1) Do not leave SSI unattended on your desk, in her office or any type of other location you lug it. Mental to inspect for SSI, as soon as you leave for meetings, lunch, quick trips to the restroom, submit room, a colleague"s office or prior to you leave at night. In these situations be certain to place it in a locked workdesk drawer, or locked file cabinet.

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2) Turn off or lock your computer system when working with SSI before you leave your workdesk to ensure that no SSI is compromised.

3) Only re-superstructure SSI files or information with a covered party who has a should know. As soon as in doubt, call the bromheads.tv Office of Intelligence, Security, and Emergency solution at (202) 3666525 or SSI
bromheads.tv.gov. Perform not discuss SSI in ~ all through friends or household (unless they are covered parties with a should know), and do not talk about SSI v colleagues in public places. If you require to discuss SSI over the telephone, do every effort to usage a land heat and be mindful of her surroundings. If compelled to talk about SSI in a public place, use usual sense and also discuss as privately as possible - not within the ear-shot of other people. If it is essential to point out SSI end a to move phone, take all precautions to discuss sparingly and privately.

4) execute not deliver any SSI come anyone by leaving it unattended on your desk; personally hand deliver any SSI to the plan recipient. You have actually a duty come make sure that the SSI receiver knows the the document(s) save SSI so they have the right to take appropriate steps concerning SSI managing protection.

5) once carrying or moving SSI, place in an there was no sign folder or envelope.

6) Do no take SSI home, either difficult or soft-copy, without composed permission from your supervisor. If you execute take SSI home, always keep the SSI top top your human (ideally in a locked briefcase) throughout transit and also protect together you would in your office.

7) Password-protect all SSI documents sent via e-mail. Do not encompass the password in the human body and/or e-mail introduction forward. Passwords chandelier conform come the complying with guidelines: eight character minimum length; at the very least one letter capitalized, contain at least one number; and not be a indigenous in the dictionary. Take the correct password precaution and also disclose the password come the recipient in human or through phone.

8) SSI should constantly be significant as such with a protective noting in the header and a circulation limitation statement in the footer (see below). For document records, the protective marking must be in ~ the top and also the circulation limitation statement in ~ the bottom that (1) the outside of any type of front and earlier cover, including a binder sheathe or folder, if the paper has a front and earlier cover; (2) any kind of title page; and also (3) each web page of the document. When in doubt even if it is a document should be marked SSI, contact the bromheads.tv Office of Intelligence, Security, and also Emergency solution at (202) 366-6525 or SSI

9) No SSI have to be post or appear on your net or Intranet internet sites there is no prior approval. The is her duty to be diligent in observing any SSI the erroneously appears and also contact the proper parties to have actually it removed. Friend may contact the bromheads.tv Office of Intelligence, Security, and also Emergency response at (202) 366-6525 or SSI
bromheads.tv.gov for assistance.

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10) Properly dispose of every SSI in her possession the you no longer need (e.g., extra copies, obsolete versions, etc.) by making use of a shredder or cutting manually to less than ½ inch. SSI on electronic media have to be ruined so regarding render the media unusable and preclude the reconstruction.

Protective noting (header): SENSITIVE protection INFORMATION

Distribution Limitation (footer):

WARNING: This record has Sensitive Security information that is controlled under 49 CFR parts 15 and also 1520. No component of this record might be disclosed to persons there is no a "need come know", as characterized in 49 CFR parts 15 and 1520, other than with the created permission the the Administrator of the transportation Security management or the Secretary of Transportation. Unauthorized relax may an outcome in civil penalty or various other action. For U.S. Government agencies, public disclosure is administrate by 5 U.S.C. 552 and also 49 CFR components 15 and 1520