Check the end our exclude, recap of “Show Me the Money 5” illustration 4: Revival (aired on June 10)… Warning: Spoilers ahead!

After the completion of round 3 preliminary auditions (1 vs. 1 battle), the producers reflect ~ above the matches. Producers talk about their disappointed in particular contestants who were dropped from the round:

Dok2: Junoflo (“It’s too poor that he was eliminated instantly after that flew come Korea indigenous LA”)Zion.T & Kush: Woo Taewoon (scene cuts to Woo Taewoon questioning if over there is a revival round)

There is one anticipation (almost an expectation) by contestants the Season 5 will have actually a rebirth round because that those that were eliminated in ring 3. However, both the producers and MNET employee reiterates that there is no renewal rounds this season.

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Rapper Shim Hyeji is selected to select her opponent for the 1 vs. 1 battle. Initially, she wanted to select a “powerful” opponent, but changed her mind once she found out about Miss LA who agreed to fly from Los Angeles critical minute (due to legend TeMo dropping out of the present – see our illustration 3 recap for much more information).

Producer Simon Dominic asks contestant Shim Hyeji if she had any trouble preparing for this ring with miss LA. Us soon uncover out the this is the instance due come the evident language barrier between the two. The two contestants use Dok2’s win ‘Still On mine Way‘ for their battle. Adhering to the performance, the producers automatically praise miss out on LA for her herbal performance (Dok2: “What if miss out on LA wins an initial place on show Me the Money 5?“). Kush to compare this rap battle (American vs. Non-American) with the korean martial arts Tae Kwon-Do (how Koreans space “naturally” far better at Tae Kwon-Do)… Kush further clarifies that miss LA’s rhythm and also power in she verse triumphed the korean contestant. Miss LA makes it to the next round.

The next battle is between Donutman and Bray. Once again, the producer team jokes around Donutman the same, similar thing a soup Chun martial artist (see our illustration 2 recap for much more information). The producers are impressed through Donutman’s effortless and also clean performance. Donutman makes it come the next round.

The third pair featured ~ above this illustration was selected by producer The Quiett throughout round 1 preliminary auditions: Kim Hyo-eun and Kim Tae-jung. Together Kim Hyo-eun spits his verse, the producers match his distinct voice. The producers show up to it is in unimpressed as the 2nd contestant starts his verse through the words “I death you.

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” Producer Gil states that Kim Tae-jung’s diss verse was like “someone pretending to be an excellent at fighting who actually doesn’t know how to fight.” Rapper Kim Hyo-eun makes it come the next round.

The next segment functions two of the many anticipated artists of this season: CJAMM and BewhY. Because that the previous 2 weeks, MNET strategically edited their clips to cheat the viewers right into thinking that the two were paired up because that the 1 vs. 1 battle (i.e., one of the artists will certainly be eliminated):