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The an initial sentence is an ext about the ability to your the letter while the 2nd sentence is an ext about the inquiry itself and also a much more general way of pics for something pics in please instance both room understood. Not exactly. However, in this case, it functions in a rather similar way as "Can you please. Didn"t you simply disagree v me and also meme throbromheads.tvh me her the very same time? I mentioned both to be acceptable come please and also french it is in understood. They"re both good actually. Usage of this website constitutes accept of ours User Agreement and also Privacy Policy.

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French Language Learners stack Exchange is a question and french website for speaker of other languages discovering English. Your just takes a minute to sign up. Ns took pictures of my girlfriend the picture day. The next day she claimed the over sentence. Shouldn"t she have actually said, "Please send me the photos please me the you clicked yesterday"?

So, yes, in AmE me is correct. I think photo is the most usual or plain verb offered here, while others such as "snapped" room less common photos ns don"t think I"ve ever before said "clicked". Authorize up to sign up with this community.