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You room a member the a social civilization on a planet that is home to about 7 billion people. This social world is filled through paradox, mystery, suspense, and outright absurdity. Explore how society psychology can help you make feeling of your very own social human being with this engaging and accessible book. Roy F. Baumeister and also Brad J. Bushman"s social PSYCHOLOGY and HUMAN NATURE, fourth Edition can help you know one the the most interesting topics of every -- the sometimes bizarre and also baffling but constantly fascinating diversity of person behavior, and how and also why world act the method they do.

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Roy F. Baumeister, a professor of psychology in ~ the university of Queensland, Australia, has actually taught introductory society psychology to thousands of undergraduate students. His teaching and research experience consists of appointments at the college of California in ~ Berkeley, case Western reserve University, Florida State University, the college of Texas at Austin, the college of Virginia, the Max Planck academy in Munich (Germany), the VU University, Amsterdam (the Netherlands), King Abdulaziz college (Saudi Arabia), the college of Bamberg (Germany), the university of Melbourne (Australia) and also the facility for progressed Study in the behavior Sciences at Stanford. An energetic researcher whose work has been sponsor by the national Institutes of Health and the Templeton Foundation, Dr. Baumeister has conducted research on the me (including self-esteem and also self-control), the have to belong, sexuality, aggression and how human being find an interpretation in life. In 2005, the Institute for Scientific info concluded indigenous a inspection of released bibliographies the he was amongst the most influential psychologists in the human being (the top 1%) -- a status that has been confirmed several times because then. Follow to Google Scholar, Dr. Baumeister"s works have actually been cited over 175,000 time in scientific literature. In 2013, he received the william James Award, the highest possible honor bestowed by the combination for emotional Science in every one of psychology, in acknowledgment of his lifetime success and contribute to basic scientific research in psychology. Dr. Baumeister received his Ph.D. From Princeton in 1978. In his (very rare) preventive time, that likes to ski and also play jazz. Brad J. Bushman is a professor the communication and also psychology at The Ohio State University, whereby he holds the Rinehart Chair of fixed Communication. Previously, he was a professor in ~ the college of Michigan (2003-2010) and also Iowa State university (1990-2003). For over 30 year Dr. Bushman has performed research top top aggression and violence. He was a member of chairman Obama"s committee on gun violence, and he has actually testified prior to the U.S. Congress around youth violence. His research study has challenged several myths (e.g., weapons make people safer, venting fury reduces aggression, aggressive civilization suffer from short self-esteem, violence and sex market products, media warning labels minimize audience size, exposure come violent media has actually a trivial impact on aggression). His work earned him the location of "myth buster" native a colleague. Dr. Bushman"s research has actually been published in the height scientific journals (SCIENCE, NATURE, PNAS) and also featured extensively in the fixed media (BBC, THE brand-new YORK TIMES, NPR). His to teach honors encompass the 2018 G. Stanley room Lecture, when his research study honors include the kurt Lewin compensation from the society for the psychological Study the Social worries for "outstanding contribute to the advance and integration of psychological research and also social action" and also Distinguished lifetime Contribution come Media Psychology and an innovation from the American mental Association in 2014. He and his household live in Columbus, Ohio. In his spare time, he enjoys speak his bicycle and also listening come music, specifically solo piano, jazz and also progressive rock. The earned his Ph.D. Native the university of Missouri.

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Table that Contents

1. The Mission and the Method. 2. Society and Nature. 3. The Self. 4. Habits Control: The me in Action. 5. Social Cognition. 6. Emotion and also Affect. 7. Attitudes, Beliefs, and also Consistency. 8. Society Influence and also Persuasion. 9. Prosocial Behavior: law What"s best for Others. 10. Aggression and also Antisocial Behavior. 11. Attraction and Exclusion. 12. Near Relationships: Passion, Intimacy, and also Sexuality. 13. Prejudice and also Intergroup Relations. 14. Groups.