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semen, also called seminal fluid, liquid that is emitted indigenous the masculine reproductive tract and also that has sperm cells, i m sorry are qualified of fertilizing the female’s eggs. Semen likewise contains liquids that integrate to type seminal plasma, which helps store the sperm cell viable.

In the sexually mature person male, sperm cells are created by the testes (singular, testis); they constitute only around 2 come 5 percent that the full semen volume. As sperm travel v the masculine reproductive tract, they room bathed in fluids produced and also secreted by the various tubules and glands that the reproductive system. After emerging from the testes, sperm space stored in the epididymis, in which secretions that potassium, sodium, and also glycerylphosphorylcholine (an energy source for sperm) are added to the sperm cells. Sperm maturation in the epididymis. They then pass through a lengthy tube, referred to as the ductus deferens, or vas deferens, to one more storage area, the ampulla. The ampulla secretes a yellowish fluid, ergothioneine, a substance that reduces (removes oxygen from) chemistry compounds, and also the ampulla likewise secretes fructose, a sugar the nourishes the sperm.


human sperm cells
Sperm cells (magnified 1,000 times).
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During the procedure of ejaculation, liquids native the prostate gland and also seminal vesicles space added, which help dilute the concentration of sperm and administer a perfect environment because that them. Fluids added by the seminal motor are about 60 percent of the total semen volume; this fluids save fructose, amino acids, citric acid, phosphorus, potassium, and hormones recognized as prostaglandins. The prostate gland contributes around 30 percent the the seminal fluid; the ingredient of its secretions are mainly citric acid, mountain phosphatase, calcium, sodium, zinc, potassium, protein-splitting enzymes, and also fibrolysin (an enzyme the reduces blood and also tissue fibres). A little amount of fluid is secreted by the bulbourethral and urethral glands; this is a thick, clear, lubricating protein commonly known together mucus.

Essential to sperm motility (self-movement) are small quantities that potassium and also magnesium, the visibility of adequate amounts of oxygen in the plasma, ideal temperature, and a contempt alkaline pH of 7 come 7.5. Sulfate chemicals in semen assist prevent the sperm cells from swelling, and also fructose is the key nutrient come sperm cells.

The complete volume of semen for each ejaculation the a person male averages in between 2 and 5 ml (0.12 to 0.31 cubic inch); in stallions the median ejaculate is about 125 ml (7.63 cubic inches). In humans each ejaculation contains normally 200 to 300 million sperm. Semen typically contains degenerated cell sloughed turn off from the network the tubules and ducts v which the semen has actually passed.

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