Does the fee not hold for the machine long? does the maker randomly closeup of the door off and also not turn back on? Replacing her battery may fix this problem.

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Working top top your device while the is turned on may result in an electrical shock. Be certain to closeup of the door down and also unplug your an equipment before girlfriend begin.

Insert the plastic opened tool into the gap on the next of the tablet, near a edge where you want to begin removing the screen.

Lift the tiny suction cup up while pushing down v the plastic opening tool to remove screen (you might need to have someone else organize the maker down for suitable leverage).


Use a plastic opening tool to lift the black color flap on the ZIF connector located in the peak left edge of the device.

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many thanks for the guide. At least Apple has actually an out-of-warranty business for the battery replacement of $99. To change this battery, with a dubious quality third party battery together I don"t think it"s feasible to purchase a OEM Samsung battery, looks favor a disaster wait to happen, no worth the initiative or time, I changed mine come Samsung after seeing this guide. I"m not suggesting Apple is a saint because that the $99 replacement, however at the very least they will do it v an OEM battery.

after i did this, my display screen was dead. Nothing showed. Tablet was receiving email notifications and also lights worked.. Just a empty screen. What happened?

The Battery is accessible from the rear panel!

**It will damages two plastic mounts on the behind panel, but an proper adhesive (GO2 by loctite) or bonding tape, will solve this**

1: ~ above the back, over there is a plainly visible outline of a plastic cover.

2: beginning from the side opposite the “Little round switch things” top top the back, run a case opening device slowly roughly the seam, popping the small plastic hooks. Carry out all 3 sides other than the side through the round button things.

3: as soon as you gain to this soon side, carefully and slowly work around the ring buttons, working the case up. Climate flex increase the ago plastic from the side you have currently removed, and using a long case tool, insert it in every the way past the battery come the within edge of the round button things and gently twist here. The tabs will pop and that side will release. Repeat for the other snap button.

4: Your ago cover is now removed and you have access directly come the battery !

Do this If you are not confident lifting a $350 dissension screen…

The “two plastic mounts” space not “snap buttons.” There room two nuts an installed on the earlier panel, and they space attached by screws native the front. The process described in this comment will at the very least separate the nuts native the ago panel. The ago panel itself might crack, or also the nut and also its attachment may remain connected to screw and also a hole be formed in the back panel.

The suitable procedure is to eliminate the display screen as displayed here. Then remove the black color screws connecting come the back panel, instead of every the silver- screws in action 5. Then use an opening device on the ago panel and remove it safely to access the battery indigenous the earlier side.

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Unfortunately it’s hard to uncover the adhesive cutout required to effectively re-attach the display screen after removal (I only found the component GH81-13867A top top eBay from Europe, around $28 v shipping). And even climate it would certainly be difficult to remove the old adhesive well. Fine likely have to reply top top reuse of the old adhesive, and the screen will not much longer be fastened perfectly as before.