Type:Zone:Starting Location: Reward:
Scorched DesertSaid - (457,529)

Preceded By: “The City beneath Us“

Tier 1

Objective: enter the Time Tomb

Tier 2

Objective: find a to work ark in al-merayah’s past

Head right into the door ~ above the left, you’ll see a panel through 3 items – I fixed it v bottom right, top, then bottom left, however your milage might vary. There space a few puzzles choose this throughout the instance, a little bit of patience and also just click till they all light increase will acquire you through.

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Next up, the floor puzzle! If friend look across over the door and also on the pillars to each side, you’ll see symbols light up. These symbols stand for the ‘safe’ tiles top top the ground. So try to move in step with them as soon as they change. It might take girlfriend a few tries, but it isn’t as well hard, remember, you can jump and also move diagonally, but try not to hit non-safe tiles.


Once you do it previous the floor puzzle, same as before, i don’t recall the order I used to resolve it, I simply started clicking until they all lit up. That isn’t too hard.


Once with that door, you’ll head up part stairs to yet one more door puzzle. Again, just click furiously until it opens!


You’ll finally get to a bigger room v a custodian in it, he’s no your friend!The goal below will be to fight the to short health, far from the door at the earlier of the room! as soon as he it s okay to short health, he’ll get in a tiny ‘heal mode’ which will certainly pulse the end a knock-back every 2 seconds, make it an overwhelming to settle the door puzzle behind him if friend drop him too close come it.

Ideally, pull him towards the begin of the room and fight that there. It may take an effort or 2 in ~ the door puzzle because it have the right to be a pain, but overall, the isn’t also difficult.



Tier 3

Ok, currently this is where things lastly get interesting!


You’ll see acquainted sight native the previous mission, but this time, we’re in the past, the same door method on the best is our an initial goal!

The Whip – how To get It!

Walk in over there to it is in greeted with a floor puzzle. Now, friend MUST have actually the whip from one of the Atenist Excavation Supervisors to carry out this next step. I’ve addressed the floor puzzle in the picture below, however, it is pretty simple. Pay attention to the first row that symbols, then simply follow the route of those v to the end.


When you gain to the end, use the Anima Infuser – the Whip will certainly be eliminated from her inventory. Don’t worry, this is normal.


Now leave the room the way you came and continue the mission!

Objective: take it the to work ark!

Swap it to the damaged one…

Objective: escape the trap

Just run earlier the method you came… Oh, and also mind the boulder!

Objective: bury the functioning ark in a for sure palce

Head to the place on your map, which will certainly be up the course outside. Simply follow it approximately until you gain to this location..


Objective: go back to the present

The Whip – just how To obtain It! Continued…

From here, you need to be ago in the present. Head ago to the room you placed your Whip in the Anima Infuser. Resolve the floor puzzle once more, and also open the chest at the end. Congratulations on your new toy!

Objective: recuperate the functioning Ark

Head come the location on her map.

Tier 5

Objective: find the boldest driver in the desert

Exit the end the tunnel, head to the place on her map, it is significant on Nassir.

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Leads on come “The last Train to Cairo“

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