Do you want to understand if the shampoo really works to tone her hair and get rid of those yellow tones on her grays?

Here, ok tell friend everything and more.

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I’m additionally going to display you the before and after of numerous women who lugged themselves to take the first step and also start making use of the shampoo.

Having blonde hair is a dream for most women.

The bad part is that the perfect blonde tone that we have when us walk the end of the salon disappears v a few washes and also appears an unpleasant yellow or orange tone.

The good thing is that us can eliminate that undesirable tone just by utilizing Shimmer lights Shampoo.

that doesn’t matter what tone of blonde friend have, or if you have highlights, balayage, short lights or if her hair is totally blonde, this shampoo will help you maintatin the ideal color you have actually chosen for yourself. You are also going to uncover answers if you are here since you want to know if this shampoo works on gray hair.

Does the shampoo work?

Being doubtful around using a product because that the an initial time is normal. No one desires to invest in a product that doesn’t offer them results.

When I looked for a violet shampoo ns only concentrated on a great quality product that promises results and also that the very same time cares because that my hair and my pockets.

I uncovered everything i was searching for in Shimmer lights Shampoo.

Does this shampoo really work?


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Yes, that works.

Clairol is a world-known expert rand and, simply as ns am informing you this, I’m certain that you will uncover other world that likewise can attest come its performance.

But you need to understand what the is used for and then girlfriend will recognize if this shampoo is the one that you room looking for.

Shimmer lights is a violet shampoo. These varieties of shampoos job-related to ton or neutralize unwanted yellow tones.

In other words, it help you eliminate that ugly yellow or orange ton creeps increase in the manes of blondes part time after using the dye, leaving her hair v a smoother tone, an ext ashy, that tone that stylists contact the perfect blonde.

Purple shampoo is not for dyeing your hair purple or blue (keep analysis please).


Do you desire to know if this shampoo functions for you?


I will certainly tell you my story. If you identify with that, then this is the shampoo for you.

Since i was little, ns knew that once I to be older, I wanted to be blonde. Ns was always fascinated by golden hair.

The difficulty started to appear a tiny after the an initial time i dyed mine hair. Mine perfect blonde started to rotate yellow, yet a solid yellow, so much so that it almost seemed orange. It looked horrible.

So, I began to go to the shop every fifteen work to ton my hair.


After starting to complain about going come the shop so frequently, my civilization turned upside down once my stylist said me the she said I tone my hair myself, in ~ home, with purple shampoo.

From that minute on, dyeing my hair any kind of shade that blonde I want didn’t seem for this reason anguishing since I knew that my purple shampoo would save it the perfect tone.

I’ve been utilizing the shampoo for 3 years. Since then, I’ve changed my look three times, and for every one of them, the shampoo has worked.

Does Shimmer lights shampoo occupational on gray hair?

At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised if ns tell you the it works on gray hair.


Like i mentioned, this shampoo neutralizes unwanted tones.

When gray hair assaults with the yellowish tone the they have tendency to take, hit them off through Shimmer lights shampoo. What you will end up v is glowing white or platinum hair full of light.

I don’t have actually grays yet, but when ns do, i’m going to leaving them shining with this shampoo. Don’t you doubt that for a second.


Shimmer lamp Shampoo is an excellent quality, is inexpensive, and also it offers me the results I want. The odor of this shampoo isn’t that pleasant, however it’s not a problem because it doesn’t stay in your hair. That doesn’t damages my hair. In fact, just the opposite. It leaves my hair with a spectacular shine. I have actually used that with various looks and also it has constantly given me good results.

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It is stupendous what I could get just by making use of this shampoo, so ns don’t have any kind of reason no to recommend it to you. I’m sure that you will also get great results.

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