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NOTE: external Outer Carriers space sized to fit her existing SCA ballistic panels. Please contact quotes
bromheads.tv for instructions top top ordering.

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SCA outside Outer Carrier, TAC-Modular Webbing. The 2nd Chance Armor (SCA) external Outer transport (EOC) MOLLE comes through SCA"s Modular Lightweight Load-carrying tools (MOLLE) mechanism that provides it simple to attach a wide variety of gear and accessories.

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SCA external Outer carrier - Modular Webbing (MOLLE) Features:

• rugged 1000-denier Cordura® nylon exterior material• Non-abrasive hexagon Rip-stop nylon inner material• interior upper & lower suspension device for support of armor panels• flexible shoulder & side closures because that precision fit and removability• former & rear tri-pocket because that upgrading protection w/hard armor plates• Upgrade difficult armor plates Sizes: (5"x8", 7"x9" & 10"x12")• internal cummerbund for a for sure fit in all species of operations• front & rear hook and loop area for ID patches• prior & behind Modular Webbing for attachment the optional tactical pouches• accessible Colors: Black, Navy, Coyote, Tan 499, Tactical environment-friendly & Red

SCA exterior Outer carrier - Modular Webbing Tactical Options:

• sturdy non-skid product in shoulder area for twin weapon retention• Rear traction strap because that ease of extraction in under officer situations• top arm and groin attachment system for optional extremity protection

Available Accessories


Del Molle Panel for Attaching Belt Loop equipment to Molle GearLearn more...

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