So friend Think You have the right to Dance 2016 has currently showcased some large talent in the Los Angeles and Chicago auditions. In this week’s all new episode, judges Nigel Lythgoe, Jason Derulo, and also Paula Abdul will be top to brand-new York City for the final SYTYCD 2016 auditions before it’s time for the dancers to visit the SYTYCD Dance Academy, whereby they’ll get to work-related with the So friend Think You have the right to Dance all-stars. If the sneak peeks because that the brand-new York auditions are any indication, we’re going to be cure to yet one more showcase of good young talent.

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Prefer i know well hop? This week’s illustration of So you Think You can Dance ~ above FOX has actually a an excellent selection there, too. Get ready for Jason Derulo to gain excited when one the the dancers decides to obtain ugly.


For far better or worse, this shortened audition episodes at the very least mean we don’t have to sit v close to an hour that rejects, combined in through the hour of in reality decent dancers. At the very least there’s that.

Join united state for the SYTYCD 2016 brand-new York auditions, and check the end our recap after ~ the show. As always, we’ll be honest around what we loved and also hated.


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