her maiden surname is Zenjou.

Though the Zenjou family had a magus ancestor many generations ago, now they are an easy commoners v no connection to the magical civilization at all. Nevertheless, the blood flowing v their veins includes a really unique trait, which to be noticed and also pursued through Tohsaka Tokiomi. As a an outcome of agree this courtship, Aoi provided birth to two sisters through absolutely preposterous wonder potential.

Unlike her daughter Rin, Aoi totally understood the Tokiomi possessed an inhuman feeling of values, however she still thoughtlessly loved her husband anyway. Maybe she, too, bore part distortion in ~ herself, as with Tokiomi did.

If that’s the case, she probably wouldn’t have actually been able to develop a happy home also if she had married Kariya…

By the way, the activation the Tokiomi’s “Tohsaka household goof-up trait” only occurs in serious, life-threatening situations. In his normal family members life in ~ home, he to be an completely perfect superman, in the same method Rin would at some point be a perfect honors student at Homurahara Academy in Fate/stay night. Ns hear that both Aoi and Rin were large fans that his cool dad" style.


We’ll check his entry someday.

Also, Tohsaka household goof-up trait?
That’s type of a joke. I say “kind of” because it appears members of the Tohsaka bloodline often tend to do mistakes in an extremely important matters while being flawless most of the time, Rin is a perfect honors student and also school idol and yet she made her summoning in ~ the not correct time…
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The sniper rifle used by Emiya Kiritsugu in the divine Grail War. Despite being reasonably compact because of itsbullpup design, that is an extremely heavy and hard to usage weapon. On height ofthat, Kiritsugu’s is decked out with a preposterous night vision system. Thenight vision scopes the existed during the time duration of the 4th Holy Grail war were a long method off from where they space today, andwere frequently bulkier and heavier 보다 the weapons they to be attached to. Also, oneof the gun’s significant flaws to be its prohibitive cost, which is one of the reasonsit never saw widespread use, however thanks come the Einzberns’ considerable funds the was no difficulty at all. And besides, it to be probably much less expensive 보다 running telephone lines allthe method out to a lock in the center ofnowhere.


TheEinzberns sure have a the majority of money!


They are pretty good at alchemy, possibilities are they deserve to transmute some gold whenever lock feel like it…


A toy that Kiritsugu bought for his wife, in order come enlighten her around the wonders of modern science.

…Well, it’s sort of one old-fashioned an option as far as education and learning is concerned, but I’m sure Irisviel must have desired it the way. Since it was customized by Kiritsugu, you can expect the to be decked out with maker guns, missile launchers, ejector seats, and oil slicks, but it isn’t. Probably.

After the battle ended, it was stashed far in the castle on the suburbs of Fuyuki, .

By the way, in Japan it is renowned as the actor and singer Ishihara Yuujirou’s favorite car.

So that vehicle probably isn’t a Q Branch vehicle or a Batmobile. Probably.

Heh.Anyways, if you ever before wondered whatever happened to the car, well, currently you know.

Fate/Zero Dictionary

Alone-wolf magus hunter. She had actually no affiliation through the Association, and made herliving through swooping in ahead of the Association’s enforcers, poaching theirprey, and also then reselling the spoils in ~ an inflated price.

Despitetheir fairly grandiose official title that “sealing designationenforcers”, real sealing designations room actually exceptionally rare, and also mostenforcers would think about themselves lucky if they obtained a chance to seek such“big game” also once in a decade. Specifically in the situation of external freelancers,they spend many of their time searching heretical magi that have actually simply deviated native Association’s norms.

In thedistant past, Natalia’s ancestors crossbred through succubi, and also while she doesn’thave eternal youth or regenerative abilities, she does boast inhuman reflexes andcoordination.

Althoughshe is a money-grubber willing to execute anything to make a fast buck, on optimal ofbeing a wild hedonist that has actually never to be a dollar ahead in she life, shesomehow finished up together the ethically questionable guardian of an impressionableyouth. And while she sexually harassedtheyoung Kiritsugu on numerous occasions, she never once . The reasonbeing that she had really collapse in love through him, if just a small – thoughlike a good older sister she locked far these girlish thoughts and neverrevealed them to anybody.

By theway, she heart-rending and also gruesome finish was inspired by the movie line on aPlane, which ns saw through Nasu Kinoko.


“Morallyquestionable guardian of one impressionable youth.”


I’msure that accounts because that a lot of things regarding Kiritsugu.


The fifth Tohsaka family members head. Had everything gone according to plan, the would have been the male to complete the divine Grail war once and for all.

He began making preparations because that the 4th Holy Grail war long before it ever began.

Tokiomi and his predecessor make a mindful effort come commercialize their spiritual lands, and the unnatural financial success of every service situated over there naturally caused exorbitant rental fees, i m sorry were collected by the Tohsaka. That course, as much as Tokiomi to be concerned, the reality that the “harvests of every the tenant farmers tilling the Tohsaka land” were defended from negative luck and natural calamities by the Tohsaka’s careful management of the ley lines, meant that taxing them like this was his organic right. Truly, it was a 20th century feudal mechanism made possible through sorcery.

Although, even among the 2nd Owners of various other lands, very couple of have ever before seen financial returns favor those made by the Tohsaka.

After Tokiomi’s death, these assets were passed on to Aoi, and also after Aoi’s fatality they to be passed ~ above once more to Rin. Or at least, castle should have been, however thanks to her legal guardian Kirei’s naïve honesty and also crude management, many of the valuable property was shed to various other people. Then again, as a priest that values ethical poverty, he probably thought it would be an excellent for she from an educational standpoint. Just an additional thing for Rin come wallop that for, i guess.

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Ley currently contain an excellent magical power, for this reason lands through ley lines room rather valuable to magi.

Guess it was thanks to those assets the the Tohsaka family could use Jewel Sorcery without economical worries…
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