The simplest method to define Slipknot’s “Not long for this World” is the it is created from the perspective of someone that is contemplating finishing it all. The language used throughout may point to other topics also. However, all points considered, the singer is handle with severe degree the depression and also is more or less contemplating exactly how the “world” would certainly be there is no him.

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It is pretty famous that Corey Taylor (who is Slipknot’s command singer) dealt with his very own mental issues shortly prior to the release of this track. So the general understanding is that he is to sing from a an individual perspective. And indigenous the onset, that alludes to the ide of self-injurious behavior. Again this might be more symbolic than literal.

First Verse

In the first verse, he likewise introduces the idea the he isin such a state because of arduous past experiences, i beg your pardon the human who isanalyzing the (i.e. The addressee) has not to be through.And this absence ofsimilar experiences makes it difficult for the receiver to fully appreciatewhat that is walk through. Certainly this concept is one Taylor has actually put forth inother songs also.


The chorus is yes, really the part of the tune which is many openfor interpretation.It is clear that the singer is addressing someonefamiliar come him.And he is telling this person that he has actually “gone away”.


The rigid reads prefer the addressee was privy come the mental worries the singer was suffering from however chose to ignore them. So now the can be fried expression the the singer’s depression is manifest, as he has decided to depart. And this leave can have actually one of 2 meanings. On one hand, he have the right to be alluding to maybe excommunicating himself from stated person, together in moving away and also never seeing he or she again. Or he can be referring to literally leaving the human being of the living. In reality considering the the expression “gone away” is in the previous tense, this track reads kind of like a note someone might have left behind after ~ departing the world.

The latter possibility really concerns light throughout the pre-chorus. There Taylor says that the addressee, whom when again that has made decision to ‘go away’ from, is managing some kind of remarkable “guilt”. This feeling is possibly because of their seeing your friend suffer and not intervening in time, together in avoiding his suicide.

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But even if it is Slipknot is particularly singing around departing this civilization or not, the bottom heat is the via his general discontent in life, the singer is contemplating some form of unhealthy behavior. And in one volume or another, that is will on leaving his existing life and also associates behind. And that seemingly anticipates that they will endure some type of psychological grief as a result. But ultimately, as the title puts it, that is “not long for this world”, definition that, even if it is metaphorically or literally, he yearns because that his time here to soon concerned an end.

Who composed “Not lengthy for This World”?

Corey Taylor along with the remainder of Slipknot penned thisdark track. Slipknot likewise worked with their constant collaborator Greg Fidelmanto develop “Not lengthy for This World”.

When to be “Not long for This World” released?

The official date “Not lengthy for This World” to be released was August 9, 2019. The track is the 13th monitor on Slipknot’s We room Not your Kind album. It must be detailed that this monitor wasn’t a single. The notwithstanding, it is thought about one of the highlights from the album. Various other non-single highlights include: “Nero Forte” and “A Liar’s Funeral“.