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Transcontinental courses have come to be a big money maker for us airlines, especially since they’re therefore premium cabin-heavy. I’m among those flyers who contributes to that, due to the fact that I fly back and soon between brand-new York and also California about five time a year.

I generally fly Alaska Airlines in between the 2 coasts and also hold MVP upstream status, however Iwas assigned to review both American Airlines’ A321T ~ above the outbound and Delta’s 767 coming ago to brand-new York. I was excited to experience the elevated organization I had actually read around and to compare it to my beloved Alaska.

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Since we booked this san Francisco (SFO)-New York-JFK trip less than 2 weeks before departure, we determined to purchase a cash ticket at $246. That’s not a horrible rate, however there’s so lot competition on this transcontinental routes that you have the right to usually discover round-trip tickets for simply a tiny bit more.

We payment withThe PlatinumCard® indigenous American Express,which deserve 5x points on flights purchased directly from the airline or v Amex Travel. The netted united state 1,232 membership Rewards, worth practically $25 dollars, follow to TPG’s valuations.

Paying cash meant I had the ability to earn miles because that the flight. I earned 1,085 redeemable miles (worth $13), $217 Medallion Qualifying Dollars and also 2,586 Medallion Qualifying mile towardDelta Medallion status.

If we had booked the flight with miles, there would have actually been a pair of various options. Delta doesn’t have an award chart, but it’s likely that rates for this rate wouldn’t have actually fallen listed below 12,500 SkyMiles because that the one-way flight.

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However, Delta’s compensation charts are quite dynamic this days, for this reason it’s possible to watch rates below that — or much higher. For a an ext consistent booking experience, we might have usedVirgin Atlantic or wait France-KLM’s paris Blue miles, which would have cost 12,500 miles for a one-way residential award ticket ~ above Delta. If we’d chose to go that route, we can have transferredAmex membership Rewards, follow Ultimate Rewards and also Citi ThankYou points to both Virgin Atlantic and also Flying Blue in ~ a 1:1 ratio.