Season 1 episode 5 - Too lot Wrong, and Not sufficient Right...

Vanessa"s pregnant is in jeopardy and she faces a life threaten surgery. The Snowdens meet up with Joselyn to view if she will certainly come clean around sleeping through Dimitri. The Brineys go camping in really hopes of easing the tension among the three wives. Air day : 18th-Feb-2018

Season 1 illustration 1 - space Three Wives better Than One?

The Brineys, Snowdens and also Alldredges room in assorted stages of search a sister wife; v the come of their third wife, the Brineys all move under one roof; ~ a breakup, the Snowdens start their search; the Alldredges seek a third. Air date : 14th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 1 illustration 2 - Risky business

After conference someone online, the Snowdens worry around how their family will respond; the Alldredges decision whether or not to move forward through Melina; the Brineys readjust to their new wife with impending legal issues. Air day : 21st-Jan-2018Read More

Season 1 illustration 3 - Three"s company or Three"s group

The Alldredges and Snowdens expect to ultimately meet their online potential sister wives challenge to face; emphasize grow amongst the Briney sister wives, April and also Auralee, and also Angela Briney marvels what she has gotten herself into. Air date : 28th-Jan-2018Read More

Season 1 episode 4 - 13 is Enough!

April and also Drew Briney storage a milestone anniversary if Angela and also Auralee have tendency to the children; the Snowdens build ahead v potential sister wife Joselyn; the Alldredges regroup ~ Melina doesn’t display up and also focus ~ above Vanessa’s pregnancy. Air date : 11th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 1 episode 5 - Too lot Wrong, and also Not sufficient Right...

Vanessa"s pregnant is in jeopardy and she deals with a life threatening surgery. The Snowdens accomplish up through Joselyn to see if she will come clean around sleeping with Dimitri. The Brineys go camping in really hopes of easing the tension amongst the three wives. Air day : 18th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 1 illustration 6 - Blast indigenous the previous

The Alldredges" world is rocked through an unforeseen phone call. Ashley Snowden proposes a brand-new potential sister wife. The Brineys obtain some shocking news that intimidates to tear castle apart. Air day : 25th-Feb-2018Read More

Season 1 illustration 7 - many Lives amounts to Happy Wives?

April struggles with leaving Utah and threatens come tear the Briney family members apart; the Snowdens decide whether to create ahead through potential sister wife Jakira; the Alldredges find out Melina"s decision. Air date : 4th-Mar-2018Read More

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