*You are not able to return to Croft Manor after you complete it, but the collectibles here are not required for 100% completion of the game.

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Brave Adventurer - Enter the Castle

After the cutscene, turn left and look for a heavy ball around the small tree with red flowers, near a table. Throw the heavy ball at TARGET 1/4, TARGET 2/4, and TARGET 3/4 hanging from a larger tree nearby.


Look at the target on the trunk and turn left to see another tree. TARGET 4/4 and WHITE QUEEN (RELIC) are around this tree.


Grab the ball and climb up the playground ramp. Cross the bridge and net to reach the crow"s nest. Throw the ball so that it lands in the crow"s nest. There"s another ball nearby. Again, throw this one into the nest. The two balls will weigh down the nest so you can collect FAMILY PHOTO (RELIC).


Go down the slide and interact with the drawing under the crow"s nest (this isn"t a collectible, but it gives XP).



Go back to the end of the slide. You will see garden and a wagon ahead. LETTER FROM WINSTON (DOCUMENT) is to the left of the wagon.

Start climbing the garden by using the wall to the right of the wagon.

Brave Adventurer - Climb the Castle

This part is straightforward. I"m fairly certain you can"t die as the game won"t even let you jump off.

Brave Adventurer - Find a way into the Forbidden Tomb

Make your way across the roof. You"ll fall off the roof and land on a balcony. Head inside and interact with the door.

Brave Adventurer - Find the White Queen

You can interact with many relics and painting around the room, but none give XP.

Interact with the globe across the door and set it to 30N and 90E. Climb up the ladder and collect LETTER TO CONTRACTOR (DOCUMENT) to the left.

Go around to the other side and interact with a crank there. Rotate it to spread the bat"s wings.

Jump down and move the pieces so the light hits the pieces with a shield.

Brave Adventurer - Free the White Queen

Go back to the globe and move the coordinates away from 30N, 90E. Pull the White Queen piece in the middle of the shielded pieces.

Brave Adventurer - Cross the unknown threshold

Enter the room and get a few cutscenes.

Peruvian Jungle

COLLECTIBLESBase Camps: 4Tombs: 2Treasure Chests: 1Crypts: 2Relics: 9Documents: 13Mural: 7Survival Caches: 9Monolith: 1CHALLENGESNoneMISSIONSNone

You will wake up at the Jaguar Den Base Camp.

Where the Twins Confer - Find Kuwaq Yaku

Follow Jonah and interact with the log. Use the log to the left to reach VIDEO CAMERA (RELIC 9/9) and SURVIVAL CACHE 9/9.

Go back to the Plane Wreckage Base Camp and hug the wall near it. Rotate clockwise until you see a wall with yellow marking (where Salvage Box 2 was). Climb up the wall and break the weak wall down the path. Grapple swing across and Lara will fall into the water. Look around for a hole in the wall, go through it, and collect GOD OF DEATH (MURAL 6/7) to the left of the stairs.

There will also be a mechanism with a statue tied to (what I"m calling) a pulley. Climb up the rocks to the right of the room to jump on the pulley. This will lift up the statue and you can proceed through the opening. Jungle Cavern Base Camp is on the left.

Go across the bridge and through the water. Climb up the wall to the left and collect JUDGES" GAZE (MURAL 7/7).

Turn right to the tomb. Drop down and move the closest cart to the back left. Pull the cart backwards and then forward, so that it"s touching the wooden ladder in the middle. Tether the left statue to the ladder. Move the other cart to the place where the first cart was (it will open up when it"s in position). Turn around and climb the exposed wall to your right. There will be a tripwire here. Go pass the trap and collect JACK"S JOURNAL (DOCUMENT 10/13) to the right after turning the corner.

Jump on the pulley. Move the first cart up to the next intersection (it will also open up when in position). Tether the right statue to the ladder by on the ladder. Climb up the wall to the back right and then the wall to the left. There will be a barrier in front of you that leads to the exit. Take a left at the barrier and collect SURPRISE WITNESS (DOCUMENT 11/13) on your right.

Turn around and jump on the pulley. Climb up the ladder, jump across the gap, and complete JUDGE"S GAZE (TOMB 2/2). Turn around, create a zip line to your left, exit the tomb, and head back to Jonah. To get back to Jonah, use the scratched tree where you collected the first plant and swing across.

Now that you"re back on track, look out for JACK"S JOURNAL 4 (DOCUMENT 12/13) to the left of the path, behind some bushes. This will also unlock:

ArcheologistComplete an Artifact Collection


2 guides

Follow the path and jump across the water. There is a shack to the left with an ARCHIVIST MAP.

Continue down the path until you get a cutscene.

Where the Twins Confer - Get past the Trinity patrol

Kill the guy near you. Jonah will take out another one across from you. Move to the left and scramble up the wall and kill the guy near the edge. Go to the tank and Lara and Jonah will crawl under it. Move forward until the duo takes out another pair of guards. Jonah will run and a soldier will come to investigate the bodies. Kill him and another soldier will run after Jonah. Follow him and a cutscene will play where you"ll get an ASSAULT RIFLE and a PISTOL.

Where the Twins Confer - Find Kuwaq Yaku

Move through the cave.

Where the Twins Confer - Burn the barrier

The game will teach you how to craft fire arrows. You will eventually have to craft 50 special ammunition to unlock:

On the GoCraft special ammunition 50 times


2 guides

Shoot a fire arrow to burn the flammable barrier.

Where the Twins Confer - Find Kuwaq Yaku

Move into Kuwaq Yaku.


Time Codes:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***Croft Manor CollectiblesWhite Queen (Relic) - 1:13Family Photo (Relic) - 1:50Letter to Winston (Document) - 2:26Letter from Winston (Document) - 2:39Letter to Contractor (Document) - 7:59Picture 1 - 2:07Picture 2 - 2:15Croft Manor ChallengesTarget 1 - 0:32Target 2 - 0:40Target 3 - 0:55Target 4 - 1:07Peruvian Jungle CollectiblesJudge"s Gaze Tomb - 15:55 thru 18:27Relic 9 - 13:33Document 10 - 16:47Document 11 - 17:50Document 12 - 20:55Mural 6 - 14:47Mural 7 - 15:46Survival Cache 9 - 13:38Archivist Map - 21:28
6. Kuwaq Yaku4. Peruvian Jungle
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